Vampire Survivors: A Word On Arcanas

Vampire Survivors: A Word On Arcanas

A rundown of the Arcanas from the Vampire Survivors with some suggestions for each one and why I’m not including them in the character spotlights.

A note from the author

Arcanas. What else am I able to say? The majority of them are a lot of fun, and you can create some absurd builds by including them in builds. They are a fantastic addition to the game and allow you to create some of the most broken builds you can imagine now that I’m used to them and utilize them frequently. After you unlock them, the game just isn’t the same.

So why am I NOT including them yet in the spotlights?

Main reason? I want to give brand-new gamers an opportunity to improve their gaming skills using the tools the game provides. Unlocking content in a game is entertaining, and obtaining it makes you feel more deserving of it. Even if you don’t play Red Death frequently, I’m sure those of you who unlocked him the hard way know what I’m talking about.

I believe the arcanas operate in a similar manner. You are unaware of them when you initially purchase the game. If you concentrate on unlocking characters, you can have fifteen to twenty characters unlocked by the time Gallo Tower is unlocked. The majority of people will have fewer doors open by then.

So I’m skipping arcanas builds for now. So that newer players aren’t getting swamped with things that they haven’t even heard of yet. And for the more experienced players, sometimes it’s just nice to turn off the Arcanas and and polish up on your skills that you developed before we got all the cool stuff that makes Vampire Survivors what it is today.

Thanks for your time and happy hunting.

The Arcanas (in a nutshell)

Arcanas are a huge asset to any build, as anyone who has played the game for a while will know. Arcanas undoubtedly add to the pleasure of the game and allow for absurd level progression, from being an unbeatable face tanking beast to standing in a La Borra the size of your town while dancing and rapping “Can’t touch this” to the hordes of foes coming at you.

Having said that, I’ll go over each of the twenty-two arcanas and make a few recommendations for how to use them to your advantage.

Every character gets three arcanas on a run, just to get the fundamentals out of the way. They are obtained when the run begins, when the arcana table appears and you can choose one right away. You then acquire another at minutes eleven and twenty-one from additional elite enemies that appear, typically luminous bats. If you kill it, it will drop a blue arcana chest that is distinguishable from the other chests elites drop by its color.

Avatar Infernas and Queen Sigma are two characters who initially have more than three. With the Heart Of Fire arcana as his starting card, Infernas will gain the additional three, for a total of four, or five if you’re performing an inverted run and purchasing it from the merchant. Five are awarded to Queen Sigma: one at the beginning, followed by four more at levels two, three, seventy-seven, and one hundred eight. On reversed runs, she can purchase one from the merchant, giving her a total of six.

Additionally, every character can acquire all arcana if you desire to play an unending run. Of course, you have to sit through eleven hours of it. But if your brain doesn’t melt and run out of your ears first, you can manage it.

The List, Arcanas 0-IV

0: Game Killer


Halts gaining XP. XP gems become exploding projectiles that shoot at the nearest enemy. All chests dropped will becomes triple chests, possibly quintuple chests if your lucky.

How to get: Defeat the final enemy in the Cappella Magna.


There is something to be said for Game Killer. Since most stages’ foes scale with your level, stopping XP gain makes most levels a breeze. Some characters have boosted stats at level 1, which gradually return to normal by level 5. Therefore, staying at level 1 ensures that you’ll only ever obtain your beginning weapon, unless the stage you chose to run has one on the ground. Then, using chests—most stages have at least four to obtain—you can level up your weapon and whatever passives you find on the ground.

Game Killer can be used to kill The Reaper when it shows up at thirty minutes. Easiest way to do that is pick Divano or Gallo. Their starting weapons become the Reaper killing weapons Bloody Cloak and Endless Corridor. And The Reaper will be at level one hp for him (655,350). Which makes killing him fairly easy and also unlocks Red Death as a bonus.

I: Gemini


The following weapons and item come with a counterpart: Peachone, Ebony Wings, Vandalier, Phiera Der Tuphello, Eight The Sparrow, Phieraggi, Gatti Amari, Vicious Hunger, and Nduja Fritta Tanto.

How to get: Reach Level 50 with Pugnala.


For individuals who desire greater firepower during runs. Guns become double-barreled, birds gain a companion with every one, cats prowl about in packs and take even more of your floor chicken (at least they get stronger the more they eat). and for 10 seconds, NFT blasts an additional stream behind your character.

There are so many fun things one can do with this use. Use Cosmo with both guns, both birds, cats, and Laurel for some entertaining bit rate killing. Get two additional weapons of your choice once firearms and birds have evolved, then watch your computer chug to victory.

II: Twilight Requiem


The following weapons go BOOM when their duration expires, dealing damage affected by Curse. King Bible, Unholy Vespers, Lightning Ring, Thunder Loop, Peachone, Ebony Wings, Runetracer, Shadow Pinion, Bone, Celestial Dusting, Bi-Bracelet, Silver Wind, and Festive Winds.

How to get: Reach Level 50 with Dommario.

Turns Curse into a weapon. Pure and simple. Any of the weapons listed give you a sizable damage increase depending on if you want a lot of Curse. This is almost a necessary pick for level runs as you’ll be gaining tons of Curse and the extra damage is more then welcomed. And the extra area you get from the explosions is a nice little perk as well.

III: Tragic Princess


The following weapons gain a cooldown reduction while your character moves:

Garlic, Soul Eater, Santa Water, La Borra, Lightning Ring, Thunder Loop, and Carréllo.

How to get: Reach Level 50 with Porta.


If you want fast firing weapons, Tragic Princess is the way to go. Reduced cooldown just makes any build better. Combine this with Endless Tome for some serious CD reduction on the listed weapons and go clean house with the best of them.

IV: Awake


Gives three revivals. And also +10% Max Health, +1 Armor, and +5% Might, Area, Duration, and Speed, even from power Ups and Tiragisu.

How to get: Reach Level 50 with Krochi


Dying too much? This is the arcana for you. There’s a couple ways to use this. The most common way is to get killed A LOT to get bonus stats. Krochi, Antonio, and Divano become disgusting when they use up all the revivals (6 for Antonio and Divano, 8 for Krochi). Divano becomes the tanks’ tank with Awake as he’ll end up with eleven armor before even getting armor, making sure he only takes one damage when he evolves Laurel. And it helps Pugnala as well. Her guns gain extra beams with Revivals when they get evolved. And combined with her growing Might, makes for some pretty impressive damage. Though there is the downside that it gets more difficult to kill your character early on, the best time to do it since you have fewer weapons and passives, as you just get stronger, faster, and tougher. Even standing still, it can take a bit to get killed and you could be using that time leveling instead.

The List, Arcanas V-IX

V: Chaos In the Dark Night


Overall projectile Speed continuously changes between -50% and +50% over 10 seconds. The character starts gaining +1% projectile Speed every level.

How to get: Reach Level 50 with Giovanna


Speed helps overall with builds. Combined with cooldown, you get some interesting burst firing builds. CITDN further amplifies that to some wonky levels with it getting slower and ramping up over ten seconds. And all the while, the overall shot speed grows steadily as you level. The growth is what should be paid attention to. The changing speed is more of a thing that just comes with it, like when you something to eat. sometimes there’s something with your meal you just put up with cause it’s there when you get it. The speeder characters benefit the most from CITDN, but it really shines when you use it with cooldown. So characters that are slower can add a speedy weapon and gain decent benefit from. and slower weapons, like Ax, start to become way more effect the more you level. That said, projectile speed is nice, but not necessary. pick it up if you want to have some speed for your build and not get Bracer so you have a free passive slot.

VI: Sarabande of Healing


Doubles healing. ALL healing, from floor chicken to character recovery to the weapons. Character generates a damaging pulse equal to how much was healed.

How to get: Find the Randommazzo


Healing good. It’s great, actually. So double heals on everything, high health Revivals are a joy to behold, comes in handy. The damage pulse helps out, giving a pseudo Garlic AOE. But it’s not going to help much in the long run, as Garlic helps with knockback and the pulse don’t, as well as being a very low amount of damage. It is constant damage. Not bad. But your playing to mow down everything coming your way, not mildly amuse it with tickling. Unless you run Cosmo. he turns healing into a weapon of mass destruction with his growing Recovery as he levels. his only drawback to this is his low health. but he does have enough HP to take a hit here and there and Sarabande will have him back to full in no time while saving up floor chickens to use them like 60 damage grenades while getting your build of choice going.

VII: Iron Blue Will


The following weapons get up to 3 bounces, possibly passing through enemies and walls.

Knife, Thousand Edge, Axe, Death Spiral, Phiera Der Tuphello, Eight The Sparrow, and Carréllo.

How to get: Reach level 50 with Gennaro


Dear player, welcome to… The Bounce build. this build has been around for awhile. but was limited to Bone, Cherry Bomb, Carréllo, and Runechaser. now you can have a full six weapons of bouncing bit rate killing goodness. Carréllo in particular is really potent with IBW, as it has some bounces already, allowing 5-6 bounces before it breaks. Bounce builds are mostly done for fun. but it’s also a good way to help get more out of the weapons listed. and if you feel like filling the screen full of bullets, just get the guns up 8 and enjoy the chaos. just watch out for area gains, which make your weapons bigger and therefore making seeing what’s going on harder.

VIII: Mad Groove


attracts everything on the ground, stage items/pick-ups/light sources, once every two minutes and drops them in a circle around the character

How to get: Defeat The Reaper or or reach minute 31 on the Mad Forest stage


MG completely removes the need to run all over a stage to get those ground pick-ups and all that XP you left lying on the ground in the process. this helps slower characters (Dommario, Peppino) out the most. but will help any character out. think of it like a super Attractorb with a two minute cooldown. Just watch your time and gather up everything. Then rinse and repeat. Profit!

IX: Divine Bloodline


The following weapons have their damage affected by Armor and reflect damage back at the enemies.

Cross, King Bible, Garlic, Santa Water, Lightning Ring, Song of Mana, Vento Sacro, Victory Sword, and Silver Wind.

Enemies killed with Retaliatory damage give +.5 Max Health as well

How to get: Reach level 50 with Clerici


Ever see a video on Youtube or Twitch or wherever you watch for VS content and see someone hit 30 minutes and they’re at some insanely high level and they then smack The Reaper down? if you have, that person was probability using a Divine Bloodline build. DB is almost a broken arcana. I say almost cause it can still get you killed when you start your run, as your characters’ HP is still normal at that point. since every character should have some armor by the time DB is unlocked (if you don’t, get back to the power-ups and max that ♥♥♥♥ out right now), they all become a retaliating character, allowing face tanking and gaining max HP along the way. DB really starts to shine when you get a weapon effected by armor that DOESN’T have a large AOE attached to it. weapons like Garlic, Song Of Mana, and Silver Wind have AOEs built into them, which makes the retaliatory kills harder to get. as does weapons that give a lot of self healing, like Celestial Dusting. it’s surprising hard to out gain the healing it does and you lose damage cause of it. remember you want to keep your HP low. you also have to watch your HP closer. having low HP grants massive damage as your max HP gets higher and higher, but you still have to be careful when you get too low and enemies have a chance to kill you, causing you to lose a massive amount of damage cause the Revival pops you back up to 50% HP. Running around 20-25% HP is best. yes, you can get more if you go lower, but play it safe till you get to around 20K HP. by then your current HP should sustain you enough to let Recovery do its’ thing as you get more retaliatory kills. if you REALLY want to make sure you become un-killable, get Laurel and evolve it. Bloody Cloak not only ensures damage taken becomes a moot point, it’s probably the best source for retaliatory damage, which is affected by Might AND Area. Bloody Cloak causes a decent egg shaped explosion whenever you take any damage. get a little extra Armor, up to about 6-8, and use a character with better starting Recovery, Clerici with un-evolved Santa Water comes to mind, and what damage that does get through will be will be healed away, removing the need for a weapon with self heals.

A note on Toasty

If there was any character that DB screams to be used on is Toasty. Not only is Toasty a cute character to play, but also one of the hardest. Starting with 1 HP, 2 if you picked up the full Health power-up, just keeping Toasty alive is a challenge in it’s own right. with DB, you can start using Toasty to bop enemies on the nose to get her max HP up to something decent. I aim for around 100. once Toasty is there, finish out your build and get the cute pink ghost to level 100 and take in the single best damage boost any character can get with DB when her HP jumps by 9998, making getting to level 200 a breeze for all that sweet sweet armor Toasty gets. just remember to be careful with Toasty. even with 3 armor at the start of a run, Toasty is still pretty fragile till you get some HP to work with.

The List, Acanas X-XIV

X: Beginning


The following weapons get 1 extra Amount

Bone, Cherry Bomb, Carréllo, Celestial Dusting, and La Robba

The character’s main and evolved weapon gains 3 extra Amount.

How to get: Reach level 50 with Antonio


Beginning makes all those Machine Gun builds even better. but it’s mainly to help out get a little extra oomph out of your character’s main weapon. anyone that’s played VS for any decent amount of time knows all weapons suck till you can get them to around level 4, give or take a level. Beginning helps with that, making most weapons fire off 4 at a time instead of a single shot. and Bayonetta… Sorry, Pugnala just flips her guns to full auto as each one fires off seven shots. getting Duplicator now isn’t as important as it used to be. Beginning makes getting Duplicator nice. but it isn’t needed unless it’s for evolving Lighting Ring. Any of the characters that gain extra Amount benefit the most from Beginning as starting with 3 extra Bones or Cherry Bombs is very nice. especially since they’ll be getting more as they level.

XI: Waltz of Pearls


The following weapons gain up to three bounces

Magic Wand, Holy Wand, Fire Wand, Hellfire, Cross, Heaven Sword, and Carréllo

How to get: Reach level 50 with Imelda


Dear player, welcome to…. the Bounce Build. Again. ♥♥♥ is the counterpart to Iron Blue Will. Though not as useful since it don’t allow for shots to pass through walls. But that don’t slow it down at all. Except for Fire Wand, all the listed weapons ether get penetration or have it from the start. Cross is greatly benefited by ♥♥♥, as the bounces seem to happen the most often after it does its’ first pass. But pretty much like with IBW, it makes weapons more useful with the bounces, is a lot of fun to play around with, and will kill your bit rate if you get any Area going.

XII: Out Of Bounds


Freezing enemies can make them go boom. the item Orologion becomes easier to find and it makes enemies go boom as well.

How to get: Defeat The Reaper or reach minute 31 on the Gallo Tower stage


Bomb builds are a lot of fun. There is merit in simply carpet-bombing a few hundred foes in a single attack. and Out Of Bounds just strengthens it. Normal enemy freezing is beneficial. Enemies frozen cannot be attacked. So when things get crazy, you stroll past them and make a speedy getaway. Now that such rapid escapes can be covered by explosives, level and kill runs can benefit from this as well. With OoB, Clock Lancet performs best. It has the widest coverage, and the explosions disregard the adversaries’ HP. when you reach minute 30, you have a pretty nice defense that even freezes The Reaper if you have enough cooldown going.

XIII: Wicked Season


Growth, Luck, Greed, and Curse get doubled at fixed intervals. the character gets a gauge under them showing the symbol of what stat is active that drains and then swaps the next stat in. characters start gaining a .5% every level in Growth, Luck, Greed, and Curse from the time Wicked Season is picked

How to get: Reach level 50 with Christine


Wicked Season changed the records game. level, kill, and gold runs jumped through the roof with this one arcana. and brought new issues as well. characters players used for such runs now needed to redo their builds to just be able to survive running with Wicked Season on, as the Curse it gives will overrun any character a few minutes in with both the Curse gain and the timer. And there’s not really much use for Wicked Season unless you want a challenge or are going for a record of some type. if you’re a causal player, you should probably get a different arcana

XIV: Jail of Crystal


The following weapons have a chance to freeze enemies

Magic Wand, Holy Wand, Runetracer, NO FUTURE, Eight The Sparrow, Twice Upon a Time, Cygnus, and Bracelet.

How to get: Reach level 50 with Pasqualina


So you want a bit more oomph with your Out of Bounds build? trying one of the other weapons instead of Clock Lancet? well, let me help you make your Frozen Bomb build complete. JoC just gives you MORE weapons to freeze enemies with. even if you’re not running it with OoB, the freeze still helps to give breathing room as the more enemies fill the screen. with OoB, you get a pretty good kill build as you can just fill your weapon slots up with freezing weapons and then watch the fireworks. this does make normal runs a bit lopsided as you’ll have two arcanas set to get the Frozen Bomb build going and just one left for you to pick. but it’s a fun build and will net you a decent amount of kills and levels.

The List, Arcana XV-XIX

XV: Disco Of Gold


Get Gold Fever from picking coin bags. All gold gains will heal for the amount picked up. Applies to Vicious Hunger

How to get: Defeat The Reaper or reach minute 31 on the Inlaid Library stage


Gold runs used to be very simple. grab a high luck character and Stone Mask with a few decent AOES and see how much gold you could get in 30 minutes. that changed when Big Trouser and Disco Of Gold entered the picture. now, gold runs can can be done for as little or as much gold as you want. a gold run can double as a leveling or a kill run as well. the best gold runs use Disco Of Gold, a AOE to break light sources (Garlic and Bible do nicely for that), and Vicious Hunger (evolved Gatti Amari), and Big Trouser. due to his Greed gain per level, coins and coin bags will give more and more as he levels. and Gold Fevers last longer for him as well, which leads to even more gold gained. make sure the AOES you get are decent sized so you can just run by light sources while looking for gold bags to reset Gold Fever Early and often.

Two things to know. evolve Gatti Amari last. this is so it don’t cut into your XP gains, as Vicious Hunger will turn XP gems into gold and drastically slow down leveling. and let Gold Fevers end every now and then. as a Gold Fever runs, the amount you’ve gained during a Gold Fever is shown at the bottom of the screen. it also grows in size the more you get. if a Gold Fever last long enough, it will grow until the amount gained is covering most the screen

XVI: Slash


The following weapons gain critical hit chance with critical hit damage doubled

Knife, Thousand Edge, Whip, Bloody Tear, Axe, Death Spiral, Heaven Sword, Vento Sacro, Fuwalafuwaloo, Victory Sword, and Muramasa.

How to get: Reach level 50 with Lama


crit builds weren’t very prevalent when VS came out, as only 2 weapons could crit and you had to get them evolved for those crits. so crit builds were nice, but limited. not anymore. Slash lets you make a kill run start out nicely right from the get go with base weapons and those that can crit when evolved gain a sizable X4 damage bonus to crits, as those evolved weapons already did double damage. any character using one of the listed weapons will crank out massive damage if you run a crit build with them. a Luck Divine Bloodline Slash with Lama build is quite the thing to behold

XVII: Lost and Found Painting


Duration changes from -50% to +50% over ten seconds while base Duration gains +1 as your character levels

How to get: Reach level 50 with Poppea


If you ever wanted weapons that stick around for a LLOONNGG time, LAFP has you covered. Now, I’m a bit tossed up over Duration and Cooldown. Duration does allow for weapon overlap, a good way to make sure anything coming toward you is getting hit. A lot. but you can do the same thing with cooldown by getting weapons to fire more due to their cooldown being reduced. It’s probably a matter of preference. weapons like Bible and Santa Water let you mow down enemies decently or leave damage areas on the ground longer so you kite enemies to them. Duration is nice to have. but there’s better arcanas to use in that slot

XVIII: Boogaloo Of Illusions


Area changes from -25% to +25% over ten seconds while base Area gains a +1 as your character levels

How to get: Reach level 50 with Concetta


Remember that example I gave up in the Arcanas in a nutshell section? about dancing in a neighborhood sized La Borra. Boogaloo is how you do that. Area coverage no longer matters as your characters’ area for their weapons just gets bigger and bigger, as do most the weapons. Bible becomes a issue if you run it with Boogaloo active. its’ area does get bigger. but the way Bible is set up leaves you in trouble if anything gets past the ring of bibles, now very far away from your character, leaving them unopposed to get to character at the center of area. a lot of weapons can help deal with that. but bible is too good a weapon to give up its’ effectiveness for area. don’t sweat it if you decide to run The Holy Trinity (Bible/Garlic/Santa Water). all three evolved work so well together and it’s fun to watch enemies just disappear when they try to cross the street to get to you.

fun fact. Boogaloo makes certain weapons, like the whips and La Boora, look like they’re breathing

XIX: Heart of Fire


The following weapons become explosive upon contact with enemies

Fire Wand, Hellfire, Valkyrie Turner, Phiera Der Tuphello, Red Muscle, Zhar Ptytsia, Tri-Bracelet, as does the character when damaged and light sources when broken

How to get: Reach level 50 with Arca


What? you again? Not enough things going boom for you? Frozen Bomb build, Cherry Bombs, Gorgeous Moon, and No Future isn’t enough? I got something that can help you.

the joys of HoF. this is a great way to get more boom into the Bomb builds out there. and make your character a Retaliation weapon like Divine Bloodline, just a bit squishier since you don’t have as much Armor like a DB build does. and you can cause explosions at a distance with the listed weapons and light sources unlike DB, which excels at face tanking to victory. HoF allows for the Fire and Ice Bomb build. and on inverse runs, you can pick up Boogaloo to get those screen spanning booms

The List, Arcanas XX-XXI

XX: Silent Old Sanctuary


Gives 3 extra Rerolls, Skips, and Banishes. as well as giving +20% Might and -8% Cooldown per open weapon slot

How to get: Defeat The Reaper or reach minute 31 on the Dairy Plant stage


of all the arcana you can get, SOS is hands down probably the best in the game. I know others do their intended purpose well. but none of them work with every single build you can think of. the Might is a nice bonus for Might characters like Antonio or Pugnala, adding to their considerable damage on top of Spinach and their Might leveling gains. but the cooldown one gets from using limited weapon slot runs, via the Mindbender relic, is too good to pass up. with a 3 weapon build, Christine can hit -89% cooldown, with some Might tossed it to take care of that pesky negative Might she starts with. give her Laurel and max it out and she becomes Immortal, as Laurel is gaining back it’s charges faster then enemies can hit her. and every character easily get into the -70% range with a two weapon build and maxed out Endless Tome.

if you do decide to run a normal six weapon build, don’t bother with SOS. it’s a wasted pick that could be used for something else. but if you want to try your hand at limited weapon runs, SOS is your best friend

XXI: Blood Astronomia


The following weapons emit special damage zones affected by Amount and Magnet within Magnet range

Garlic, Soul Eater, Pentagram, Gorgeous Moon, Song of Mana, Mannajja, Clock Lancet, and Laurel

How to get: Reach level 50 with Poe


this one is a interesting pick. extra coverage from weapons is always welcomed. and I’m not sure I’ve seen what all the weapons do for their zones as they seem to have a different shape for each weapon. at least I think they do. I’m still tinkering around with this arcana on runs. it’s biggest drawback is it’s using Amount for damage. most characters will only have 1 Amount, gained through Power-Ups. and even tossing in Duplicator, that goes up to 3. so it’s doing some damage, but I haven’t seen it do anything serious once you get past minute 15. though it does seem to do much better with characters like Cavello and Mortaccio, as well as pairing up with Beginning. it’s decent and does its’ job. if you want more AOE, this one fits in nicely with AOE builds

In conclusion

Whew! that was a LOT of typing there. 😛 but I hope it helps you out when you get the Arcanas going for you.

now I’ve seen people doing tier lists for the Arcanas. DO NOT pay attention to them. all the Arcanas are useful. some more then others. but all of then have a intended purpose and, when combined together in a build, will have you double taking to make sure you just saw what you did on a run.

Arcanas are OP in most cases. but each one fits a niche to make that build you’re running just that much better. there’s a depth to builds in Vampire Survivors that few games even come close to touching. from the character you pick to your choice of weapons and passives, to the Arcanas to even how you want to play the game. there is no wrong or best way to play Vampire Survivors. don’t feel like banging your head against Inverse mode? shut it off. want to focus on a specific stat to see how much you can crank out of it? turn off the stats you don’t want getting powered-up or do a full refund and just fill out the stat you want to focus on. you paid your money for the game. it’s yours to play as you want.

in the end, that’s all that matters. just remember that the arcanas can be so satisfying to go back to that stage that made you pitch a fit so you can show it what’s up as you lay waste to it with the +5 Flaming Acid Spiting Great Sword Of Pettiness




I would like to thank Ben Evolved, Dex, and Never Nathaniel for all the videos they’ve done on Vampire Survivors. Every time I saw them pull off some insane feat in the game just made me want to get back in and see if I could do that as well. all three show me how to do a lot of the things I know now from Ben’s runs with his chit chatting with his viewers while wiping out 150-200K worth of monsters before Arcanas were even a speck on the horizon to Dex and his insane gold farming runs and to Never Nathaniel’s intricate breakdowns of how to kill The Reaper and build synergy. you helped me out a lot and kept me playing when I was ready to give up. I hope I can help others out like you three did for me.

Thank you.

Credit to: cuthla

What is Arcanas on Vampire Survivors?

In Vampire Survivors, a modifier system is known as arcana. The first Arcana, Sarabande of Healing, and the Arcana system are unlocked by collecting the Randomazzo. When some characters or specific stages reach level 50 or minute 31 respectively, additional arcanas become available.

How do you get Arcanas in Vampire Survivors?

In Vampire Survivors, you must obtain a specific artifact from Gallo Tower’s fourth stage in order to unlock Arcanas. When a Dairy Plant run reaches Level 60, Gallo Tower becomes available. To get there, you must make it through any other stage’s Level 40.

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