Nancy Drew: The Haunting of Castle Malloy Lore

Nancy Drew: The Haunting of Castle Malloy Lore


Brendan Malloy, Kyler Mallory’s great uncle, was the former owner of Castle Malloy. In the 1940s, he lived in the castle with his wife Caitlin and their young daughter Fiona. Caitlin was the proprietor of the Screaming Banshee Inn in the nearby town of Bailor.

There were rumors suggesting that Brendan might have worked as a double-agent in World War II, conducting classified research for the Allies while sharing insights with the Axis powers. However, these claims lack concrete evidence, leaving his reputation in this aspect uncertain.

The circulation of these rumors prompted Éamonn, Brendan’s brother, to alter his surname to Mallory. This decision was made in an effort to hide the family’s Irish roots and create separation from Brendan’s alleged involvements.

Brendan tricked the community by claiming to have produced a specific gasoline for armored vehicles. To strengthen his lie, he even scheduled visits of his bogus laboratory on occasion. In actuality, Brendan’s primary focus was the development of cutting-edge propulsion technology for both aircraft and rockets. His efforts resulted in the successful development of fully working jetpacks and a rocket.

Brendan’s unintentional fireworks during his trial launches caused a commotion in town. Caitlin, thankfully, quickly debunked the Castle Malloy tales. She made up stories claiming that the lovely glimmers of light that a few people claimed to have seen near the castle were the actions of fairies.

A substantial chunk of Castle Malloy was destroyed in an explosion on a July night in 1944. Brendan and his wife Caitlin were tragically killed as a result of this incident, with stories claiming they were “vaporized.”


Fiona Malloy grew up in Castle Malloy, where she shared a home with her parents, Brendan Malloy and Caitlin O’Brien Malloy. Fiona became an orphan after her parents were killed in an explosion in 1944.

Fiona escaped the explosion and was taken in by a recluse living in a hut within the bog, despite popular belief that she died with her parents. This unusual upbringing caused psychological and emotional scars.

Fiona possesses the ability to understand spoken language from others, even though she may be unable or unwilling to communicate verbally herself. Her hobbies include caring for a family of pet crows, crafting handmade dolls, and honing her skills in herbalism.

Fiona’s father had created a working jetpack and adapted it for Fiona’s personal usage. Fiona would soar around the castle grounds, sparking claims that she was a banshee.

Ultimately, despite her unorthodox history, Fiona’s outstanding intelligence and talents garner notice. The military took Fiona’s jetpack with the goal of adapting it for combat use. However, understanding Brendan’s sophisticated fuel system proves difficult for them, highlighting her father’s intelligence.


Kyler Tegan Mallory, originally from London, is presently in Ireland making arrangements for her upcoming wedding. Kyler is engaged to Matt Simmons, and the couple are about to be married at Castle Malloy.

Matt has gone missing just days before their wedding. Kyler is convinced that Matt’s disappearance is a prank, and she believes he will emerge before their wedding. Kyler claims she has faintly heard Matt’s voice, adding to her assumption that he is nearby. Kyler and Matt’s interaction is characterised by affection, yet it also includes disputes and differences of opinion. While they are frequently argued with, it is believed that these disagreements are a regular aspect of their relationship dynamic.

Kyler was previously in a relationship with Kit Foley, Matt’s closest friend. However, her emotions for Kit have now faded.

Nancy Drew received an invitation from Kyler to serve as the maid of honor at her wedding. As part of an exchange student program, Kyler had previously been in the United States for about four to five years with Nancy Drew and her father. Kyler is now overjoyed that Nancy is in Ireland and cherishes the memories of their time spent together.

Through her late grandfather Éamonn Mallory’s estate, Kyler recently became the new owner of Castle Malloy. John and Sarah Mallory, Kyler’s parents, had already passed away before Éamonn.

Before Éamonn died, Kyler thought her last name was Mallory. She did learn that Malloy is her real family name, though. In order to separate himself from their Irish origin and in response to his brother Brendan’s bad reputation, Éamonn altered the family name. Kyler’s fascination with Irish history and culture grows significantly after learning about her true ancestry. She devotes a lot of time to researching many facets of Ireland, including the various ethnic groups that have lived there throughout history, including the Celts, Druids, and Gaels. Her curiosity and newly acquired information demonstrate her strong desire to connect with her heritage and delve into her ancestry.

Nancy ultimately locates Matt. As scheduled, Matt and Kyler are joined in matrimony on June 1st. The series of events that led to Matt’s disappearance seems to have a favorable influence on their relationship.


Matthew “Matt” William Simmons, who hails from London, is engaged to Kyler Mallory. Matt, who lost both of his parents, David and Christina Simmons, has no known family.

Matt vanished under mysterious circumstances while he was at Castle Malloy in Ireland, just days before his scheduled wedding.

The circumstances of his disappearance are as follows:

Matt is a cunning person who loves to mislead people, frequently making them feel extremely uncomfortable or surprised. He happened found a secret entrance inside the castle’s nursery one day. He made the intriguing decision to hide inside and spook Kyler by making unsettling noises. However, as a crow swooped aggressively at Matt through a window and broke inside the room, his practical joke took an unexpected turn. He stumbled backward into a hole in the floor while attempting to avoid the bird, fortunately only falling a small distance of about two meters.

Upon regaining his composure, Matt, now without his glasses (he is nearsighted without them), stood up in the darkness and began exploring the surroundings by touch, seeking a way to ascend. By accident, he activated an alarm by pressing a button on the wall. This triggered the closure of the door above him, effectively trapping him within the passage. Despite his loud cries for help, his efforts to escape proved futile. Determined, Matt continued to navigate the tunnel manually, in search of an alternative exit.

Matt ultimately ended up in a lab, where yet another mistaken button press triggered an additional alarm and closed a door. Despite these obstacles, he persisted despite his predicament becoming increasingly constricting. The silo’s doors finally opened, exposing an aged woman looking down at him while looking disheveled. Matt made an effort to speak, describing his situation and the odd series of occurrences. He made frantic attempts to sway her, even giving his ring as payment, but she remained uninterested and unresponsive. Periodically, the woman would open the silo, throw some vegetables Matt’s way, and walk away silently.

Matt deeply regrets his prank going wrong and potentially ruining the wedding. He recognizes his immaturity and shortsightedness in his actions, especially in the context of his relationship with Kyler. He acknowledges his love for her and laments the possibility of losing her due to his foolishness.

Matt shares a close friendship with Kit and acknowledges him as his best friend. He’s aware of Kit’s feelings for Kyler and even opted not to have Kit as his best man due to this.

Nancy successfully tracks down Matt, and as planned, he and Kyler are united in marriage on June 1st. The sequence of occurrences that led to Matt’s vanishing appears to have a positive impact on their relationship.


Kit Foley, who has been best friends with Matt for more than 12 years, is currently residing in Castle Malloy to help with the arrangements for the upcoming wedding. Although Kit is Matt’s closest companion, he won’t be serving as the best man.

Kit doesn’t think Matt’s disappearance was a practical joke. He believes Matt departed because he was hesitant to commit to marriage. Kit understands Kyler’s emotions and doesn’t want to be the one to inform her that Matt might have left her. He believes she is in denial and doesn’t want to dash her dreams.

Irish-born parents gave birth to Kit in the United States. When Kit’s father joined Krolmeister Incorporated as Vice President of International Sales fifteen years ago, the family was forced to relocate to London. Kit has lived in London for years, yet he doesn’t have a British accent.

Kit is currently employed within the Tower Hamlets borough of London as a property developer. His hobby is sketching out concepts for potential properties, which helps keep his creativity alive and maintain his enthusiasm for real estate.

Kit and Kyler initially crossed paths during Kit’s first year at university, around four to five years back. They were romantically involved for a period, but eventually recognized that their compatibility was more suited for friendship than a romantic relationship. Kit played the role of introducing Kyler to Matt, which eventually led to Kyler and Matt becoming a couple. Presently, Kit acknowledges that he continues to harbor feelings for Kyler. He openly acknowledges that he is still deliberating on how best to manage and address these emotions.

After arriving at Castle Malloy, Kit and Matt spent an evening setting up a prank in the garden to make Donal think there was a leprechaun in the bushes. Unfortunately, the plan backfired, leading to a tree branch striking Kit across the face, resulting in a black eye for Kit.

In the end, Nancy effectively locates Matt, and as intended, he and Kyler are joined in matrimony on the 1st of June. At first, Kit experienced significant sorrow, yet his emotions shifted upon encountering a lovely, young Irish woman responsible for catering the wedding banquet. Considering his attraction to the Irish lady he encountered, it’s probable that Kit will head back to Ireland in the future.


Donal Delany, the Irish caretaker of Castle Malloy, finds solace in his visits to the Screaming Banshee Inn during his moments away from his responsibilities. Here, he takes pleasure in savoring a beverage known as a “Crow’s Nest.”

Amidst his duties on the sprawling castle grounds, Donal assumes the crucial role of tending to a flock of sheep, meticulously preparing them for their impending shearing.

Donal’s demeanor presents a blend of gruffness and eccentricity, endearing him to those who come to know him. He proudly embraces his Irish heritage and harbors a palpable disdain for the British, with a particularly pointed animosity directed towards Matt Simmons.

Immersed in the richness of Irish folklore and superstitions, Donal refers to fairies as “The Good People,” showcasing his deep reverence and perhaps a hint of fear toward these mythical beings. He believes that the “Good People” are responsible for Matt’s mysterious disappearance and drew him into their otherworldly realm.

Banshees hold a significant place in Donal’s beliefs, their mournful wails seen as omens of impending doom. He states that he once bore witness to one of these otherworldly entities. His knowledge expands to encompass stories about the eerie bog, including the tales of an elderly ♥♥♥♥♥ woman who once called it home.

Following the rocket’s launch, Donal found himself in a state of disbelief. He came to the realization that the strange sounds he had been hearing were not the cries of a banshee, as he had initially thought. Instead, these sounds were originating from a siren that Matt had activated within the tunnels. Little did Donal know, the unique noises produced by Fiona and her jetpack were also in play, which he incorrectly associated with fairies.


Alan Paine, a colleague of Matt’s, has taken on the role of his best man. Initially present at Castle Malloy, Alan has since departed for London, awaiting Matt’s reappearance. Instead of participating in the search for Matt when he went missing, Alan opted out. He held the belief that Matt was merely orchestrating a practical joke. His concern about becoming a target of mockery led him to distance himself emotionally from the unfolding events.

Alan insinuates that conflicts and tensions existed within the group of friends. He observes a heated argument between Matt and Kit prior to Matt’s disappearance, and he also mentions disagreements between Matt and Kyler. Alan’s perspective portrays the friends as having a strained relationship, underscored by their quarrels. While at Castle Malloy, Alan appears to have been more attuned to the interpersonal dynamics and conflicts among the individuals rather than any peculiar or supernatural occurrences. He expresses a sense of relief upon leaving the castle and hints at a potential return, speculating that Matt will eventually tire of his prank. His decision to leave seems linked to his irritation with the situation and the people involved.

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