Deus Ex: Game of the Year Edition – How to play Multiplayer

On December 6th 2000, as a part of the 1104fm patch, Ion Storm released multiplayer support for the game Deus Ex. The game saw a few semi-consistent updates and fixes from Ion Storm until the GoTY release where updates ceased. There are actually a handful of active servers up and ready to be played on, and here you will see how to resolve this issue and join a game.

Deus Ex: Game of the Year Edition - How to play Multiplayer

A standalone guide to re-enable and play the uncontested best part of Deus Ex.


You may have heard of the game “Deus Ex” by Ion Storm. On December 6th, 2000, as a part of the “1104fm” patch, Ion Storm added multiplayer support for the game, adding deathmatch, providing new ways to enjoy the game for people who either wanted to get some casual fun games on, or for people who wanted to show others just how much better they were at sniping, and then get into fights about it. Up to the GoTY release, when updates ended, the game received a few sporadic but regular upgrades and repairs.

Some players may have seen the somewhat alluring “Multiplayer” button on the main menu screen when they play, and some may even click on it out of curiosity; however, others may have ventured deeper into the server browser, only to be met with no servers and a letdown; however, this is a sneaky lie and a bug (in some way), and, much to the surprise of maybe 2 or so people, there’s actually a handful of active servers up and ready to be played on; this guide will show

Fixing the issues


Set MenuScreenJoinGame MasterServerAddress Netspeed 20000

(And set fps limit to 150)

In 2014, Gamespy (the masterserver for Deus Ex Multiplayer) would shut down, leaving a myriad of games’ multiplayer aspects unplayable, not Just DXMP’s (which is what I’ll call it now, because Deus Ex Multiplayer is a mouthful)
Luckily, a fan effort has changed this; 333networks is now the main masterserver for DXMP (as well as a few others games if you’re interested) and the fix is surprisingly easy, no pulling your hair.

The fix

When you open your game, on the main menu press T; at the bottom left of your screen, a dialog box will have opened- if it doesn’t, navigate to Settings -> Keyboard/Mouse, and scroll to the bottom, bind a key to “Send Message To All” and press that, remove “Say” from your dialogue and input the following

Set MenuScreenJoinGame MasterServerAddress

Press enter and that’s it, you should start seeing servers!

Deus Ex: Game of the Year Edition - Multiplayer

Next, open your command dialog once more by pressing T (or the bound button of your choice), remove Say, and type Netspeed 20000. While this will set your game’s net transfer rate to the maximum it can be for DXMP, it will still be an abominably sluggish netspeed for modern games.

After that, you can join any server you like. You might need to download some files from the server, but the game will take care of that for you; slow download speeds are something we’re unable to change, so you’ll just have to put up with it.

What next?

Before jumping right into a match, it’s important to note the servers “Game Type” listed on the side of the server browser, things like “Team Adv.” “ANNATeam” “Team Custom MTL” and “CDX ATDM / BTDM” (keep CDX in mind, it’s very important) are all, maybe not so surprisingly team based deathmatch games, anything else like “Sharpshooter” or “SG Team Game”, while fun and different in their own rights, are oft-considered “Not DXMP”, which I won’t get into, mainly because people have argued for what is and isn’t DXMP since 0Augs became a thing.

Credit to: dxmp player

Does Deus Ex have multiplayer?

HX is an unofficial mod for Deus Ex, which allows for multiplayer co-op play of the story.

What does Deus Ex Game of the Year Edition include?

With the accompanying software development kit, you may design 3-D maps from the ground up, alter existing Deus Ex maps, and create independent Deus Ex missions. With ConEdit, you can also add new dialogue between game characters. A Deus Ex Windows desktop theme is included in the package.

Is Deus Ex the best game ever?

Despite its many problems, Deus Ex has been praised by many as the best PC game ever. Although it is the pinnacle of choice in video games, the option you pick may not turn out well because of its horrible graphics and occasionally terrible voice acting.

How long is Deus Ex GOTY?

Deus Ex is roughly 23 hours long while concentrating on the primary goals. If you’re a gamer that tries to complete every part of the game, it will probably take you about 38 12 hours.

Is Deus Ex a masterpiece?

The original Deus Ex is a masterpiece. Its masterful stealth, challenging levels, endearing characters, and paranoia-infused plot have guaranteed its place among the greatest video games ever.

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