BattleBit Remastered: How to fly a helicopter

BattleBit Remastered: How to fly a helicopter

How do I get to fly a helicopter?

Currently, in 127v127, helicopters are not available on all maps, or are not in the spawns on all maps in BattleBit Remastered. There is also no way to fly helicopters outside of live games. This can cause difficulties for new pilots, as, well, there’s lots of people who also want to fly the limited helicopters available. Step one is, of course, figuring out where the helicopters are, what maps and where they spawn on said maps. Because this is not meant to be an exhaustive guide, I won’t go each map individually, but some good maps for helicopter spawnage are Wine Paradise, Isle, and Valley. Bad maps for helicopter spawnage are Frugis, Tensa Town, and Salhan.

Once you’ve located your helicopter, you need to get in it. You do this like any other vehicle, walk up to it and hold [F] or click on it in the menu and hold space. If the helicopter already has a pilot, it’s 100% okay to just help out! As an engineer class, you can bring a repair tool, and simply sit in the helicopter and repair. If you really have your heart set on being a pilot, the respawn times for the different helicopters are generally agreed to be something around 2 minutes, 30 seconds from death to respawn. So if you’re desperate to fly, you can play for about 2 minutes then wait in the menu to click on a helicopter. It’s ♥♥♥♥♥♥, but it works.

Starting out

Takeoff is the easy part- if your helicopter is not on, simply hold [E] until the rotors start spinning, then wait a few seconds, and hold [W]. Good luck, and thanks for reading!

….Just kidding. Once you have successfully discovered the miracle of manned flight, now you’re flying. This is where things get difficult. Your basic flight controls are [W] and [S] for up and down, [A] and [D] for left and right rudder, and [mouse] for roll and pitch. To simplify, use [A]/[D] to point the nose of the helicopter. Move your [mouse] to “lean” the helicopter, and remember to move your [mouse] left/right to balance when in a turn. [W] and [S] will then take you where you lean the helicopter. It’s a bit of a balancing act, but once you get the hang of it, you can fly! Remember, any way the helicopter is tilted is the direction it will go when you hold [W]. Other controls include [right click] to free look, and [C] to toggle downward camera. And eh… the ground hurts. Try not to hit it.

How to be a good pilot

Now, many people will see this and exclaim, “Tch. I’m a fantastic pilot already. I can just go on from this. Not your flying ability, but how you treat your gunners and dismounts well, is the focus of this section.

The number one thing you MUST do to not screw your team is to drop the rope. By default, this is [Q]. YOU NEED TO DO THIS. If you don’t drop your rappelling rope, or your fastrope, or your z rope, or whatever you wanna call it, your dismounts will a) scream at you, and b) find themselves unable to safely exit the helicopter. Always, always, always drop the rope when you have people trying to exit the helicopter.

The second element of being a competent pilot is teamwork, which comes after you have successfully enabled your team to leave. Try to take your gunners and passengers where they want to go by speaking with them. You can, however, say no. Inform them that the suggested drop zone is too risky for you to fly to, and avoid going there. It is a waste of a helicopter to lose one, particularly a Blackhawk/Ka-60, because someone really wanted to fly to B when there were three tanks waiting for you to get near enough to fire you down. Do not fly yourself (or them) into your graves while listening to your dismounts. They might not thank you for it, but it saves you a helicopter and your team some tickets.

Advanced good pilot stuff

So! You now know how to not crash your helicopter, and even know how to make people leave your helicopter! Now let’s streamline that.

Try to position your helicopter (on the Blackhawk/Ka-60) at enemy helicopters you want to destroy. It is the only configuration that makes it possible for both gunners (and you) to see your target, making it not just simpler than attempting to line up sideways. Both gunners can see the enemy helicopter if you position it to your rear, but you cannot, therefore you must rely on your flying judgment. The respective gunner can see the enemy helicopter if you position it to one side or the other, and you might be able to, but the other gunner is unable to take action. So, even though it’s frightening, aiming directly at the hostile helicopter is your best bet for taking out the adversary fast and decisively.

If you just have one gunner, you can fly at an angle and flee as they continue to fire! You can hold A while angling your nose down and to the right, for example, if your one gunner is on the left and an enemy helicopter is pursuing you. This will move you ahead at an angle so you can flee while aiming your gunner in the direction of your pursuers.

Your best bet while dropping dismounts is to crouch as low as you can. As you descend, the distance between you and the landing area gets smaller, reducing the distance your dismounts must travel to leave your helicopter. This is advantageous for you because it reduces the amount of time you have to remain motionless at a low altitude while your dismounts struggle to leave your helicopter.

To make sure the needy little bastards have indeed left your helicopter, you have the vehicle occupants list in the bottom right of your screen. Remember, on Blackhawks, the F3 and F4 seats will be your gunners, who probably shouldn’t leave. You can also use [C] to toggle your downward facing camera, and see below you, including your rope (and its potential occupants!) It’s also recommended to keep track of any engineers in your helicopter, so that you don’t unnecessarily hover to try to make them dismount when they’re actually trying to stay in the helicopter and repair.

The words APC and death should mean the same thing to you. (Give yourself a cookie if you got that reference.) The same goes for the large boats. The autocannon they have is genuinely the best thing to kill helicopters and will shred you instantly if you let it. Don’t let it.

Helicopter specific stuff


  • You are heavy as ♥♥♥♥. The Blackhawk weighs so much compared to the Littlebirds. It is so much slower. Expect maneuvers and flight in general to be a low slower and floatier.
  • You can take more damage than Littlebirds, but still not much. Try to avoid damage either way.
  • The “F3” gunner is the right gunner, and the “F4” gunner is the left gunner.
  • “F5” and “F6” are where any medics should go, as this is in the middle of the helicopter and they can reach everyone.


  • This is the light helicopter with miniguns.
  • You are light and speedy, but have very little health. Try to make sure that if you’re attacking a Blackhawk, only one (or none) of its guns can hit you. If both can hit you, you’re just gonna lose the exchange of fire every time.
  • The guns have a spool time, but right click, which spools them up without firing, is also free look by default. You can change the keybinds, or just keep that in mind so you don’t miss a potential target.
  • The only other seat available other than pilot is “F2”. This is the copilot seat. The copilot can’t actually fly, so this seat is only useful as insurance (a second pilot can sit here to swap to pilot if you die) or for taking a single dismount to a location.

Littlebird/Hermit (other models):

  • These are the light helicopters without guns.
  • There are several different configurations of light transports, including military, police, luxury, and potentially more models. The military model is the one that spawns at your HQs, and the others will be found around the maps if you’re lucky.
  • These have no guns and very little health. Your job flying these is to drop your dismounts and get the hell out of there.
  • I sort of lied in the above point, these can also be used very effectively as RPG platforms, but that requires great teamwork and some practice for both pilot and gunner(s). Only try this if you’re an experienced pilot!
  • These are my favorite to fly.


W is up. S is down. A spins left. D spins right. Move mouse to tilt towards direction. Hold W to go that direction. Q to drop rope. C to look down. Sky good. Ground bad. Put dismount on ground, keep helicopter in sky.

Credit to: an_f-14_tomcat

Does BattleBit have helicopters?

The game’s multiplayer lobbies can accommodate up to 256 people and contains massive battles. As a result, there will be some rather large maps with space for everyone and helicopters that can engage in dogfights or carry soldiers. Players can use this tutorial to learn how to obtain a helicopter in BattleBit Remastered.

Are there vehicles in BattleBit?

There are 16 vehicles in total, some of which are exclusive to a certain faction. We’ll only discuss the most helpful ones to simplify things and because there is some overlap with other automobiles.

Can I play BattleBit with a controller?

BattleBit Remastered can be played with a controller, yes; but it does not have official controller compatibility, though, as it is still in Early Access. Instead, a temporary fix from the creators themselves requires would-be controller users to pass through a few hoops.

How big can you be in a squad in BattleBit Remastered?

Unfortunately, the maximum squad and party size in the game is just eight players, despite the enormous team sizes.

Is BattleBit Remastered like Battlefield?

You probably noticed that BattlieBit Remastered sounds a whole lot like games from the Battlefield series. You’re not the only one who has made this analogy; many players have done so. Even some players have referred to this game as a more affordable and superior alternative to Battlefield games.

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