Wayward: No meat eating guide (a challenge)

Simple guidelines for surviving in Wayward without eating meat or insects. In essence, you can only eat vegan food (like fruit, tubers, roots, mushrooms, etc. ). However, you can also slaughter animals or mobs for resources other than flesh. You should avoid using the resources of mobs to make the challenge more difficult.

Wayward: No meat eating guide (a challenge)

Beginning (basic)

At the start, avoid fighting at all cost.

Reason: Generally speaking, engaging in melee combat without adequate training is a horrible, awful idea. It’s not a good idea to fight animals with your bare hands in the real world. Common sense

What to do?

Arm yourself; a stone spear is the greatest early weapon (or aka in this game is granite spear). One sharpened granite may be produced by forging two granites, or you can use mining luck. The first option is to search for rocky or mountainous terrain. You are lucky if you have a granite pickaxe at the beginning since it allows you to mine granite.

Reason: If you’re lucky, you could run into bunnies or big rats right away. These animals offer skins. Given that you don’t consume them anyhow, offal is a good supply of string. Another factor is that most early-game land animals are fairly vulnerable to piercing in several ways. Just remember not to engage a bear or wolf unarmed. RUN AWAY FROM THEM

Next, go food scavenging. Now, typically, in order to survive, you would go hunting. But this is not a challenge to consume just meat. So what surprises are in store? On coastal , I normally attempt to collect maple seeds (common on normal mode).

Another note: if you start on volcanic, you are pretty much dead. I tested and nope, no viable food beside meat and constant heat draining. Thankfully, we do not start on such islands. Other islands, there seem to be chances.

Arid islands, try to look for coconut or cacti which have fruits (ripe stage), if lucky, joshua trees are good.

Your greatest bet on the Arctic Island would be to harvest pine tree seeds, and because you need to keep your hunger under control, make sure to leave in 3 to 4 days. You can drink water to keep alive, which is another important point. Although it may keep hunger at bay, it sounds silly and requires frequent fire starting, which makes it less effective. Roots are another typical thing to discover. In an emergency, having roots is tremendously helpful.

Wetlands island – try to find way to get mushrooms and yeah, that is pretty much it.

Early mid game (for coastal one)

Next up, build a base

How should the base be constructed? Typically, you should look for locations towards the foot of mountains. Because I can wall up the rest faster, a U-shaped one is typically my best option. You may attempt to put your foot on a large mountain with access to freshwater, though. However, it should also be near the ocean (for later mid game). A really good concept is to dig into a mountain like ants do to build their nests since you can spend more time foraging for food and less time building walls.

After the base building, what to do?

Locate apples. Sounds absurd? No, if you want a sustainable life, you should plant apple trees. Remember that crowds will also trample the tree (with the exception of claw worms and flying mobs as I know so far). No apple in the area? Roam.

What is the game’s most promising ranged weapon that is also fairly simple to make and obtain? timber spears made with a pole and any sharp object.

You would make great strides in warfare in the open area if you could throw the sharp sticks. With just a little bit of practice in this game, you can improve your throwing.

Throwing skill is indeed one of the most powerful skill. So better get around 3-4 dozens of sharp sticks and throw them and pick them around until you can consistently get 2 tiles range.

Some might say milk is considered vegan but this guide is all about not consuming meat/insects so any animal liquid that can be obtained without killing is considered okay for this guide. -> goats are an option if you want to get very nutritious liquid to travel around. Tame some goats, guide them to hitch post, then drop all things that is taming them (usually seeds, leaves(except pine or cypress, but I do know that goats would eat any leaves that they can find in real life anyway), barks and fruits).

Later mid game (for coastal one)

After surviving primarily on maple seeds and water in the middle of the game, you should start getting your hands dirty. For their hides, try to hunt big rats and bunnies. When you are not fully armored or when you don’t have medicine water, stay away from snakes and spiders as well.

Tannized hides are quite helpful. Try to obtain 4-5 water sacks. Well, sea water distilling is a really nice choice if the water supply near your base runs out. two granite stones, a pole, and a string How many should you produce? 4-5 if you want to be precise.

Why then do I ask you to do this? due to the planning for reaching an island that is dry. There will be a lot of water needed. I advise you to sail throughout the day. You guessed it, maple seeds or grass seeds are also a part of our long-term ration.

Finding coconuts and joshua trees, two of my favorite sustainable products, is the goal on the dry island (fruit or seed). Planting coconuts gives you a significant advantage in terms of container production, and the resource for Joshua trees can be fully utilized (leaves for rope, stump, flower for medicine and fruit to eat).

Late game

Do whatever you want to have fun. For me, I would just goof around for a long time for a game anyway. Build train road system, hunt treasures, go island to island, or just have fun. That is all!

Credit to BlackFumo

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