Resident Evil Village: (Fast) Walkthrough

This is the Resident Evil Village guide, which is a time-efficient walkthrough, and it is useful if you want to finish the game fast on any difficulty level. It can also be used for the ‘Dashing Dad’ achievement.

It only focuses on the parts of the game you need to complete in order to progress, so if you are looking to collect treasures or explore the map completely, this guide will not be helpful.

Beginning and Village I

Resident Evil Village: (Fast) Walkthrough
Ethan and Mia’s House

Take Rose upstairs and put her to bed, go back to the kitchen and approach Mia to trigger the cutscene.

Entering the Village

  • after the cutscenes finish, follow the footsteps through the woods. The path is linear and it would be hard to get lost, so just keep going until you reach the first house and enter it.
  • the house offers you several interactions (opening the drawers etc.), but none of them are important. Make your way to the back door and go down to the basement.
  • interact with the wardrobe in the basement and you’ll hear loud bangs. When this happens, return upstairs, crawl below the knocked-down wardrobe and leave the house through the hole in the wall.

Obtaining the Bolt Cutters

  • follow the linear path to the cliff and drop down. Follow the path past the dead horse, up the little stairs and then turn right, keep walking as you pass the tractor and then turn left. The house we need to go into is down that path and has a bright-shining lantern on it, so you should not miss it.
  • go inside the house and interact with the curtain, which will trigger a cutscene
  • get through the basement full of bodies, until you reach another cutscene
  • after the cutscene, you are now facing a lycan. Depending on the difficulty level and the weapons you already have, you can either quickly kill him, or we can avoid him. This can either be done by baiting his attack and then just going past him to the house through the hole (a bit riskier) or by running to the left, baiting the lycan to follow you to the cooking range and then running past him back to the house as he approaches (safer option).
  • grab the bolt cutters in the house – they will be behind the curtain. If you avoided the lycan, he should be gone once you come back out again. There’s a chem fluid and herb in the hut, otherwise just cut the chains on the gate open with the bolt cutters.

Lycan Siege

  • proceed to the house straight ahead with the radio. Go upstairs and deal with the lycan who comes in and attacks you – we actually need to off this one.
  • go outside, turn left and go to the next house. Barricade the entrance and the lycans will begin to siege you. This segment runs on timer, so the goal is to simply stall it. Stay by the barricaded entrance. The lycans shouldn’t come from anywhere else, so if you stay there, you can just prevent them from breaking it by headshotting them right as they are about to hit it. If you’re low on ammo, you can also go downstairs and wait in the corner until you see flaming arrows. After the barricade gets broken, go downstairs, shoot the flour bag, which stuns lycans outside, and run to the next house.
  • barricade in the next house. Lycans will now try to break both your barricade, and the window on your left. Just keep alternating shooting them. If the barricade is about to be broken, take the ladder up the roof, drop down and run back to the house with the radio, where you can barricade yourself once again.
  • depending how well you’re doing stalling, at any point a lycan will make a magical appearance behind you and bring you to a cutscene, which will end the siege.

You can check this Youtube video for more guidance:

Finding your way to the Castle

  • after a cutscene with the hag, you’ll find yourself by a gate that is missing two crests. One of them – maiden crest – is just north of the gate, in a church.
  • exit the church through the other door, and you should see an area with long grass and a scarecrow. Sprint through the area and avoid enemies, making you way as fast as possible to the small house to your right, where there’ll be a cutscene.
  • exit through the window, jump on the blue box and climb over the wall. Then you can unlock the gate and let the villagers in. Attempt to enter the building to trigger a cutscene. Afterwards, follow Luiza.
  • after the cutscene, you’ll be in a garage. Head through to the kitchen, and search the drawer in the green kitchen unit for a truck key, which you can then examine to find a screwdriver.
  • start the car, bump into the wall, and follow the villager as cutscenes unfold. When it’s done, jump out the window and find yourself in front of the house again. Now that you have the screwdriver, you can unlock the lit cabinet and get the demon crest.
  • go back to the gate, insert and turn both crests, and proceed through to the castle.

Castle Dimitrescu | Part I

Castle Dimitrescu | Part I

Surviving the Spikes

  • make your way towards the castle. The path is very linear, so you won’t get lost. Once you arrive to a gate with a switch, pull it, which will trigger a cutscene with Heisenberg.
  • once you’re awaaaaaaake and the cutscenes finish, you need to run through a linear path with traps. Just follow the route, smash the wooden fence, get ambushed by the big boi and proceed to the area with the spike ceiling. Escape it by smashing the wood on the left side.
  • follow the path and you’ll arrive to an area where a spike cylinder begins to move towards you. Ignore the boxes and go to the back left corner, where there’s a little alcove in the wall – stay in there and you’ll survive.
  • proceed ahead and you’ll end up emerging by the door where we first met Heisenberg. This time we can actually pull the switch.

Escaping the Bedchamber

  • follow the path and meet the Duke. After you enter the castle, head left – it will be the only path you’ll be allowed to take, so you won’t get lost. Once you arrive to the Hall of Four, inspect the door that should be on your left as you enter, with an inscribing on it. This will trigger a cutscene.
  • after the cutscene, look up to your hand and you’ll be able to free yourself.
  • head south to the next room, inspect the fireplace and find a secret passage. Crawl through it and grab the Maroon Ring from the statue. If you inspect it, you can separate only the eye. After you grab it, door will open and we’ll be back to the Hall of Four.

Collecting the Four Masks | Part I

Mask of Sorrow

  • from the Hall of Four, go all the way upstairs, until you end up in front of a door with wine on it. On that floor, go south / right and find a door that will require the Maroon Eye which we got previously.
  • one of the daughters will ambush you – run through the door we just opened and along the corridor, until you reach a white room. At the far end of the room, you can break some wood planks, which will allow you to fall down to the basement.
  • head downstairs, crawl through the passage until you see Lady D. Once she leaves, enter the room, go around the table and go south to the Hall of War.
  • in the Hall of War, you need to use the torch to light the two braziers against the wall. Don’t bother wasting ammo shooting them. Just walk into the torch until it touches each brazier. After it’s done, a passage will open.
  • continue through the cells and deal with the enemies that come after you. Afterwards, head upstairs through more cells, until one of the daughters appears. Run south through the cells and you should reach a passage blocked by wood planks. Break them, which will trigger a cutscene.
  • the daughter is now vulnerable to attack, so just deal with her. Once she’s dead, the way ahead will open. Proceed to the kitchen and grab the Sanguis Virginis.
  • afterwards, turn left, through the door, then right through the big door and you should be back in the main hall. From here, go upstairs to the wine room, where you can place the Sanguis Virginis on the pedestal and open a new route. There, you will find the Courtyard Key in a box.
  • head back downstairs to the main hall and proceed east to the dining room. As you get to the door, another daughter appears. Just back up a little bit, bait her to come towards you and then slip past her to the door. Once you’re in the dining room, use the key to go outside.
  • the only door in the courtyard you can use is in the south east (down the courtyard and then right). Follow Lady D as she’s climbing the stairs.
  • proceed through the hallway, until you reach the Hall of Ablution – it has a big pool of blood, so you shouldn’t miss it.
  • arrange the statues as follows:
    • wine pourer and woman are facing each other
    • group is facing the horse rider
    • horse rider is facing the wine pourer
  • this will open a door that will allow you to go down to the Distillery. The area is pretty linear, just follow through and deal with enemies, either by killing or avoiding them if possible.
  • you’ll emerge at a balcony, which you can follow until you trigger an iconic cutscene with Lady D. Once she leaves, go into the room and grab her key from the wall. Use it to open the door and trigger another cutscene.
  • crawl through the tunnel, pull one switch, continue through the dungeon until you find a second switch. Interact with it to get Lady D to do a very mean thing to you.
  • depending on your difficulty level, loop lady D around the room (the faster she is, the wider loop you might need to do). You might have to do it twice – once to get your hand back, then a second time as you’re waiting for the door to open.
  • sprint through the passage, ignore lady D and grab the Mask of Sorrow from the pedestal. This will take you back up to the courtyard and your hand will get healed.
  • to the north of the courtyard, there is a Dimitrescu door we can now open. This will take you to the annex. Go up the stairs, then east to the Opera Hall. Enemies will be waiting on the balcony. Once you take them out, head down the stairs to the ground floor of the Opera Hall with the piano.
  • complete the piano puzzle. This will give you the Iron Insignia Key.

Iron Insignia Key

Castle Dimitrescu | Part 2

Castle Dimitrescu | Part 2

Collecting the Four Masks | Part II

Mask of Joy

  • once you have the Iron Insignia key, you can head back upstairs. Lady D will ambush us at the top of them, but if you squeeze past her and interact with the Iron Insignia key door, she will leave us alone. (If you’d rather not have to deal with Lady D, you can swap the order of collecting the masks and just head back to the courtyard, start with Mask of Pleasure and come back afterwards).
  • behind the door, you’ll have to fight another one of the sisters. Before you enter the door, back up a little bit and then go through them, so we enter the room already at maximum speed – this will prevent us getting caught in the bugs. Check this link at 1:39:50 if you’re unsure of what I mean.
  • to defeat the daughter, just keep using the switch that is located on one of the columns at the back of the room to open the window (repeating every time she closes it). Shoot her while she’s vulnerable.
  • once she’s defeated, proceed through the big door and collect the Mask of Joy.

Mask of Rage

  • after collecting the Mask of Joy, go through the small iron door behind the statue, and enter the room with the bells puzzle. You need to shoot all the bells. The locations are as follows:
    • one large one swinging back and forth through the holes in the wall
    • below the small staircase on a small table
    • top of the large glass cabinet
    • upstairs, shoot the chandelier, which will reveal another one
    • behind the window, can be shot from upstairs
  • after you finish ringing the bells, a route will open behind the big painting, proceed through the passage, up the ladder and you’ll emerge in the attic
  • if you don’t have it yet, collect the sniper and then proceed to the roof. Follow the path on the roof, until you arrive to big stairs. Climb these up and you’ll end up in a litter tower from which you can zipline to another one which will have a statue from which you can collect the Mask of Rage.
  • drop down the ladder and take the elevator down. The enemies might be annoying, but even on hardcore difficulty you should be able to dodge around them and get to the elevator without having to kill them, if you are fast enough.

Mask of Pleasure

  • after you done collecting the Mask of Joy, make your way back to the Main Hall and go upstairs, through the door where we used the Maroon Eye. This time, we will be able to open the Dimitrescu door down the hallway, where we will run into the last daughter.
  • enter the room, crouch down the fireplace and proceed up the stairs. If you don’t have a pipe bomb, collect it from the table, then interact with the shelf by the wall to trigger the daughter’s appearance.
  • throw the pipe bomb to where the crack in the wall is, which will make the daughter vulnerable. Shoot her, while looping around the room if necessary. Once she’s dead, collect the animal skull above the fireplace and go back downstairs to the room with the statue with Mask of Pleasure.
  • collect the Mask, replace it with the animal skull (you’ll have to examine it before it fits), and head back to the Hall of Four, where you now can attach all the four masks.

Lady Dimitrescu Boss Fight

  • proceed through the door that is now open, until you reach the casket with the dagger. Interacting with the dagger will trigger a cutscene.
  • big mummy has now turned into a big dragon and will be kind enough to take us to the boss battle area. There is nothing too special about this boss fight, and it is probably the least challenging one. A couple tips to help get through:
    • Lady D will mainly back off and then jump forward, so make sure you keep your distance and just keep shooting the human-ish part of her body. Snipe her when she flies off.
    • when she’s about to spew bugs, you can interrupt it by dealing enough damage, or hiding in one of the gazebos in the corner, which will prevent them from dealing much damage.
    • in the final phase, she’ll chase you up the stairs to the very small area, where she’ll try to corner you. She’s going to make a slight movement towards either left or right, and (most usually) she will then dash attack in that same direction. Therefore, when you see her moving towards the left, just step right and vice versa, and keep shooting the human part.
  • once she’s finally dead, grab the dirty flask and exit. Make your way down the path, break the lock and get to the Ceremony site and down the road to the Altar, where you’ll meet the Duke again.

Village II and House Beneviento

Village II and House Beneviento

House with the Red Chimney

  • go back to the village and go through the now open blue gate east of the Maiden of War gate. Go through the house, exit through the back door and then through the barn behind the house.
  • go down the path, then turn left and go through the gate that says ‘do not enter’. In the house there, there will be a cabinet that requires a code: 070408
  • after grabbing the jack handle, go to the tractor and use it. There will be enemies, which you can either try to engage with, or ignore and after using the jack handle, just retreat and go back behind a door in one of the houses – in most cases, the lycans will despawn when you come back and you can crawl below the tractor in peace.
  • afterwards, head down the same route we took at the beginning of the game, towards the house with the lantern. There will be enemies here again, try to deal with them until you arrive to the door that requires the Iron Insignia key.
  • there will be a lycan with armour by the door, but there’s no need to engage with him – he’ll make a roar before he does anything, which should give you plenty of time to unlock the door and climb the ladder behind it.
  • drop down and climb another ladder to get to the top of the house with the red chimney, drop down the hole in the roof and find the Winged Key in the box, which will allow you to create the Four Winged Key.
  • go back to the merchant and unlock the door leading to House Beneviento.

House Beneviento

  • follow the path – no enemies here yet. Post the family photo to be able to get to the lift.
  • once you get to House Beneviento, head to the basement, where you’ll find creepy Angie doll holding the flask. When you try to take it from her, you lose all your guns.
  • examine the Mia doll and find the Silver Key (upper right arm) and Winding Key (left leg)
  • you can unlock the Medicine room with the silver key, then leave the Doll Workshop by using the code 052911
  • doors to the Storage room will open, use the winding key on the music box and solve the puzzle by ordering the cylinders by the cracks – this will give you tweezers
  • examine the mouth of the Mia doll, getting a Film. Go back towards the elevator and enter the study, where you should arrange the films in the order of Teddy Bear | Book | Baby | Music Box | Ring
  • secret compartment will open – grab the scissors in there, then use them to cut the bandages on Mia doll’s torso. This will give you a brass medallion for the Sealed Door. Input the medallion, then change the other two circles to bird going towards the right and three closed eyes
  • go down the well, grab the Breaker Box Key and go back to the Doll Workshop, which now looks even creepier.
  • start making your way towards the elevator, but be prepared to be ambushed by the cursed fetus. Run away from it back to the Doll Workshop, through to the medicine room, and use one of the empty cabinets to hide. If you’re feeling brave, you can try to loop the fetus around the table in the workshop. Otherwise, just wait for it to go away, and then you can reach the elevator and the breaker box in peace. Once you unlock the breaker box, you’ll get the relief of a child.
  • use the relief to open the door between the Study and the Medicine Room. Go through the kitchen, to the bedroom, where you grab the fuse.
  • on your way back, cursed fetus will try to ambush you on the top of the stairs as you exiting the kitchen. Run back to the bedroom and hide either in the empty cabinet or under the bed.
  • once it’s gone, go back to the elevator and put the fuse in. Cursed fetus will start stomping towards you – go into the study and behind the table, wait for the fetus to enter and start going around the table. Then you can sprint past it, hop into the elevator and go back upstairs.Angie ‘boss fight’
    • not really a boss fight, instead you play hide and seek with Angie.
      • first, she will be upstairs in the Guest room
      • second, in the Living Room (there are multiple places – either behind the far desk, or in the side area with the large couch)
      • finally in the Foyer. In case she’s not in the Foyer, she will be by the elevator.
    • once Angie and Donna are defeated, grab the flask, ‘upgrade’ for your key and exit House Beneviento, making your way back to the altar and the Duke.

Reservoir and Moreau

Reservoir and Moreau


  • go south using your upgraded key – you’ll get ambushed, but you can just run away from it, heading down the stream. Cut or shoot through Moreau’s slimy substance, and follow the path to reach the mill.
  • head downstairs in the mill and then follow the path (it is rather linear) to get to Moreau. After the cutscenes, make your way back, until you see a passage that leads outside. Don’t go outside yet though – there is a turn before that, which you should take and arrive to a shack. Inside the shack, there is a boat key. There will be enemies there, but if you just grab the key and sprint back, you should make it back to the ladder without issues.
  • now we can go outside, and use to boat to go through the cave straight ahead. Once you disembark, investigate the shack for a cutscene.
  • follow the path down, until you reach a gatehouse. Here, we need to restore power so we can drown the reservoir. Leave the gatehouse through the second door, and head to the mill. Drop down and make your way on the roofs.
  • this will require shooting the yellow planks to create a path or pushing minecrafts. Be careful, as Moreau is swimming around and he will occasionally flood your path. It is usually enough to wait for him to pass and cross afterwards.
  • when you arrive to the part with the switches, it should be rather straightforward for the first bit – just throw switches as you get to them. When you arrive to the part with three switches, throw them in the following order – BLUE | RED | WHITE and then run as fast as possible until you get past all of the switchable platforms.
  • after this, you’ll have to go past multiple shaky floodable pieces of wood, with Moreau nearby. Start crossing, and then move to the solid platform on your left, as he screams ‘I’m the best’ and tries to flood you. When he’s gone, go back on the shaky piece of wood to bait Moreau, but immediately back off to the solid platform again – he should scream ‘watch me momma’, and go past again – once he’s gone, it’ll be safe to cross.
  • once you make your way through, you’ll arrive to a submerged boat and then to another mill. There, you need to shoot the ladder down, use the crank, use the zipline to get back to the first mill, use the crack again and make your way back to the gatehouse.
  • look at the gatehouse puzzle from a 90 degree angle, so the black panel placement matches
  • once you throw the switch, leave the gatehouse and follow Moreau for the boss fight

Moreau Boss Fight

  • Moreau’s will be using multiple attacks. He might simply dash forward, try to spit some acid puke, and lastly, jump up one of the houses and make acid rain.
  • when you see the acid rain coming, try to find cover – a lot of the houses have a little roof you can hide beneath
  • there are explosives located around the arena – if you lure Moreau near them and shoot them, he will be stunned and the human part in his mouth becomes exposed, so you can shoot him
  • to avoid the acid puking attacks, always try to stay a corner away from Moreau, or able to quickly turn a corner if it’s coming.
  • when he’s not using the puke, you can try to bait him to dash forward by standing still close-ish to him and move once he charges (this is a bit more risky though and you might need to work out the exact distance to both provoke him to dash, but also to be far away enough to avoid getting hit). This also exposes the human part in his mouth, allowing you to shoot from quite close up.
  • once Moreau is defeated, go through the exit and find a lair, where you can once again update your key and have a little chat with Heisenberg. Once this is done, go back to the village.

Stronghold and Factory

Stronghold and Factory


  • once you’re back to the village, Heisenberg has been kind enough to give you directions to the stronghold. Simply follow it.
  • there will be a section before stronghold proper, where you need to throw two switches, one is up the ladder, another one up the stairs. In this section, at least up till Hardcore, you don’t even have to deal with any of the enemies and it should be possible to run past them.
  • in Stronghold proper, you can either just work your way through the enemies (depending on your difficulty level), or make use in the explosives. There is on at the very bottom, so it is possible to step in the Stronghold to aggro the enemies, drop down to lure them with you, and once they’re grouped up, get rid of a whole bunch of them with the explosive. Then make your way up.
  • when you arrive to the zipline, be patient and wait for the enemies to start jumping – you don’t want a lycan to be waiting for you on the platform you will arrive to, as he’ll almost guarantee grabs you.
  • continue up, make use of mines or pipe bombs if you have loads to clear groups. Once you’re past them, you can go down and arrive to the area where you’ll battle Urias.

Urias Boss Fight

  • you can start shooting Urias right at the start, when he’s on the top of the rock. Especially if you have a sniper or a similarly strong weapon, you can already deal loads of damage.
  • once he comes down, try to stay away from him and shoot him from the distance. He is rather slow and his hammer is heavy, so once he commits to a direction, he usually won’t be able to flick it. As long as you don’t get cornered, you should be able to sneak past as he charges, use the columns as a cover, etc.
  • when he decides to throw one of the columns, just hide behind the corner or behind one of the other columns
  • from time to time, he will call for lycan help. In lower difficulties, he will jump up the rock and roar, so you can prepare yourself. On VoS and occasionally on Hardcore, lycans might jump in without any prior warning. It is useful to have pipe bombs and mines ready to deal with a group if this happens.
  • once Urias is defeated, go through the newly open door, proceed to collect the flask, chat with Heisenberg again and then make your way to the boat, up the ladder to the church, and back to the Altar
  • insert all flasks into the Giant’s Chalice, and take it with you to the Ceremony Site. Once you put it there, you’ll be able to follow the path towards Heisenberg’s factory.


The factory area is rather difficult to navigate – it might be helpful to have video guidance in sections that are easy to get lost in. This is a pretty time efficient one.

  • get to the factory, interact with the curtain to trigger the cutscene with Heisenberg. After the cutscene, just follow the linear path, evading the enemy. Eventually, you’ll get to level B4.
  • the path will be pretty linear until you get to the foundry. From the foundry, go left, follow the path up until you find the sitting Soldat and the Relief mould. Return back to the foundry, make the relief and use it to open the route south.
  • make your way past the pistons – just wait until they drop down and quickly run past before they drop down again. You could technically disable them by shooting the big orange orbs, but it is not particularly time efficient.
  • once you reach the engine room, go north and find the Cog mould. Return to the Foundry and then use it for the back-up generator. There’s a short way back to the Foundry, don’t attempt to take the way you came from.
  • once the generator is up, make your way to the B3 elevator. On your way, you’ll have to deal with a bunch of Soldats (their weak point is the orange orb, usually located on their chest). Sometimes, you will have to shoot orange orbs on doors to get them to open. If there is multiple orbs, it might be more efficient to throw a pipe bomb to disable them all at the same time.
  • as you get to the B3 lift, climb the ladder and proceed through the mine shaft. You will arrive to a room with a orange orbs on the ceiling to which you need to climb up and shoot, as you are getting chased by two soldats.
  • make your way up the stairs. Shoot the centre of the rotating wheel you will get sucked towards, and you’ll be almost at the B1 level. Make your way to the key mould, then to the B1 elevator, and take it back to B4.
  • take the key mould back to the Foundry, and again back to the elevator. There will be Soldats to deal with on the way.
  • make your way through Heisenberg’s chambers, and you’ll be thrown into a boss battle with Sturm.
    • Sturm can attack just in one direction. In the first phase of the fight, simply stand still, wait for him to start charging, and then step to the side. He’ll bump into a wall, allowing you to shoot the weak point on his back. The higher difficulty, the quicker he recovers, so position yourself well to be able to land a shot.
    • in the second phase, he’ll be spitting flames in the front – avoid these as well and wait for the opportunity to shoot his weak spot once again.
  • once you’re done, follow the linear path to the Cargo Bay and up the ladder. After the cutscene, hop on the vehicle and take the elevator towards the boss fight.

Heisenberg Boss Fight

  • Heisenberg has weak red spots around his body, which you can target with the machine gun
  • do not use the canon randomly – it knocks him quite far away when he’s hit with it, so it is useful to employ it when he’s getting close to you and charging at you. This will yeet him far away, where you can comfortably continue spraying him with the machine gun
  • in the second phase, he’ll knock you out of your vehicle. He actually doesn’t do much to you on close contact, so if you stay close to him and keep shooting him, he’ll eventually transition to the final cutscene
  • once Heisenberg is defeated, you’ll get to the cutscene with Miranda, and transition to the section where you play as Chris.

Chris and Final Miranda Boss Fight

Chris and Final Miranda Boss Fight

Chris’ Section

  • follow the path as you get attacked by Lycans. If you’re playing on harder difficulties, the lycans will be able to tank quite a few shots, as Chris’ weapons aren’t upgraded. Try to efficiently swap between your weapons when you need to reload, as the hordes of enemies can be overwhelming.
  • when you get to the section where you need to locate the megamycete, the first is given to you pretty much for free. For the next ones, you’ll be getting chased by mobs of lycans. Depending on your difficulty, you can bust through them with your weapons, use the explosives, or lure them around to the house next to the supplies point. There, you can jump through the front window, which takes you back in front of the megamycete, usually with plenty of time to use the locator again.Boss fight
  • once it is down, proceed through the path, where you’ll run into your boss fight. Even though you are trapped in quite claustrophobic arena, with some timing practice, most of his attacks can be dodged – as he begins to charge try to run past him (usually towards the left).
  • if he jumps up the rock, wait for him to charge and then run towards him – it should make him jump past you.
  • with the help of Lobo, some utilities and your weapons, he should be eventually down
  • follow the path to Miranda’s lab – unless you want to read lore, you can end Chris’ section by shooting the lock on the cell and triggering a cutscene

Final Miranda Boss Fight

  • as you regain control of Ethan, work through the cutscenes. Use the Duke to make any final purchases. Sniper and magnum are particularly useful. If you’re low on heals, you might want to get these as well, because you won’t get healing items dropped during the fight – only ammo.
  • In the boss fight, Miranda will go through several phases
  • Phase I
    • in this phase, Miranda will just try to attack you from close range. It is important that you don’t get cornered, but it should be relatively easy to get through if you always wait for her to charge and then dodge counter-clockwise. Sometimes, she does a fast dash attack, but she is always kind enough to announce it (saying something like ‘here I come’), giving you time to move out of the way.
    • at some point during the phase, she will grow two sets of mould trees and then start attacking from the middle. Hide behind one of the mould trees, and use the time to either set mines at that spot, or toss some pipe bombs in the middle, as they still deal her damage.
  • Phase II
    • in this phase, she transforms to a spider-like form. Here she vaguely does three kinds of attacks. In one, she jumps up the rock and then tries to jump right at you. Stay away and when she’s about to charge, just run towards her – she should jump way behind you, and is also staggered for a while, which can allow to snipe her a bunch of times.
    • the other two attacks are more tricky – in one, she repeatedly hits left and right with her spider legs. It often works to try to dodge to the side she steps to first, as the final big hit usually lands to the other side.
    • the last attack gets her to jump from one side to the other with her entire body – again, it is possible to dodge by waiting her to charge and moving to the side she is just about to move away from.
    • this phase is possibly the most annoying, so if you have strong weapons, this is the phase you want to use them to speed up her transformations
  • Phase III
    • in the third phase, she transforms to a bird-like form. She will be trying to dive you, and depending on difficulty, she will be able to chain multiple dives – 2 on hardcore, 3 on VoS. Be prepared to dodge these chain hits, as they can stunlock you and deplete your HP very quickly.
    • her second attack in this phase has her create three big spheres above her. You can shoot them with your pistol and make them burst before she gets to throw them at you.
    • when the phase is about to end, she will start preparing a huge attack, and announce it by saying something melodramatic. Don’t bother shooting the huge sphere. Instead, have your sniper/magnum ready – if you manage to land multiple headshots, depending on difficulty (reliably three on hardcore), it will cancel the attack.
  • Phase IV
    • in this phase, she will attempt to turn the arena dark. Good news is that it can be easily skipped altogether. Have a pipe bomb ready, and when you interrupt her attack in her previous section, wait as her mould transforms from bird back to normal. You want to toss the pipe bomb right as her wings go away, and this should interrupt the darkening of the arena and go straight to Phase V
  • Phase V
    • Phase V has her rotating between all the previous phases. Try to speed up the phases you have trouble with by landing headshots with strong weapons.
    • The darkness phase skipping trick does not quite work here, but the solution is similar. You can set some mines and wait for her to come step at them, or toss a pipe bomb once you somehow see / hear where she is.
  • Phase VI
    • The final phase only requires you to keep shooting at her as she’s trying to drag you towards her – at this stage, the fight is basically over, so just keep landing shots, until the final cutscene begins.

Credit to: chunkyfroggo

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