The Best Cards in Inscryption (Guide)

Inscryption is a card game, a suspenseful horror, where the player has to defeat a demoniac power: to play cards with him and find out what secrets his little hut keeps. In just 10 days after the game’s release its sales exceeded the mark of 250 thousand copies. Not bad, right?

The Best Cards in Inscryption (Guide)

Although it is better to understand the game by playing it, who would object to knowing a few interesting moments, namely the game’s best cards?

The role of cards in the game

There are all kinds of cards in Inscryption, including ordinary, unique, rare, and cards with abilities and secrets. Players use them to defeat their opponent.

To win, you need to collect the right deck to outwit your opponent. Now let’s take a look at some of the best Inscryption cards.

Best Cards in Inscryption

Squirrel card

Squirrel card Inscryption

This is one of the most important cards in the game available from the start. Although they may seem unimportant, they are actually very important. With these cards, the player is able to obtain rarer items or other valuable items for the game.

Mole Man card

Mole Man card Inscryption

Although it doesn’t do any damage, this card is one of the best defensive cards. Not only does it intercept unblocked attacks, but it can also block more than one card each turn!

Mirror Tentacle card

Mirror Tentacle card Inscryption

It’s not easy to get, because it can be incredibly valuable in the game. The thing about this card is that the more lethal cards your opponent has, the more useful it will be.

Child 13

Child 13 Inscryption

As Inscryption’s most impressive card, it may at first appear similar to the Cat card, until the player realizes that its powers grow even higher. The card can fly, making it deal more damage. This provides resource value as well as allowing it to dodge attacks.

We’ve only remembered a couple of cards from the game, and to experience all its charms, all the secrets and mysteries it holds – come in, explore and enjoy.

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