How to throw grenades in Warface: Best ways and places

Effective tactics and interesting places to throw grenades in the game.

How to throw grenades in Warface: Best ways and places

Grenades in Warface exist as an integral part of the gameplay: they can be used to blow up or blind your enemies, as well as to create a smoke screen to cover the desired area. It is almost impossible to kill an opponent with a fragmentation grenade nowadays. This is because grenades have a small blast radius, as well as various armor sets that provide protection against blast damage. Even so, proper grenade deployment will help define tactics to achieve success. Today I’m going to give you some general information about grenades in the game, as well as share a few secrets and tricks for deploying grenades.

Frag Grenades

Frag grenades (or shrapnel grenades) have various uses, including discovering an enemy’s approximate location, preventing the enemy medic from recovering killed opponents, and simply damaging enemies in a certain area. But in addition to non-standard situations, you should know the main places to throw grenades on different maps.

When to throw fragmentation grenades

Some players try to get rid of shrapnel grenades early in a round, believing that hitting a few enemy fighters will help them during a direct confrontation. But there are a few nuances to this.

Players that throw grenades “anywhere” are not doing their team any good. They may not even reach their enemies, since they’re either on the way to another captivity or they’re just waiting out their “throws.”. Thus, you will remain without a fragmentation grenade until the end of the round.

Second, throwing a lone grenade at possible enemy locations is a pretty stupid idea. I mentioned earlier that the vast majority of kits in the game have blast damage protection. Therefore, throwing grenades at the same position is best done together with your teammates. If the first grenade does not kill the enemy fighter, several subsequent grenades will definitely take him out of action.

Thirdly, if the opposing team has “medic” and “engineer” class soldiers, then the health and armor lost during the grenade’s explosion can be easily restored by the enemies. And thanks to special armor kits these indicators will be restored automatically within a certain period of time.

But that doesn’t mean that throwing grenades is not necessary at all. On the contrary, properly tossed fragmentation grenades will help you slow down the enemy attack or “incapacitate” valuable players for a few seconds, who will go to seek cover and restore the vital stats of their fighters.

Experienced Warface players know that competitors will have more than one way to approach each bombsite where they can throw frag grenades before the enemy attacks, as well as where the enemies can be located on each bombsite. Before each start of the round you should coordinate with your teammates: will you throw grenades to this or that area to do it in sync and not to waste shrapnel in vain. If your teammates decide to hold back their grenades, you should do the same.

Prevention of resuscitation

Often, players use frag grenades to prevent the reanimation of dead opponents, but even here many make elementary mistakes. Mostly, immediately after killing an enemy at long range, assuming the opposing team has a Medic, players try to immediately throw a frag grenade at the corpse. In most cases, the enemy medic simply waits out the intense grenade throw in his direction, then reanimates his colleague without much difficulty.

The point is that you shouldn’t hesitate to throw fragmentation grenades in this situation. But you should do so with caution. Fragmentation grenades have two throwing options – normal and fast. From the moment the pin is pulled there will be exactly 3 seconds for M26 grenades and 3.15 seconds for FG4 grenades until the detonation. In most cases the medic tries to shield himself with a smoke screen and throws the smoke grenade on the “corpse” before resuscitation. If this happens, he is likely to start resuscitation in a few seconds. In order not to scare him off, take the grenade in your hands and press the ” left mouse button”. In the center of the screen you will see a round scale filling up, which notifies you that the grenade is about to detonate. Your job is to make sure that the grenade reaches its destination and explodes right away before the medic comes to his senses and changes position. In this way you can count on not only killing the resuscitated fighter, but also eliminating his teammate.

Getting information about the enemy’s location

By using shrapnel grenades, you can reach hard-to-reach places you don’t want to get to or can’t look at right now. For instance, you assume your enemy is using a passageway around the corner or on the second floor of a building, but you don’t want to risk it right now. Using a grenade in this case will allow you to confirm or deny your opponent’s location: Even if your opponent hides from the explosion, you will still be able to hear his footsteps. If you are lucky and the grenade hits its target you will hear the sound of the wounded warrior beside the footsteps.

Main locations for fragmentation grenades on the various maps

  • Factory
  • Palace
  • Trailer park
  • Site “D17”
  • Pyramid
  • Residence
  • Bridges
  • Alleyways
  • Villa
  • Destination Point

Grenade Launcher Accessory

Underbarrel grenade launcher Warface

The Grenade Launcher Accessory is very different from the fragmentation grenade, but it can also be used to “throw” to one or more enemies, to learn the location of opponents or to “smoke” them out of cover. The main disadvantage of this weapon is that it can be used only by the “assault” class soldiers, and only on certain assault rifles. Another disadvantage is that during shooting this heavy device on the assault rifle decreases the accuracy of shooting and increases the recoil of the weapon.

On the positive side, you do not have to fight with an arming device on your assault rifle for the whole round. You can use it at any convenient time by changing the tactical grip to a grenade launcher by pressing the “C” key right during the game. After that you have to load the grenade launcher immediately, taking a few more seconds. So if you are using a grenade launcher I recommend doing it at the beginning of each round.

The control of this grenade is a bit more difficult than the fragmentation grenade because it goes straight only and explodes about 1 second after the shot. You can adjust the range of the grenade by raising the barrel upwards. It should be noted, that if you set the trajectory high the grenade will explode before it reaches the target.

The underbarrel grenade launcher itself is rarely used as the main weapon. Most often this grenade is used to finish off the wounded fighters or to smoke the enemies out of the cover. You should not hope that a direct hit will kill the enemy with the grenade launcher shot: the damage of the grenade is not high enough to kill the enemy even without the blast damage protection. Still, if you like to play as a Stormtrooper, I recommend not ignoring the use of the underbarrel grenade launcher.

Stun grenades

Stun grenades Warface

M84 stun grenades, also called “flashbangs”, are used to dazzle enemies who are within range of the grenade for a short time. Soldiers wearing helmets without protection against the stun grenades will be “blinded” for about four seconds. This time can be used to outmaneuver the enemies or to change positions. But this effect is incredibly difficult to achieve.

If during the grenade throw the enemy turns away and meets the explosion with his back, the effect time will be reduced to a minimum: even without additional protection against stun grenades the player will be blind for one second at most. If the explosion is met by the right or left “shoulder”, the effect time will be halved.

In the “veteran” channel, few players use standard helmets, so blinding enemies in competitive modes is not easy. Almost every more or less acceptable helmet will give your fighter 40% to 60% blinding protection. So if your opponent turns his back during an explosion he will only see a blinding flash on the screen that won’t prevent him from continuing the fight.

We can’t say that stun grenades are completely useless, but in recent years with the introduction of new armaments in the game their effectiveness has decreased several times. Still, if you’re lucky enough to blind a few enemies, you’ll be able to deal with them without much difficulty.

Smoke Grenades

Smoke Grenades Warface

Smoke grenades in Warface are used everywhere, because they help to put the smoke screen on the desired area and hide from the eyes of the enemy. These grenades are usually used by medics to get closer to enemies or to resuscitate allies. Some fighters either don’t equip such grenades before the match or throw them away at the very beginning of the round, which is a big mistake.

The player can take three grenades in total: one fragmentation grenade, one stun grenade, one or two smoke grenades. A second smoke grenade can be equipped instead of the stun grenade. Generally, fighters of the medic class try to take two smoke grenades with them, but more often than not they are in short supply on the battlefield. Thus, allies can help medics who are out of smoke grenades and “smoke” the necessary area on the map at the request of comrades.

After throwing such a grenade the smoke screen does not appear immediately, so in the first few seconds the enemies can still observe you through the smoke. Do not hurry: it is better to make sure that the smoke completely cleared, only then move forward or resuscitate the dead fighters.

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