Aim Lab: How to get 100k score in gridshot

Aim Lab: How to get 100k score in gridshot

This guide will help you get closer to 100k score in gridshot. Going through some steps you can take to improve.


So you want to get 100k score in gridshot, but you can only seem to hit around 60k? No problem. I also struggled with hitting 60k at one point, so if I can get 100k, you can too. There are a few points to go over in this guide, they are:

  • Flicking
  • Reaction time / Speed
  • Consistency

Seems pretty simple enough, so lets get started!


Flicking is to strike or propel (something) with a sudden quick movement of the fingers. That is the definition at least. however, you are not limited to your fingers. When flicking, you can also use your wrist and whole arm if needed. Flicking is very important to know when doing gridshot as it allows you to take out the targets as quickly as possible, but how do you improve?

To improve in flicking I would advice you to go very very slow at the start, making sure you have at least 97% accuracy before increasing the speed. I mean no matter how slow. Just focus on accuracy in the start. Once you got that down you can start going a bit faster, and try to maintain the accuracy. Eventually, when enough time passes you will be able to do this without thinking, and it will go super fast. Only thing is that it doesn’t come over night.

Sensitivity is something I get asked a lot. I personally use a bit higher sensitivity then my friends do, and I would say it all comes down to personal preference. It doesn’t matter what your favorite twitch streamers dpi is, it matters what you like to use. As long as you find it easy to turn around and to do micro adjustments, just stick with it. After a while muscle memory will do the job for you.

If your sensitivity is low, good. Easier to aim long distances. Is your sensitivity high? Good, easier to be snappy and to flick faster. They both have their ups and downs. If that still doesn’t satisfy you, try to have it so when you move your mouse from the center of your mouse pad to the very edge, you have done a complete 200 degree turn. This way you will hopefully be able to do a 180 turn and still have some room to track your opponent in a fight.

Reaction time / Speed

Reaction time is what you will need to improve when you start getting into the high 80k scores. When you reach 80k with around 97% accuracy, I believe anyone can reach that 100k goal. You just have to reach an overall speed of 125% relative to your speed at 80k. Seems pretty simple enough. This means if you previously hit an average of 5 balls / second, you now have to hit 6.25 balls / second. Not too bad. You are very close, but how do I increase my speed and don’t miss?

I believe it comes down to reaction time. If you can react faster, you can adjust your aim faster, in turn making it easier for you to go faster. Some ways of training your reaction time can be by using humanbenchmark’s tests.


To get better at something you need to fail at it, over and over again, but there is a limit. You shouldn’t play gridshot 8 hours a day, this will burn you out, and you need to take breaks. I would say maybe play it between rounds of whatever you are playing, an example would be in the waiting times in between Overwatch ranked matches. If this isn’t your thing, or your PC isn’t good enough, you should try to hit at least 30 min each day, until you hit your 100k goal. Do not give up, you will do it.

Credit to: Doffezn

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