Fallout: New Vegas – The Unkillable Build For Lazy People

Fallout New Vegas - The Unkillable Build For Lazy People

A surprisingly OP build, it completely annihilate anything while also keep you from just standing there and watching. Baddies will barely fight back making it easier for your companions to go strike them. Give it a shot.

The Build

The build’s primarily focus is utility over damage. More than anything else, you are a support. This means that your job isn’t to get kills. You’re not supposed to get powerful weapons or those fancy power armours for yourself. None of these things. Remember, your objective here is to support your companions and to help them in any way you can.

Build A

S – 5 + 1 (Implant)
P – 1 + 1 (Implant)
E – 8 + 1 (Implant)
C – 7 + 1 (Implant) + 1 (The bear slayer, Scourge of the east, Deadman’s burden, Divide survivor)
I – 4 + 1 (Implant)
A – 7 + 1 (Implant)
L – 8 + 1 (Implant)

I’m making this SPECIAL build to show off an effective survivable build for players that want to take up the support role for your companions and in fact is designed to help you avoid combat in some situations.

Build B

S – 1 + 1 (Implant)
P – 5 + 1 (Implant)
E – 7 + 1 (Implant)
C – 8 + 1 (Implant)
I – 6 + 1 (Implant)
A – 6 + 1 (Implant)
L – 7 + 1 (Implant) + 1 (The bear slayer, Scourge of the east, Deadman’s burden, Divide survivor)

This is the SPECIAL build that makes you more effective but not more survivable and want to do minimal amount of work possible.

Tag skills

Barter/ Science/ Survival


Skilled: It is a very good trait since it gives you +5 to all skills, which is never too much for you early on. However gaining XP is reduced.

Logan’s loophole: Good news: chems, foods, stealthboys etc last longer. Bad news: you stop earning XP beyond level 30. Unless you change it.

Once you hit Big MT you can change the selected traits above with these ones:

Built to destroy: Increases crit chance, because why not?

Fast shot: Gives you more hits per second which means more chances to proc crits.


Level 2 – Rapid reload
Faster reload speed is especially useful for slow-loading ammo, making you less vulnerable to enemy attack.

Level 4

  • Travel light. Recommended for Build A
    Movement speed can be a good boost to your mobility, since you’re so fragile and wants to stay away from combat. The perk also has interesting synergies with light armor perks.
  • Comprehension. Recommended for Build B
    Doubles the effect of skill magazines and gives an additional skill point when reading skill books (and, if you like to think of it also this way, it doubles the effect of True police stories when you read it, means more crit chance %, that is, 10% crit chance!)

Level 6 – Toughness
A lot of players routinely skip this, don’t be one of them. This perk will increase your DT and it makes you survive easier in the early game.

Level 8 – Toughness
Same as above – having the second rank will make your life much easier in the early game as it increase your durability.

Level 10 – Finesse
With this perk you gain just a flat increase of crit chance. It’s one of the few ways we can increase our crit chance % so we take this. Crit chance is what makes the Compliance regulator a lot of fun with this build.

Level 12

  • Strongback. Recommended for Build A
    Extra carry weight. Needless to say “extra” is great when we are focusing on carrying large numbers of items such as ammo, consumables and materials for crafting.
  • Long haul. Recommended for Build B
    Fast travel while over-encumbered is pretty good for extra laziness.

Level 14 – Fast metabolism
More regen from stimpaks is useful for keeping your health in shape from every damage you may take.

Level 16 – Vigilant Recycler
The perk will help in most situations when ammo is scarce, as it is going to be providing you with more chance to recover drained energy cells and flamer fuels which can be recycled later on. Never refuse to reuse.

Level 18 – Home on the range
This is your next perk. You should always get it. I cannot think of a situation where you wouldn’t. With this perk, you can now rest at campfires and it can be comboed with the Roughin it perk which lets you heal back the health you’ve lost when resting. I find it extremely helpful for times when you’re missing a lot of health and dont want to waste most of your healing items when a cozy campfire is there to fully heal you up.

Level 20 – Light touch
This is definitely be your next choice. More crit chance = great way for the Compliance regulator to make enemies unable to do anything while your companions tear them apart.

Level 22 – Chemist
Will extend the effect of items like foods and chems.

Level 24 – Ferocious loyalty
Don’t want your companions being beaten to a pulp? Fear no more, losing half of your health will drastically increase your companions tankiness. This greatly bulks your companions up and it allows them to really turn fights around. You can just basically just sit back and keep firing from the distance while your companions obliterates everything. Make sure you stay a bit far from combat to keep up the effect, so try to avoid taking damage, and try to remain far from melee enemies. The perk will be an extra assurance that your companions that aggro far away wont be likely be killed. However, this will make you squishy if you keep up the effect and every minute you spend without health is a huge risk. Finding a good balance here is the key – you don’t want to be running round with minimal health and then die stupidly or easily, but you do need to get it low enough say 50% to 40%.

Level 26 – Silent running
Allows easier stealth and works well with Travel light and Tunnel runner since it allows faster movement when sneaking, which helps massively to slip past enemies and to get out of the hostile area.

Level 28 – Roughin it
Nothing is more satisfying than seeing you fully heal when resting. It’s a good thing, one cannot question the usefulness of this perk. Not to mention it further decreases your need for healing items when an old rugged bed is there to keep you up and running. What Roughin it gives you more than anything else is the temporary XP boost from the Well rested buff. You’re gonna need it so you will gain the next level faster and we want that juicy level 30 perks as soon as possible.

Level 30

  • Tunnel runner. Recommended for Build A
    This perk is required to help you move swifter when sneaking to avoid getting caught by the enemy. The additional movement speed from Travel light and Implant M-5 is a nice combo as well.
  • Retention. Recommended for Build B
    It synergizes really well with the magazines you’re going to be using, this allows the duration of the magazine’s effect extended for longer periods of time.

Level 32

  • Rad resistance. Recommended for Build A
    Slows the radiation buildup you get while hanging around in irradiated areas.
  • Light step. Recommended for Build B
    Allows you to walk over traps without triggering them.

Level 34 – Hit the deck
Is there to help keep you alive as you’re quite squishy to explosive damage.

Level 36

  • Rad absorption. Recommended for Build A
    With this perk I have never needed to pop RadAway.
  • Voracious reader. Recommended for Build B
    In order to make life much easier its highly recommended to have this perk which makes damaged books turn into blank magazines that will craft into skill magazines and True police stories. True police stories magazines are amazing, they give you more crit chance %, and with more crit chance you have, the better the Compliance regulator becomes.

The Build pt.2

Level 38 – Pack rat
Less ammo weight. Not much to say about this one.

Level 40

  • Atomic! Recommended for Build A
    Most effective while staying in irradiated areas to increase your move speed, attack speed and DT. The buff is very powerful during combat as well, since the attack speed increase will help you land more hits and potentially proccing crits on your enemies. Also it seems that Atomic! does not need to be in irradiated areas for it to activate. Gobble up those irradiated food and drinks you have to activate Atomic! I highly recommend the Coyote steak because it buildup rads for 3 seconds and you get a 3 second Atomic! buff at your disposal which can be very useful in various situations.
  • Irradiated beauty. Recommended for Build B

    Resting for an hour will cure your rad sickness and removes the rad buildup. I would personally forgo the RadAway for removing rads so I don’t have to pop them.

Level 42 – Laser commander
Really shines with energy weapons. The perk offers an incredible way for the Compliance regulator to freeze everything in your sight! More crit chance means less to worry about using healing items in combat. Also the perk will enhance the Sonic emitter – Tarantula to the point of being a one crit one kill weapon in the game thanks to those crit chance boosting perks.

Level 44 – Chem resistant
Basically, if you find yourself getting addicted a lot, grab this perk to reduce the chance of being addicted. That with the Brainless perk means you never have to worry about that ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ again. If it’s not a particular problem for you, don’t take it.

Level 46 – Heave ho!
The Flare gun’s range is ridiculously short and trying to get near on abominations may put you at risk, since your crowd control against abominations sometimes depends on the Flare gun to make them run back and forth, thanks to the frighten effect. Increasing the Flare gun’s range to be able to attack abominations from a very safe distance can be very useful.

Level 48 – Life giver
I would always go for the bonus health if you feel like you could use more durability in combat.

Level 50 – Thought you died OR Ain’t like that now. Choose your last perk, depending on your Karma value.

  • Thought you died.
    The perk makes you tankier while also making your attacks hurt more. You can change it, though, if you’re not having issues with staying alive; the extra health wont matter that much anymore, and you’ll have other perks for survival.
  • Ain’t like that now.
    Gives you more hits per second which means more chances to proc the Compliance regulator! With this, and the Fast shot trait, your enemy will be constantly paralyzed. Paralyzing your enemy quick means that you can shoot off another enemy and paralyze them as well.

Special perks

Provides a small % of addiction resistance.

Immune to poison means much less dangerous cazadores.

Reinforced spine
DT will greatly increase your survivability.

Coin operator
Allows you to craft sierra madre chips. Why craft them? Simply bring them up to the sierra madre vending machine, you’ll be able to see which items will be there for you to use to your hearts desire.

Hopefully most of the perks listed will already be fairly obvious in their usage to you – we go for a lot of utility and survivability perks, generally avoiding full blown damaging stuff.

Item selection


Compliance Regulator
Your bread and butter is obviously this weapon. The Compliance regulator excels at controlling the battlefield, this weapon is known because of its wonderful proc – paralysis – which strongly disables your target and allow you to freely attack it for the duration of 10 seconds. It’s overall a great weapon choice, but its even better against enemies that are slippery and harder to kill, such as cazadores and deathclaws. Paralyzing a few means less enemies damaging you!

As soon as you’ve have enough crit chance %. The Compliance regulator will make your life much more easier by allowing you to paralyze enemies faster and generally it will only take 3-4 shots to proc at your target, it can also result in an extended duration if it keeps proccing on the same target. However, the actual damage inflicted is very minimal, and you basically rely on your companions to go and finish the job.

In general, always stay at the back of your companions, making sure to be the farthest possible from your target, but also in a safe position from enemies coming your way. Once you have this, you wont have to worry about engaging your enemies, so high armor or attack damage is irrelevant.

Sonic emitter – Revelation
Much like the Compliance regulator, this weapon is good at paralyzing enemies. But unlike it. It has a slow fire rate and doesn’t have enough crit chance multiplier to actually paralyze your targets. Compliance regulator seem like a much more practical option.

Sonic emitter – Gabriel’s bark
This variant is a great way to knock-back enemies, making them do nothing for some time, but I’ve found that the Compliance regulator is a better and more replicable solution in every situation I’ve encountered. It’s only good at knocking down a single target, and is not always ideal in heavy fire situations.

Sonic emitter – Tarantula
This is for the toughest enemies who need to die instantly. You will have a hard time in DLC areas like Big MT and enemies will be more damaging and durable and you want to avoid them as much as possible because you will be all alone when visiting these areas and your companions wont come with you, so you’ll need to find a way around. Having the tarantula variant around can do the trick since this weapon can do a one crit one kill. It only excels if you maintain stealthy and focus on eliminating your enemies one by one. Consider keeping this one for just an occasion, so won’t be completely useless when fighting alone. It is noteworthy that the insta-kill on critical hits will not count as a kill.

Flare gun
I can’t think of many weapons better for keeping yourself alive than Compliance regulator. Deathclaws destroys you the same way cazadores does. One strong hit often leaves you with little health or kills you outright and it is not really beautiful, not to mention a large group of deathclaws killing your companions! And oh! Ever try facing Big MT nightstalkers? What a pain, well now you don’t have to worry about it.

Grab a Flare gun ASAP! The Flare gun can be used to drive off abominations like tunnelers, deathclaws and nightstalkers that wants to come kill you, it’s been effective. It’ll usually stay fleeing an area for a few seconds. A few seconds of fleeing is all you need to take the advantage of a fight against them. The flare gun can save your companions from a group of deathclaws to force them to move out of position which makes them unable to lay a finger to your companions. Deathclaws are significantly less scary if it can’t hit you.

Euclid C-finder
The usefulness of this weapon is very underrated IMO. The c-finder is a very, very good crowd control weapon. It has a delay before it goes off – 5 seconds, which is an eternity. That in addition to the huge blast radius makes a huge crowd of murderous enemies knocked out and send them flying. Never fire the Euclid C-finder on a single target. Because you can fire it only once and it has very long recharge (24-in game hours) and you cannot allow to waste ammo like that.


1st recon beret- mainly for crit chance %.

Ulysses duster is also a great choice for stacking another crit chance %. +1 Charisma is also sweet.

Lucky shades – gives +1 Luck which gives us 1% chance to crit.


Roughin it! Bedroll kit
If you haven’t seen any bed or campfires in the immediate area, and are too lazy to find some, use the bedroll kit! Healing and restoring limbs from sleeping was massive: one hour rest got me back to full health! Not having this item means you’ll have to stop and take consumables to deal with broken limbs and damage.

Super stimpak
Without a bed or campfires, we need to find other ways of keeping your health topped up, especially in combat situations. I like bringing a lot of super stimpaks because it allows you to quickly come back to action after falling victim to great amounts of damage.

Battle brew – Medx – Slasher
Even though you have to suffer a great deal against heavy damage and taking a little bit of that weight from your back is always welcome. These consumables allows you to reduces the damage you received, allowing you to survive situations you otherwise couldn’t. They make a huge difference on the higher difficulty levels, where you can die very quickly. Have fun consuming these three and pair that with super stimpaks and just running wild not caring about anything for a minute.

Your companions will heavily under-perform without them.

Slows everything down, allowing you to come out of many extreme situations alive.

Coyote steak. Recommended for Build A
Just to speed things up in 3 seconds. The attack speed from the Atomic! perk will greatly improve your chances of disabling the enemy with the Compliance regulator; if you are afraid something bad may happen, you can keep it for an emergency run.

True police stories. Recommended for Build B
Useful for this build because crit chance is something you cannot have enough of, plus the fact that it’s relatively easy to craft once you have the Voracious reader perk.

Rex And Veronica: Your Sword And Shield

The build really excels when combined with strong companions. Use them as your source of damage and cover.


Rex is incredibly potent, causing enough distraction that you can easily sit on the backlines freezing everything that comes near him. Rex boast high durability and is also capable of knocking down enemies and dealing tons of dps, but no way of dealing with crowds of enemies besides killing them one by one. Your Compliance regulator will give him enough time to get in close and personal to ensure he can chew off some enemies.

Brain Upgrades

Rey’s brain. More damage is always good.

Violetta’s brain. Rex is naturally quite fast, but with this upgrade he can easily reach maximum movement speed and be the fastest creature in the game. This upgrade benefits him well from running faster so he can catch and keep up with his quarry and kill them.

Lupa’s brain. This upgrade is also worth considering for his survival since Rex puts himself in harm’s way so often. The brain upgrade will further boost Rex’s tankability and make the most out of the damage resistance offered by the Ferocious loyalty. Keeping the perk effect up should be more than enough to keep Rex alive.

Both of these upgrades are pretty decent, however I’d urge towards Rey’s brain. While Violetta’s brain makes him speedier and Lupa’s brain is good for keeping him alive; neither of these are particularly necessary. By the time you get to upgrade him with Rey’s brain. Rex will be a huge damage machine.


Believe me, you’d want this woman to be with you all the time. She is excellent at dealing high amount of damage. Her aggro range is somewhat unreliable when using melee. While she may not be able to kill enemies with a high HP and DT, she can still deal a sizable portion of their health in a single punch. Also she can make a good use of any energy weapons in the game to. Veronica’s Scribe assistant perk allows you to use workbench for recycling or crafting energy cells, flamer fuels and True police stories. Though there are plenty of ways to build veronica, one of the most effective and usage of her is to become a ranged tank.

Upgrade Options

Causeless rebel. This perk actually become the go-to-upgrade. Since the Bonds of steel is not that useful to you guys. More attack speed will be better since it lets Veronica hit things more when using unarmed weapons.

Bonds of steel. Not much of a boost, but a welcome bit of tankiness. Veronica is your DPS, and her survival is pretty important for you to be fully effective.

Veronica’s Itemization

Good choices are: A fully upgraded Elijah’s advanced LAER, Tri-beam laser rifle (GRA), Plasma caster, Q35 matter modulator or if you want her to go unarmed consider Ballistic fist. Of these I particularly like Elijah’s advanced LAER because of it’s high DPS.

Credit to: Kill Kroozer Standard Model

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