The Forgotten City – Efficient Ending Guide

The Forgotten City - Efficient Ending Guide

A Guide for getting each ending as efficiently as possible. Spoiler-free through use of aliases.


This guide will provide a walk-through for getting all four endings as efficiently as possible. The first ending will be completed using the soldier character, and the other three by the outlaw character.

I have separated each of the sections into Days and Nights. Days are the peaceful times where you can talk to people, and the Golden Rule is in effect. Nights are caused by the Golden Rule being broken – because of this, NPCs will not talk to you, armed enemies will appear in the city, and you may break the Golden Rule without further consequence. However, enemies can still hurt and kill you when you are talking to someone, so be careful.

Day 1 – Soldier Timeline

  1. Tell the boat lady you were on a covert mission.
  2. When you enter the city, go to the Magistrate Sentius’ house. Galerius will lead you there if you take up his offer after you use the time portal.
  3. We won’t be in this timeline for long, so feel free to do some small exploration and talk to people. We won’t be keeping any items, but you will get a good idea of where everything is. However, do not break the Golden Rule. If you see a woman cowering on a stairway, keep your distance.
  4. When you’re ready, go to the 2nd floor of Sentius’ house. Talk to Sentius. When the conversation is over, shoot him.
  5. You will be sent back to the present day. Talk to the man nearby and get your first ending.

A full guide for this portion is here:

Day 1 – Common Timeline

  1. Tell the boat lady that you were running from the law.
  2. Head to the past and talk to Sentius to get the main quest started.
  3. Talk to Lucretia in the Shrine of Apollo near the market. She wants some Siliphium Resin to heal Iulia. Desius has some, which we will take from him later.
  4. Go to the Great Temple by going up the large flight of stairs by the market, and find two people by the front doors. Talk to them. Ulpius will jump to his death during the conversation.
  5. While we’re here, you should follow Ulpius into the water below. The fall won’t kill you. Talk to the residents if you like, but make sure to grab the door key and leave.
  6. Find Equitia – she should be at the top of the stairway by the city market. Talk to her until she requests that you ask people about how they arrived at the city. Agree to get another main quest.
  7. Talk to Vergil, one of the shopkeepers in the market. He will tell you about someone threatening him. Agree to help him out.
  8. Take this opportunity to talk to Georgius in the market and get his arrival story. He will be unavailable soon.
  9. Go around and ask people their stories for how they arrived at the city. Eventually, your quest log will update about the common thread. There are four common threads to find, and they will appear as separate entries in your quest log. Do not notify Equitia yet.
  10. Go to the cowering woman at the stairwell near the market. She will run off and get herself killed. The man with the bow is just ahead in the hallway leading away from the market – meeting him will be the last thing we do for the day, so make sure you have finished everything for the day.
  11. Talk to Duli in the prison near the market and auditorium. He will give you a quest for making Galerius Magistrate.
  12. Find Galerius and ask him about running for Magistrate. You won’t be able to convince him to run yet, but talking to him about running will update the quest log.
  13. Make sure you know where the city’s pub is. Aurelia and Livia should be near or at this location. Also look for a door outside the pub area overlooking the lake below blocked by a statue. We will be raiding the pub area and the room guarded by the statue tonight.
  14. When you are ready, head down the hallway and talk to the man with the bow. He will introduce himself as an assassin. He will attack you no matter what you do, causing the Golden Rule to be broken.

Night 1 – Common Timeline

We don’t have the Golden Bow yet, but there are still several important things we can do this night.

  1. The game will want you to go to the time portal, but hold off on that for now. The game will take control of your camera a few times – ignore it. After the game does this two or so times it will stop.
  2. Golden archers will appear all over the city and try to kill you. They are very good at shooting things in a straight line from them, but they are have trouble leading their targets. If you need to get past one, the best way is to run through a point roughly a meter or two away from their side. If you are running away, run in a curvy zig-zag motion.
  3. From the assassin’s location, turn back and run into the market. Quickly take the Siliphium Resin on the table and hide in one of the shops until your health regenerates.
  4. Go through the auditorium and reach the cave-like area. Find the room that was guarded by the statue, which has come alive. Bait the statue into following you. When the statue exits the cave, run past it and loot the crate inside – it should have 4,000+ coins inside. Quickly run outside again and into the pub area.
  5. Once inside the pub area, make sure to:
    • Bait the two archers inside into following you into the nearby large cave. Once they reach the stairs, run up the second flight and hop into the house nearby. Remain crouched while in the pub area so the archers don’t find you.
    • The human characters will not bother you when you commit crimes during the night – you can loot their own personal effects right in front of them and they won’t react.
    • Find Rufius’ house and read his note to advance Vergil’s quest.
    • Go to the top floor of the pub, grab the key, and loot everything. This includes Aurelia’s chest key and her chest.
    • Find Naevia’s key to her chest. We will use this key in a bit.
  6. Return to the market and enter the Shrine of Apollo. Use Naevia’s key on the Old Chest inside and loot the contents.
  7. When all of the above has been completed, use the time portal to enter Day 2.

Day 2 – Common Timeline

  1. When you talk to Galerius this time, he will give you a zipline.
  2. Go to Lucretia and give her the resin your stole yesterday. Iulia will be healed. She will tell you that she made a pact with Ulpius.
  3. Quickly get to the Great Temple and talk to Ulpius. Tell him to think of Sentilla and Iulia’s survival. You should have a lot of money at this point, so offer to pay his debt. This will convince Ulpius to calm down.
  4. Head back to the Shrine of Apollo and ask Lucretia about her story and Naevia. She will tell you about a patient with rheumatism. Tell her the treatment, and she will give you the medicine for it.
  5. Find Rufius and give him the rheumatism medicine. Then tell him about Vergil. He will agree to stop harassing him. Go to Vergil in the market and tell him the news.
  6. Go to the cowering woman. Tell her to not run off. Then go meet the man with the bow. Tell him the lie so he will walk into the collapsing shrine and die. Loot his orders and bow from his corpse.
  7. Desius will walk up to you from the market. Agree to his plan. He will turn your bow into a fake golden bow. He will open the Shrine of Diana for you, but don’t enter yet.
  8. Head to the pub and enter the large cave. There will be a bottle of wine inside a hut within the cave. Take it – this will not break the Golden Rule.
  9. Go to Malleolus and accuse him of being Quinctus. He will deny this – say you will find proof.
  10. Go upstairs and talk to Claudia – she’s behind locked double doors. Propose a way to get back at Malleolus. If you say you want him to withdraw she won’t help you. As a female character, telling her women need to stick together will convince her to help. Give her wine in exchange for the love letter.
  11. Once you have the letter, exit the conversation and tell Malleolus you want him to withdraw. Show him the letter and demand that he withdraw and release his servants from bondage. He will agree to your demands. This will have Sentius win the election.
  12. You will need to wait a short time for Malleolus to tell Equitia about his withdrawal. When done, talk to Equitia and tell her the four common threads. She will tell you to meet her in the baths. Meet her there and she will tell you to get the four obelisk plaques to open the Great Temple.
  13. Talk to Georgius about the Greek Plaque, and then ask Duli about it. He will tell you that you can have the plaque in exchange for freeing him.
  14. It is time to enter the Shrine of Diana. Go in, extinguish the lights, and replace the bow. Then shoot the hornet nest and exit through the new hole. You will then enter the game’s first combat section. Some tips:
    • You can shoot vines and algae in water to turn them into gold. Golden vines are climbable, and shooting the algae in water will create platforms.
    • You will be introduced to a new enemy: a statue that will run and punch you. These statues can be killed by shooting them in the head with the bow or shooting algae in the water when statues run over them. Note, however, that the golden archers are immortal.
  15. At the end of the dungeon is a boss fight, who can be convinced to stand down. Stick to peaceful answers, claiming that you entered the area by accident, and that you will help turn the statue nearby back into gold. When you regain control, shoot the statue. The boss will thank you and will allow you to leave.
  16. We have everything we need for the Roman Plaque. Go to the large cave by the pub. Pass the stairs and the hut, and move upwards. As you move up, you should find some vines. Shoot them. You will gain access to a small shrine, and the Roman Plaque will be nearby. Pick it up. Take the key next to the door and leave.
  17. While you’re here, you can tell Livia about your discoveries to complete her quest.
  18. You can also tell Galerius that Malleolus has withdrawn from the election.
  19. When you are ready to end the day, go to the door leading to the dungeon of Malleolus’ villa – it is to the left of the stairs leading to the villa’s front doors. Domitus will try to stop you from entering, but he will let you in if you insist.
  20. Head in, shoot the golden statue, and pick up the lunar pendant nearby. There are some vines leading up – shoot them with the bow and climb. When you reach the top, MAKE A HARD SAVE. The common route end here.

Day 2 – Sentilla Timeline

There are two endings you can get in quick succession here. The first is easy to trigger.

  1. When you have finished making your hard save, move forward and find a captive. She will tell you that she wants to kill her captor and take his key. Free her. She will run off just as her captor arrives.
  2. Her captor will monologue, and at the end of it, Sentilla will kill him. You will be sent to the present day.
  3. A man will approach you. Talk to him, then exit the area. You will encounter the boat lady, and may ask her about her identity.

Night 2 – Common Timeline

  1. Reload your hard save. This time, talk to Sentilla, and choose to leave her there to uphold the Golden Rule. Then shoot her with your bow to instantly break it. The golden archers will activate. Run back and jump down the hole – the water will break your fall.
  2. Exit the area and use the time portal again.
  3. MAKE A HARD SAVE the moment you enter Day 3.

Day 3 – Escape Timeline

  1. Tell Galerius to gather everyone except Sentilla’s captor.
  2. Head for the Cistern and talk to Sentilla again. Free her. Events will proceed like the previous ending.
  3. When you are sent to the present day, head outside and talk to the boat lady.

Day 3 – True Timeline

  1. Tell Galerius that you need him to complete some things urgently. They are:
    • Saving Iulia’s life.
    • Curing Rufius’ rheumatism to stop his harassment of Vergil.
    • Saving Fabia’s life and stopping the assassin.
    • Get Malleolus to withdraw from the election.
  2. Then send off Galerius to do those four tasks. This will set up our eventual acquisition of the Greek Plaque.
  3. Right now, we’ll be going after the Egyptian Plaque. There is a shrine hidden by pillars just past Fabia. Go inside and search for a small opening. Crouch through and follow the tunnel.
  4. You will find a hermit inside. I don’t know if you can fail this section, but make a Quick Save just in case. Talk to him and tell him the identity of the mastermind behind the Golden Rule, which you learned on Day 2. You will then debate the function of the Golden Rule with him. When the discussion is over, ask him about Khabash, and he will give you a key.
  5. Use the key on the door nearby. You are entering another combat section similar to the one on Day 2.
  6. When you reach the end of the giant hall, you will find Khabash. He will give you the Egyptian Plaque, and will tell you that the Mystery Plaque is in the hole in front of him. Jump inside and grab the Mystery Plaque. You will enter another combat section.
  7. You will encounter the boss of this section. Tell him there is no need for violence, that if truth can be destroyed it should be destroyed by truth, and the importance of belief causing someone to live good lives.
  8. With that done, go past the boss and climb the ladder. It should take you close to the hermit. Leave through the tunnel and out of the shrine.
  9. Find Equitia and ask her about the election. She should tell you that Sentius and Galerius are in the running – otherwise you will need to wait for Galerius to finish his duties. Tell her to call the election.
  10. Wait for the election to finish. Galerius will become Magistrate, and will order Duli’s release. Get over to Duli’s cell quickly.
  11. Talk to Duli. You should also walk into the cell and grab the Greek Plaque. You will then have all the plaques.
  12. However, Duli will break the Golden Rule in just a few moments. Although you can complete the obelisk now, the golden archers will shoot you when you try to enter the temple. Entering has a mandatory dialogue tree, and you will not be able to finish the dialogue before the archers kill you.
  13. Enter the time portal and the last loop.

Day 4 – True Timeline

This is it. The final loop.

  1. Tell Galerius to do his 4 errands again. Deaths in this loop will matter, so you might want to follow Galerius to ensure he gets his tasks done.
  2. You can get Sentilla’s captor to tell you the information he told you in the Sentilla timeline and Escape Timeline. Go to Sentilla again, tell her you are going to leave her there, and then go tell Sentilla’s captor you know the truth. This will complete one of the Main Quests.
  3. When you are ready to finish the game, go to the Great Temple, after Galerius saves Ulpius.
  4. Speak names to the doors in the following order:
    • Pluto
    • Hades
    • Osiris
    • Nergal
  5. Proceed, and meet the mastermind behind the Golden Rule. There is a particular strategy you must do if you are to finish the game in this loop.
    • Ask every question inside the first two dialogue options.
    • Are you responsible for…
    • What do you consider…
    • That principle is not…
    • I’ve seen some terrible…
    • Experiments on the…
    • She wouldn’t want…
    • That seems like an extremely…
    • No, of course not. Never mind.
    • It’s no wonder people say…
    • No, but that’s my point…
    • And if you did, you’d be…
    • Let’s talk about something else.
    • That’s all the questions I had.
    • I’m from…
    • I was hoping you could…
    • Shouldn’t you know…
    • I’d like you to put an end to the Golden Rule.
    • The Golden Rule is corrupting…
    • Rufius has become…
    • Malleolus…
    • That’s all the examples…
    • How can you expect us…
    • You’ve given terrible…
    • If our positions were…
    • No
    • What makes your…
    • Why does wisdom…
    • So you think you’re…
    • What was it…
    • But didn’t you say…
    • So are you…
    • I’m saying: If you can’t follow your…
    • You’re not a monster. You’re…
    • Humans make mistakes. It’s…
    • Perhaps he made a mistake too.
    • Perhaps when you took on…
  6. The mastermind will admit defeat and return you to the present.

Present Day – True Timeline

  1. Walk forward and talk to the man nearby. He will take you to the cistern exit.
  2. Talk to the boat lady. You will be taken to a museum.
  3. Talk to everyone. When you are done, head to the end of the hall.

Credit to: ph0ne (greatijedi)

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