Tower of Guns: Boss Guide

Tower of Guns: Boss Guide

Here are the strategies for the bosses (that I’ve fought personally).


In general bosses are really easy if you have a high DPS (roughly enough to kill bosses in < 10 seconds) but what if you need to survive

format notes

difficulty E, D, C, B, A, S: shows roughly how difficult I think the boss is
tog-o-drome: like difficulty but for the tog-o-drome version

Boss List

Sir Chomps A Lot

difficulty: LUCK
found in: Battlements, Warehouse

hoo boi! I really have no advice on this, just shoot in the general direction of one and hope you don’t die before they do. I think I’ve had more endless runs end on this guy than any other just because they refused to be seen for too long. I suppose they’re less BS in Warehouse…

The Maw

difficulty: A
found in: Crow’s Nest

A giant target with a sarcastically large amount of fire-power. Don’t let it’s A grade fool you this thing can overwhelm you if your unprepared. That being said a decent amount of mobility as well as honed twitch reflexes can make dodging it’s attacks a lot easier. Just focus fire on the comically large target. If it uses it’s fan attack just surf it back to the entrance of the arena and come back after gaining your footing. Thankfully this boss is one you can always avoid since it’s in the Crow’s Nest bonus level.

The Gumball Machine

difficulty: S
found in: Sanctum

The “final” boss of the game. This thing is a puzzle boss. My strategy: if you have an ability to stay airborne, stay airborne and shoot downwards. If you can’t, shoot the glowing orbs when visible, and the boss otherwise. The difficulty primarily comes from the huge amount mooks including the annoying cyclopes and heavily damaging saw-blade towers.

Dr. Turret

difficulty: A
tog-o-drome: S
found in: everywhere but crow’s nest and sanctum

The other puzzle boss in the game, You can shoot the base for slow but consistent chip damage. Or a small target in a random spot for a quick burst of damage. In tog-o-drome you fight two of them. You can either alternate the small targets or focus the base of one.

Pipe Organ

Difficulty: C
tog-o-drome: S
found in: logistics, tog-o-drome

A damage sponge if there ever was one. Just dodge it’s slow projectiles and wail on it. In the tog-o-drome you fight 3 at once, having to chip away 3 giant health bars while getting pelted by 100’s of projectiles can be really dangerous. Just keep calm and hope for the best, dodging what you can.

Big ‘ol Spikeroom

Difficulty: D
tog-o-drome: D
found in: foyer, foundry, gearworks, tog-o-drome

A complete joke, you’ll have this thing down in seconds. You’ll probably spend more time finding the target to shoot than actually shooting it.


Difficulty: C
found in: foyer

Another easy win. It’s charge (the only attack) is hard to dodge but does minimal damage to all but the shrimpiest health bars, that attack also takes half a millennium to charge

Mama Spinbot

Difficulty: E
found in: foyer, foundry, gearworks

To be honest, this bosses children are more dangerous than it (she?) is she?’s a giant target and can only attack in melee, she?’s also slow.


Difficulty: E
found in: gearworks

This boss can’t even attack. The hardest part is actually getting a bead on the ever splitting bosses.

Sno-globe-bot and Lanternofolous

Difficulty: D
found in: everywhere but crow’s nest, sanctum, and tog-o-drome

These two jump on you and lay explosions, ones purple, ones red, really easy. Just, y’know, move every so often.

big ol’ wall of turrets

Difficulty: B
found in: warehouse

basically the maw but less ridiculous.

Grandpa Napoleon

Difficulty: B
found in: everywhere but crows nest, sanctum and tog-o-drome

another gun-toting target but it can move.

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