Totally Accurate Battlegrounds: Tips And Tricks To Maximize Your Success

Totally Accurate Battlegrounds: Tips And Tricks To Maximize Your Success

Get good, not mad (a collection of tips and tricks to maximize your TABG success)


If you keep getting killed, and have become a frustrated player, fear not! Here is some advice and tips, some being for noobs, others being more obscure.

Keep in mind I’m not a pro myself

Hitting your shots

One very rage-inducing aspect of this game is aiming and hitting your shots. TABG is essentially different from any other shooter or FPS; knowledge from other games most likely won’t carry over, except for tracking in it’s most basic form.

It can be extremely discouraging when you seem to miss every shot, while your opponents seem to hit all of their shots. Here are some basic tips:

Bullets don’t go to the center of your screen. Rather, they just shoot out of the gun’s barrel, whichever way that may be pointing. That’s why the next tip is important:

Realign your aim. To realign your aim, simply jump. Jumping both makes your gun more accurate and makes you harder to hit, so it’s a win-win here.

Don’t forget your secondary and tertiary weapons. Lots of new players will keep reloading their main gun instead of switching their weapons with the flow of combat. Wasting valuable seconds and becoming a sitting duck will very often lose you a mid to close range gun fight, so switch things up.

ADS is often not the best option in a firefight. It’s vital that you as a player know when to hipfire (just pressing M1 rather than M1 and M2) or ADS (M1 and M2). ADS is very useful for precision in an environment where movement doesn’t matter as much (not close-quarters or mid-range). Hitting potshots can be quite useful, even if not with a sniper. However, the closer you are to your enemy, the more important your movement is. Aiming down your sights slows you down and makes you extremely predictable, allowing an experienced foe to get a few headshots and kill you. This rule can have exceptions though, and is generally something you need to feel out and experience yourself.

Movement is everything

This info is more intermediate, but can still be utilized by new players.

Though it may sound weird, TABG is, at it’s core, a movement shooter. An incredibly unique movement shooter, sure, but one nonetheless. Your movement defines your success in this game, and mastery of it is hugely important. I still have a lot to learn about movement, but here are some tips I picked up along the way.

Know when to holster. New, or even intermediate, players will often forget about holstering altogether. However, it’s a very valuable mechanic. When you put your weapon away, your wobbler starts to swing their hands, which actually gives them momentum. In scenarios where speed is more important than shooting, like chasing a near defenseless enemy or getting inside the ring, holster your gun and start swinging those wobbly arms.

Climb. Just climb. Getting the high ground in a fight is incredibly useful, as grenades are easier to throw down than up, you can ambush very effectively, jumping resets your aim so you have increased accuracy when jumping down onto an enemy, etc. I’m sure there are more benefits here I’m missing. However, getting to the high ground can be tough, which is where climbing comes in. It’s really a skill you need to experience to understand, but using a combination of holstering (to not have guns interfering), unholstering (to have your weapon become a lever of sorts to pull you up if you can get it up to an edge), and jumping can be used to great effect.

Mess with your enemy’s flow. One of the worst things you can do is let your enemy shmove uninterrupted. Use grenades, knockback, and covering fire to control where your enemy goes and make them an easy target. This is why items like impulse grenades are so handy in the right hands.

Game sense

Game sense is useful in pretty much any battle royale, and TABG is no exception. This section may be a bit sparse, but here’s my two cents (or sense??).

Be cautious. This probably sounds pretty obvious, but snipers or experienced players are often on the lookout for unaware players. So be careful; don’t just rush over to that freshly dropped loot because, odds are, someone heard the fight and is on their way to get some action. So, instead, you can wait and then ambush whoever comes along unwittingly to the loot pile. Then, kill them and make that pile bigger. Of course, you don’t want to wait all day, all the time. Primarily, use this strategy in loud fights in more popular areas.

Know when to rush and when to hold. I don’t have much to say, because this skill will generally develop as you play and you’ll (hopefully) get a sense of what to do in a given moment.

Vary your ammo types. One of the worst things that can happen in this game is for you to completely run out of ammo. As such, you should try to get primary, secondary, and tertiary weapons that consume different ammo types. Of course, power generally comes first, so don’t pass up that super rare weapon just because you already got one with that ammo type. There are always exceptions to the rule.

Don’t autopilot. I catch myself doing this a fair bit, but maybe this is just me, I dunno. Anyways, I find myself not thinking about all of my resources I can use, and instead just fire mindlessly with my primary. As soon as I die, I’ll facepalm and realize I could’ve used that grenade in my inventory or utilized one of my blessings better. Just try to be mindful of your play.


I hope some of this info was useful, and not too obvious. Let me know if I missed something, and feel free to share some tips of your own. Good luck out there, wobblers!

Credit to: CrypticBird

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