Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare – Ultimate Zombies Guide

Everything you need for every zombies map, power guide, pack-a-punch, wonder weapons, and Easter eggs. Most of the info is taken from the cod zombies subreddit guides, YouTube videos, and other misc guides to be as detailed as can be.


I’m a huge zombies fan, and Infinite Warfare Zombies is a fun time if you push past the flaws and get a kick of the retro movie style throwbacks. While playing, some guides only feature one map, or don’t explain all the steps and I’ll have to pull up how to find all the parts for power and/or pack-a-punch and I thought it would be nice to help everyone out and make a descriptive guide for everything this mode has to offer.

Zombies in Spaceland


Call of Duty Infinite Warfare – Ultimate Zombies Guide

Power Box Locations:

  • Spawn, located in the opposite ticket booth of Up and Atoms.
  • Kepler System: Up the stairs past the portal, hanging on the wall right on the building.
  • Journey Into Space: Heading past Tuff N Nuff, on the right wall heading towards the bumper car entrance.
  • Polar Peak: Up the stairs, on the wall on the right before Quickies.
  • Astrocade: Right to the left of the portal after the buy barrier from Journey Into Space.

After turning on power in a section, activate the portal terminal and enter, after all portals are used, hold interact in the middle of the map to enter the Projection Room.

  • Kepler System: Right before the stairs past the coin machine.
  • Journey Into Space: Heading past the coin machine, on the right side before Tuff N Nuf.
  • Polar Peak: Taking a right from the main entrance, on the right most wall in the gift shop.
  • Astrocade: Heading from the Journey Into Space entrance, straight to the right.

Elemental Upgrades:
Entering the Projection Room, to the left of the Soul Jar are mini UFO’s, interacting with them sends them flying out into the map. Firstly you must get 300 tickets to buy an Arcane Core from Ticket Booth Stands and apply it to your weapon. After that, the UFO’s are flying around near Traps in the sections of the dark, get 15-24 kills with one use with the trap to send it flying out of the Trap. The UFO will fly around in a set path in near the Trap area; get kills using a weapon with an Arcane Core near the UFO to drop the elemental upgrade.

  • Kepler System (Fire): Chromosphere Trap
  • Journey Into Space (Electricity): Star Mission Rocket Trap near Tuff N Nuff
  • Polar Peaks (Wind): Laser Trap near the main entrance before the gift shop
  • Astrocade (Laser): The disco trap

X-QUISITE Upgrade:
Earn 300 tickets to buy the golden teeth from the prize counter inside the Astrocade. Take a Brute to the crocodile “trap” in Kepler System and time it correctly to have it land on the Brute. The Brute will break some teeth, letting you place the golden teeth, opening a hatch inside it’s mouth. Use each elemental upgrade and shoot one of the circles on the revealed machine, releasing a crystal, pick it up and take it back to the Projection Room and place it into a similar machine inside. A purple core will fly out back to the crocodile, go to the machine inside the mouth to buy the X-QUISITE core for 2000 points, also unlocking the Batteries Not Included achievement.

Souvenir Token Traps:
Call of Duty Infinite Warfare – Ultimate Zombies Guide - Souvenir Token Traps
N3IL Guide:
After each set of challenges, activate N3IL once more to spawn in David Hasslehoff, after David leaves, get the part to start the next set of challenges. The parts don’t spawn until they’re needed; completing all the challenges lets you spawn in David again for 5000 points.

  • To start, the head is always in the center of the map, right past his body.
  • Part 1: Challenges
    Get X kills while jumping/mid-air
    Get X Melee Kills
    Get X Kills from a distance
    Don’t go into last stand for X minutes
    Get X Multikills
  • Battery Part:
    Keplar on the concession stand in front of the Chromosphere
    Keplar on top of the trash can above Bomb Stoppers
    Keplar on the bench by the Crocodile Trap
    Polar Peaks in a cubby by the Roller Coaster
    Polar Peaks on the Gift Shop counter
    Polar Peaks on the trash can when you get to the top
  • Part 2 Challenges:
    Protect the player
    Shoot the legs off X zombies
    Board up X amount of boards
    Kill X zombies without being damaged
    Kill X zombies at a distance
    Kill X zombies that are crawling on the ground
  • Floppy Disk Part:
    Underground tunnels on table near rocket replica
    Underground tunnels on bench in long hallway
    Underground tunnels on tool workbench
  • Part 3 Challenges:
    Shoot X amount of arms off
    Shoot X amount of crawling zombies
    Get X kills from within the marked area
    Get X headshots
    Kill X zombies that have damaged you
    Do not bleed out
    Kill Outlined zombies before others

Weapons of Rock:
There are four weapons, the steps are very similar and require the golden teeth to be placed and an Arcane Core equipped weapon.

  • Head Cutter:
    Built in the cutout in Polar Peaks, requires the Wind element from the Polar Peaks trap. Buy Cryo Grenades for 350 tickets, throw the grenade into the mouth of the Yeti animatronic at the base of Polar Peak, it will breathing cold air for ten seconds. You must bring ten zombies into the air, they’ll freeze and you must get ten headshots, the yeti will roar when this is complete. The battery piece will be in the hand of the yeti next to the portal in the gift shop. Take three green tokens to the Polar Peaks token machine to get the Yeti plush. Head to the crocodile and shoot the first circle using the Wind element to get the crystal. Take these back to the cutout to craft.
  • Face-Melter:
    Built in the cutout in Journey Into Space, requires the Electricity element from the Journey Into Space trap. Obtain frags or cluster grenades and throw it into the portal in Journey Into Space, it will pop back out with a red outline and a reset timer. Picking up the grenade and throwing it resets the timer, throw it all the way to the center of the map and throw it into the Pack Portal, the battery will pop back out. Take three blue tokens to the token machine in Journey Into Space to get the spaceman plush. Shoot the second circle in the crocodile to get the crystal. Take these back to the cutout to craft.
  • Dischord:
    Built in the cutout in the Astrocade, requires the Laser element using the disco trap. You need red, green, and blue tokens to get the disco ball from the token machine inside the Astrocade. The battery part requires 5 targets to be shot around the map that can only be seen when the shades are on, when that is complete, the battery will spawn on the disco floor. Shoot the third circle in the crocodile to get the crystal. Take these back to the cutout to craft.

    • Target Locations:
      In spawn atop the hedge
      In the junction hanging over the deposit ATM
      Under the bridge going to Polar Peak
      To the left of the giant mouth of the roller coaster
      Within Arcade:
      Above the power switch, parallel to the ceiling
      Inside one of claw machines on the bottom floor
      Inside the window on the top floor
      Behind the cardboard cutout of the alien across from the prize desk
      Behind the Prize Desk laying on the floor
      On the top floor, in the trashcan against the Demon Attack game
      Back of Arcade:
      Hanging to the left of Blue Bolts inside a store window
      Inside the bumper-cars area, tucked behind the cars piled up in the corner
      In a cavern on the left side when going from the Astrocade to Polar Peak
  • Shredder:
    Built in the cutout underground in the staff tunnels, requires the Fire element using the Chromosphere trap. You need three red tokens to get the alien toy from the token machine in the Kepler System. In the water geyser area with Bang Bangs, there’s boats, look at the back of the boats and shoot the battery off of it. It’ll show up in the geysers as they shoot out, time it and grab it before the geyser stops. Shoot the fourth circle in the crocodile to get the crystal. Take these back to the cutout to craft.

Zombies in Spaceland Easter Eggs

Seti-Com Part Locations:

  • Umbrella:
  • Red bench by the bottom of the Hyper Slides.
  • On the gift shop counter in Polar Peaks.
  • Next to the terminal for activating the Star Mission trap on the floor in the corner.
  • Boombox:
  • Racin’ Stripes break room in the underground tunnels on countertop.
  • Yellow cart on the left underpass bridge in Cosmic Way from spawn.
  • Moonlight Cafe countertop in the Kepler System, in the power switch area.
  • Calculator:
  • Yellow Bench near the Projection Room portal in the Cosmic Way junction.
  • On top of a trashcan in the Astrocade.
  • Yellow lunch table on the seat in the Kepler system near the Chromosphere.

Main Easter Egg Quest:

  • Open Pack-A-Punch. obtain pieces to the Seti-Com and give it to David Hasslehoff in one of the DJ booths. Wait for the UFO to flash colors and then take back the finished Seti-Com from David.
  • Check the following locations for an area where your UI shakes all over the screen:
  • Underground near Racin’ Stripes
  • Near the entrance to Journey into Space next to the Escape Velocity trap
  • Outside an entrance to the Bumper Cars
  • Right before the entrance to Polar Peak next to the giant Yeti Animatronic
  • Inside the Gift Shop in Polar Peak
  • The fountains in Polar Peak
  • Near the Crocodile trap in the Kepler System next to the ERAD wallbuy.

Place the SETI-COM on the ground, defend it until the timer is finished, do this 3 times in 3 locations. Each time you defend has different amounts of time. First time is 60 Seconds, second time is 90 Seconds, and the third time is 120 Seconds.

After 3 defenses are finished, give SETI-COM back to ‘Hoff
Wait 2 non-clown rounds; get items back from ‘Hoff
Place items on golden spots around PaP portal and 1 on the steps to the portal
Have all the players in the game interact with the speakers at the same time. If done successfully the UFO flies over to you.

Play ‘Simon Says’ with the UFO, you have to press the speakers in the order shown in very quick concession and in the right order for it to work.

If you press them too slow, in the right order, or if you don’t complete the order a Brute will spawn.
If you don’t press any of the buttons then nothing will happen.
Upon completion of the 3 rounds of Simon Says most of the zombies will turn into clowns. Once you have killed enough clowns an Alien will spawn for each player in your game.

David Hasslehoff Character Code:

  • Can only be unlocked after completing the Easter egg, go into the Start Match screen and enter this code on the arrow keys or D-Pad.
    Left, Right, Left, Up, Down

Rave in the Redwoods

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare – Ultimate Zombies Guide - Rave in the RedwoodsPower:
Unlike Zombies in Spaceland, there is only one power switch, but it is a ways off from spawn. If anyone wants to recommend a good route I’ll add it to this. It’s located in the Old Marvin Mine next to the Slasher’s workshop with the zombie strapped to the Wheel of Death. Turning it on activates a shortcut back to spawn.
This requires two steps, building the boat propeller for the boat on the dock, and finding the two film reels to turn on the projector for the Projection Room portal. I recommend looking for some of these parts on your way towards power as it will lessen the amount of time to search.

  • Paddle:
    In the Rave area, it’s leaning against a tent’s white flag on the ground near the middle of the area.
  • Rudder:
    Inside the Mess Hall/Cafeteria, leaning against a pillar with a trashcan next to it.
  • Steering Mechanism:
    After turning the power, in the Tuff N Nuff room above spawn leaning against the wall between a shelf and bunk beds.
  • Projector:
    Before taking the boat to Turtle Island, the first film reel for the projector is sitting right outside the boat house, directly on the ground in front of the wall before you enter it. Go up to the boat and repair and enjoy the slow boat ride. The second film reel is to the right of a green bench in the bonfire area, take the reels to the projector in the shed and the portal will activate.

Shaolin Shuffle

Credit to u/FranktownDippers on Reddit.
Call of Duty Infinite Warfare – Ultimate Zombies Guide - Shaolin ShufflePower:
We are back to multiple power switches sadly, here they are.

  • Right outside the train in Spawn on a support beam
  • On the roof of the Inferno Disco
  • Next to Deadeye Dewdrops
  • In the subway next to the Theater

Pack will be located in The Pink Cat Club; it requires a Flyer, a Coin, and one Film Reel. The flyer is bright pink and shouldn’t be missed if you know what to look for. Bring the flyer and the coin to The Pink Cat Club door, and then place the reel on the projector to activate it.

  • Flyer:
    • To right of Racin’ Stripes on the rooftops
    • On the left side of the disco rooftop on a stool
    • On the ground next to the Pink Cat
    • To the left of the Dojo on a pile of garbage
  • Coin:
    Under the Tuff N Nuff perk machine.
  • Film Reel:
    • At the top of the stairs near Tuff ‘Nuff
    • To the right of the Lockers in the Subway near The Pink Cat
    • Couch on the 2nd floor of the Inferno Disco
    • In The Pink Cat on right side on a chair
    • Go underground in the street section in front of The Pink Cat, sitting on a box in front of the powered door.

Attack of the Radioactive Thing!


Back to one power switch, damn this game is consistent. To turn on power you must find the power lever on the beach next to the OSA in a zombie hand sticking out of the ground. You must put it into the power switch in the Power Station.
Obtain Elvira’s book from the safe near the Skullhop machine. Give the book to Elvira and she will give you a blood vial. Get kills using the cleaver melee weapon to fill up the vial, give it back to her. She will get up and follow you, take her outside to near the Mystery Wheel nearby and she will open the portal to Pack. After that, it will periodically teleport around the map. Look up to the sky to see a big cloud to figure out where it is. Will list portal locations soon.

Beast From Beyond


If you can survive the infinite Scouts till you get the power on, here’s what you do and the best route. Take the door to the right next to the computer terminal, you need to get N3Il’s head and bring it back here later. Go past this kitchen type area with the hanging meat and go up the stairs, buy the door that’s straight ahead. In the big room, jump down the hole in the ground and land on the ledge with the green flare. In the next room with the water, his head is sitting on the end of the catwalk. Buy your way out of this room and bring it back to that terminal from in spawn and power will be on.
Outside on the Ice Planet, the portal is out there across a bridge that needs to be repaired using satellite parts, they’re fairly big and won’t be hard to miss if you know what you’re looking for. Before you start collecting the parts, go into the Cargo Bay and press the button to the left of the entrance on a red pillar, to blow open the door to the Theater.

  • Hop down to the bottom floor off the Cargo Bay, it will be sitting between the stairs and a crate.
  • Sitting to the right of the Blue Bolts perk machine.
  • Outside on the streets in the Theater section, sitting on top of the car by the KBS Longbow wallbuy.

Credit to: Clover

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