Guide to Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance – Operation Overlord

Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance - Operation Overlord

Operation Overlord – Hard to win except really it isn’t. This is how I did it in normal mode where I only lost 36 units/buildings in total.


Hi! In this guide I will be telling you how I, and so can you, can beat operation Overlord.
Lets just cut to the chase:

1 – Your defenses

So you’re worrying about Fletcher and that order commander in part 2 right now? Don’t. You’ve got bigger worries right now.

I was playing as UEF so I had access to UEF and AEON tech.

Get your ACU upgraded to tech 3 as soon as you can.

Get your AEON ACU to build 3 – 5 radiance tech 3 shield generators a little infront of your base, then with the same commander, get a line of tech 3 anti-air between every single shield so you have about 20 anti-air.

With your UEF ACU, build ravengers in front of your anti-air because trust me, you don’t want to have tech 2 land defenses. Then build an engineering station behind each shield upgraded to tech 3.

Now you have your blockhead up.

With the UEF ACU build tech 3 shields so your whole base is covered, the reason you use AEON shields at front and UEF at back is because AEON shields have more health but smaller radius however they will be taking a ton of hits while your UEF shields are just going to be taking a couple of bombs, nothing major.

You then need to get a few anti-air defenses around your island.

Build 4 ravengers just bottom left of your base, siege tanks emerge here.

Build a tech 3 radar station close to your defense line.

Now this will take a while and eat up your resources so it’s up to you if you do your resources before, during or after that last part. For me I got one shield, 6 ravengers and 6 anti-air running before i got some resources up. Resources = Tech 3 power generators + Tech 3 mass fabricators. I had 20 fabricators working non-stop for most of my mission.

Now this is where it gets fun.

You build two quantum gates, one aeon, one uef. Build one more of each commander (you can do more but two UEF, two AEON and yourself is enough in my eyes), then reclaim them.

Upgrade the 4 supporting ACUs so that they have whatever you seem fit on the arms but both shield upgrades on their backs. Trust me.

For your ACU, you’ve got your tech 3 engineering on one arm, on the other it up to you but on your back… advanced tactical missile launcher or a nuke basically.

Then make 4 nuclear defense silos in the middle of your base, you can assist with some tech 3 engineers if you want.

Whatever you do, do not attack that Serpihim base just yet. This works on triggers, once that is started your’re going to get nuked, czared and fatboyed, except you won’t.

Your army is not going to be tech 1.
Your army is not going to be tech 2.
Your army is not going to be tech 3.

We’re going experimental, this why you need a ton of resources. So my advice is to get around about 3-6 Atlantis aircraft carriers but once you build them, your seraphim builds a navy too but nothing too big. You don’t need these carriers but they make your life a hell of a lot easier with their op anti-air.

Next you need to build another galactic colossus, for defense and maybe 1-3 fatboys. Make sure they’re under your shields because they’re going to be sniping those annoying siege tanks before they attack you.

Then build at least 8 Czars. I had 9 in total.

Remember you can build Czars in water so no need to waste your precious space. Don’t build any units in them either; they’ll just die when you do what you do with them. Also you can build a mavor but it won’t have any use really.

2 – Now you can relax.

Yes that may have seemed a bit much but now your base is safe. Wait till each one of your silos has at least 1 nuke defense in it, maybe more, I never got nuked in the end but you’ll see why in a minute.

Now you can attack that base with one of your Czars.

You then watch your cut scenes.

Now Fletcher is sending Fatboys at you BUT NOT IF YOU KILL HIM FIRST.

Send all 8-10 (let’s say 9 like I did) 9 Czars to kill Fletcher. You will lose 1 maximum before he dies. No fatboys will even get off his island.

3 – That annoying order commander.

Well that order commander has to go. They will go the same way as Fletcher, Send all remaining Czars to kill her then yeah you’re sorted.

4 – That ton of units coming from the arch, glad you build those defenses.

Remember those 30 ravengers and 40 anti-airs (roughly) I told you to build? That was just for the 1st stage.
No czar hit your base, so your anti-air was useless.

No fatboys attacked you, so your ravengers were useless.

But if you didn’t have them then you would of had those siege tanks destroy your base. I mean it.

8 siege tanks? The majority of your base is power generators and mass fabricators WHICH ARE VOLATILE. If ONE dies then YOUR WHOLE BASE BLOWS. Seriously everything dies except the ACUs which are now facing certain death.

So now you’re thinking, I need more defenses don’t I. You really don’t.

You’re now thinking we’re going to use the Czars to take out that seraphim commander and his bases! You aren’t. However you are using your Czars.

Direct all remaining Czars at the arch, forget their anti-air, I had 8/9 Czars survive and they destroyed the arch in a matter of 30 seconds.

5 – Conclusion

Thank you for reading my guide. I hope you have beaten that idiot arch and have lost no more than 50 units tops.

Credit to: Johnhwc9

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