Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller Walkthrough

Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller

Episode 1: The Hangman part 1

First, rattle the gate. Erica will realize that it is locked. John says that the cemetery is about to close, but she can try the east entrance. Erica doesn’t have the key, so the only way that you can access the cemetery is to use brute force. So, use the gun on the gate and shoot the lock. Open the gate. John and Erica walk into the cemetery.

Look at the footprints on the ground, then touch them. A sphere enabling you to use Erica’s cognitive powers will be shown in the bottom-left of the screen. Click on the footprints, then on the Cognition icon. Erica will have a vision of a man walking away from the statue.

Have Erica walk to where the man was walking to get a close-up view of a mausoleum and some more footprints on the ground. Use the Cognition sphere on the footprints to get a vision of the same man digging something up. Open the red toolbox and get everything from inside it. Leave the area and look at the statue. It is an angel holding a shovel. Look at it to alert John to its presence. Get the shovel by using the hammer on it. In the following vision, Scott is found bludgeoned to death.

Talk to John and he will have a look around the mausoleum. Give the shovel to John and he will dig something up. Search the loose dirt and Erica will find a stone wheel. In inventory, examine the wheel to find a slot at the back of it. Leave the area and examine the mausoleum from the front. The Cain Killer, the man we saw in the visions, wrote “Only Reed Blood”. Look down and examine the holes. There are two metal plates. Have Erica stand on them, then look up again and use the wheel in the hole. Turn the wheel and John will warn her to back off since it’s a trap. Ignore him and then keep turning until Erica is wounded.

Go east through the draped doorway to see Scott strapped on the table with a spear pointed at him. Look around. Look at Scott and take note of the color of his jacket. Click the Hand on the trap then talk to Scott. Erica will find out that she is too weak to break the trap. Look at the passageway on the right. There are some cables on the floor. Look at them and you notice that the cables lead to the nearby panel.

Zoom in on the panel and you notice a timer counting down from ten minutes. Erica calls Terence for assistance, explaining the situation. She is told to send a photo of the panel, which she does. Terence examines the photo and instructs Erica to cut the wires in the reverse order from which they were connected. Click the Cognition sphere and then click on the green wire. It shows the killer connecting the green wire to the third node from the bottom. Therefore, the green wire should be the last one Erica should cut.

Use Cognition on the rest of the wires to find out the order in which the wires were connected next. If you worked it out correctly, you would find that Erica has to cut the following wires in order: blue, black, yellow, red, orange, green. You have the wire cutters to do this.

When he points her gun at her, throw the drapes of the curtains around him, followed by the candelabra.

When you get there, talk with Officer Duffer and show him your badge. Ask him about all topics. Duffer says that Davies questioned the witness already. Go right and then through the open doorway to meet her.

Look at the dead body hanging in the middle of the room. This definitely was not a suicide. Talk to everyone about all topics to get an insight on what happened. The killer had a hard time dragging the victim to his current position (due to the fact that he was smaller than the victim) where he was drugged and strangled. Before he left, the killer cut off the skin around the victim’s finger so that he couldn’t be identified. He was very careful not to leave any prints behind.

Use Cognition on the table, the victim’s body, and the blood on the wall to get visions of the victim being laid down on the table and standing on the table and then getting hanged from there. Just before he did, he kicked something off the table and it rolled under a shelf. Feel under the shelf to pick up the artifact that landed there. Speak to Terence about it and he says he has no idea what it is. Talk to Davies and she will give Erica a little quiz based on her knowledge of the crime scene.

After John witnesses Erica having one of her visions again, which gets worse every minute, she is instructed to go see Rose, the antique shop owner who might be able to help Erica. Just before leaving the crime scene, someone watches her drive off

When Erica arrives outside the antique store, enter the store to be greeted by Rose. Ask about the shop. Ask about the antique. Rose says that the antique is a “Le Pendu”, a tool dating back to the French Revolution where high society members used them at secret parties. So why did it turn up at the crime scene? Inquire more about it. The wood on it is very old, and it has cuts that allow it to connect to some other pieces that may be out there. Rose will demand an explanation of why you are here. You can either tell the truth or lie. Both options will result in different dialog, whatever the outcome you can further explain or walk out.

On the next day, drive to the FBI Boston HQ in Downtown. When you get there, talk to Gwen, the desk sergeant, and talk about the evidence. Gwen assures Erica that if she needs any evidence, Gwen will get it for her. Sit down at Erica’s desk. Erica will be about to use her computer, but Sully interrupts her about Davies, who needs to see her about the artifact she found last night. After explaining that she has a piece herself, Sully asks if she wants to go out for lunch. You can accept or decline the offer.

Look at everything on your desk. Now, use the computer and read all your e-mails, especially the one from Davies and your dad. Under “Cases Database” select “Cane Killer Case” under “Search by case name” and do a search. Read the entire case summary and then logout. Open the drawer and get the change. Close the drawer and stand up. Walk over to John. Look at the lighter on his desk, then talk to him about all topics. Leave HQ and go down into the parking garage. Drive to Mt. Auburn Cemetery.

Scott’s headstone is the one in the middle. Get the flowers from the grave next to his and use them on his grave. She gets busted by Cordelia, who accuses her of taking the flowers from her brother’s grave. However, Cordelia enjoyed what Erica was saying, and she overlooks it. Cordelia sits down on the bench. Talk to her about all topics, leave. Drive over to the antiques shop.

Inside, get the doughnut box in the middle of the store, then talk to Rose. Ask for her help and she will offer some training. Accept it. After the training, ask about the item she needs to take from John. Now, leave and travel back to HQ. Go over to John’s desk and get the lighter. Erica will persuade him into letting her have the lighter.

Head to the antiques shop and give the lighter to Rose. They will continue with the training. Erica will get the power of projection. Click on the Cognition sphere; select the lighter, crystal ball, and table; then press the sphere again. John’s ghost will be sitting at the table, and Erica can interact with him. Click the Hand on the door and John will appear in his real form. After John talks to Rose about Scott, drive back to the crime scene. There, use Cognition on the graffiti to find out that the killer wrote a message. There is nothing else we can do here, so head to the morgue downtown.

Episode 1: The Hangman part 2

Look around and talk with Terence. Ask about the graffiti and he will give you a device that allows you to read it. Get some lock picks from him then go down the elevator to the autopsy room. Here, talk to Gallagher about everything regarding the victim.

The victim was drugged before the hanging, he suffered a heart attack and stroke, and his fingers were mutilated. After the conversation, select the cell phone in inventory, then look at the desk to get a close-up view of the phone. Click the item icon on it to record Gallagher’s office number. Go back and look at the body. Take a photo of the body and tattoo. Examine the protuberance and touch it. Talk to Gallagher again about the tattoo and the protuberance. Gallagher will open him up and find a piece of the antique, which she gives to Erica.

Back at the crime scene, examine the spray cans on the ground, and look at the green one. Take note of its number and enter that into the gadget that Terence gave you.

Use the gadget on the graffiti and it will perform a scan and reveal the message “If your eyes could see what mine can’t”. Now, use Cognition on the noose, blood, and table to bring up the victim’s body in ghost form. Look at the body, and then look at the eyes. Notice that the eyes are looking to the right, toward the niche. Go over and examine the niche.

Erica will feel the wall until she uncovers a loose brick, Touch the loose brick and she will get a photo, which she e-mails to her computer back at the office. When the game gives you a close-up view of it, flip it over to get another message reading “Not all hangings are suicide victims. Search closer.” When Erica is finished with these, she will leave the crime scene. Drive back to HQ.

Sit at your desk and turn the computer on. Select Evidence and the first tab that will be shown will b photos. The crime scene photo should have been selected. Hover the magnifying glass over the bracelet on the woman’s right hand, and click on it to bring a close-up view of it. It has the words “Sarah” written on it. Click on “Cases Database”. Now, under Type of Case, select Suicide. Select Hanging under Type of Felony/Cause, then enter **Sarah** as a cross-reference. Read all the available information about Sarah Goodman. Obviously, the killer left clues at the crime scene, directing Erica to another case. Could they be related? Print out an evidence form and logout of the computer.

Collect the form from the printer, then go over and speak with Sully about the Sarah Goodman case. It was Sully’s first case before he handed it over to Davies. Ask why. Sarah wasn’t happy and she took anti-depressants. Her death points to a suicide, but her husband, Robert, thinks she was murdered. Ask about Robert Goodman to find out that he is very distraught about this. Leave and go back to your desk. Find out his whereabouts to learn that he hangs around on Schaffter Avenue in Dorchester.

Give the evidence form to Gwen, who will give Erica a tape. Davies’ office door is still locked, but we got the lockpicks. Use them on the door and Erica will unlock her door while no one is looking. Open the door and enter the office. Here, open the desk drawer to find two things: a paper and a note from Davies’ niece. Examine them both. The paper suggests that another victim will show up soon, but the rest of the paper was shredded.

Close the drawer and use Cognition on the shredder on the floor to get the rest of the message. The killer left something for Davies at the post office. Access Davies’ computer and select Davies as the name and Aunt Maddy as the password. In the first e-mail that appears, click on the attachment containing some words in red writing. Read the other e-mail about the antique. Looks like we need to visit Terence again. Leave HQ and drive to the post office.

Look around, then talk to the postal worker about the package. Show your ID to him and he will retrieve the package addressed to Davies. He tells Erica that it is postmarked from another Boston office. In inventory, open the package to get a key and some scraps of paper. Examine the key. Examine the scraps of papers to bring up a close-up view of a picture, cut up into four pieces. Flip each piece over and notice some words on it. Drive to the morgue.

Speak to Terence about that antique and he will hesitate to show it to Erica. Threaten to rat him out and he will give the antique piece to you. Leave the conversation.

In inventory, combine all the antique pieces together. Take the elevator down to the morgue. See that tape recorder next to Gallagher? If we try to take it, she won’t let us, so we need to distract her. Get out your cellphone and access your contacts. Call Gallagher and she will go away to answer the desk phone. You can take the recorder now. In inventory, combine the microcassette with the recorder to produce a tape player with cassette. Play the recorder and listen to Davies interviewing Goodman about his wife. But the tape cuts off just as soon as Goodman was about to read a note. Leave the morgue and travel to the cemetery.

Cordelia is still sitting on the bench when Erica arrives. Look at the fifth grave from the top to find Sarah’s grave. Read the epitaph to find that she died the same year as Scott. Get the leaves and Erica will discover Sarah’s necklace on top. Get the necklace and watch a vision of Sarah getting murdered. Drive to the alleyway.

Look around to see a bum standing around. Talk to him and inquire about Robert Goodman. Show him your badge and the bum will say that he is the person Erica is looking for. When she asks him to come to the station to be interviewed about Sarah’s death, Goodman refuses. You can force him or find another way to convince him. If you choose the latter, you have to show him the photo of Sarah.

Back at the station, talk to John about Goodman and he will say that he will watch the interrogation from outside. Sully will come over and he and John will argue who attends the interview, and you have to decide whether to go with Sully or John. Regardless of whom you choose, Erica will be doing the interrogation. Step into the interview room and talk with Robert, who won’t cooperate since he’s hungry. Leave the interrogation room and take the elevator to the main station to get some food. Put some coins in the vending machine to get a bag of chips. Punch the vending machine when it plays up and Erica will collect the chips.

Go back to the interrogation room and talk with Robert.

Show Goodman the picture, then ask about Sarah and her enemies. Show him the victim photo and Sarah’s necklace. Goodman still doesn’t know anything, not even who the victim is, so use Cognition on him and Erica will press harder. The last time they met was at a train station, where Goodman had to leave for a business trip. Try to get a vision of any of his four memories, and Erica realizes that she can’t because we need to learn another power (Regression). Take the elevator to the parking garage and travel to the antique shop.

Talk to Rose and say that you are having problems with Goodman. Erica will lay on the sofa again, with Rose watching over her. When you have acquired the power of Regression, use Cognition on Erica. An image of Scott will appear above her. Click the jacket color until it matches what Scott was wearing. Press the Cognition sphere and watch the vision.

Cordelia is there when Erica is coming out of the mausoleum. What was she doing there? After the vision, Erica gets very emotional about the stolen flowers and about Scott being calm just minutes before he died, as if he knew Erica would fail him. After the session, drive back to HQ.

Sit at your desk and access the computer. Do a People Search on Robert Goodman. According to the file, he was VP of a food company for five years before Sarah was killed. Go back to the interrogation room and sit down with Goodman. Use Cognition on him again and choose the various memories.

Episode 1: The Hangman part 3

This brings up a series of still images which you can switch to by clicking on their appropriate panes below the image. In some of the panes, there is a flashing object that can be interacted with (eg: Sarah’s dress in the first image). In each of the five still images, click on everything that is highlighted and you can ask about it. If Goodman doesn’t know about it, you can either ask your partner – John or Sully – about it, or access any information on your cellphone, based on the information Goodman disclosed to Erica earlier.

The first image shows Sarah walking to the train station wearing a dress, which is flashing since we don’t know what color it is. Click on the dress and Erica will tell you that she doesn’t know what color it is. Ask Goodman about the dress color and the cellphone (to unlock the third memory). Click on to see a cell phone with a message from someone named Karina. Now, ask about Karina. Go back to Memory 1 and click the dress until it is blue.

Go to Memory 2 and click on both the date and time flashing in the photo of Sarah, and ask Goodman about them. Switch to Memory 4 and click on the station name and the note Goodman was holding. Ask about both of these. Leave Cognition and suspend the interrogation. Ask your partner about the Thai restaurant to find out the name of it. Access your cellphone and do a web search. Select Restaurants. Select “Thai” Under Type, and “Boylston” under Street, and go ahead with the search. Go back into the interview room and use Cognition on Goodman again. The fourth memory should be already shown.

Click on the flashing station name until it reads “Copley”. Now, exit Cognition and show the tape recorder to Goodman and he will eventually tell what time it was. Use Cognition once again, click on Memory 2, and change the time until it reads 9:30 p.m. Access the calendar on your cell phone and it opens up to October 2008. The recording was made on Sunday, October 12, but the anniversary was the previous week, on the 8th. Leave the calendar and change the date until it reads Oct 08, 2008. Try to click on Memory 5 to get a view of the note, only to find out that it is out of focus. Exit Cognition. We need to use the power of Projection, which we do not have yet. Projection lets Erica see a past event manifest before her eyes, but she must select three related objects first. Projection auras are green in color.

Leave the interrogation room and take the elevator to the main station. Head to Davies’ office and get the mug. Now, go back to the interrogation room and sit down with Goodman again. Place the mug on the table. Use Cognition on Goodman, the tape recorder, and the mug. Erica sees a notebook that was there during the actual interrogation. Pay attention to what was written on the bottom of the notebook. Look at the notebook and Goodman says that Sarah was a romantic, and that was her favorite song. Just the sort of girl that every man wants.

Access your cellphone and select Music. There will be three songs on offer. Go ahead and set the ringtones on all of them to listen to a portion of the song. However, the song Erica is looking for is the last one. The song will appear as an inventory item. Play it for Goodman and he will recognize the lyrics. Use Cognition on him.

If you did everything right, Goodman will tell Erica what happened.

After the interview, Goodman asks Erica if he can go. You can choose either option, but choosing the second will result in a volcanic response from Goodman. Go back and talk to your partner before leaving to go up to the main station.

As soon as Erica reaches the main station, she gets a text message from an “O” telling her to search for someone named Amy Lewis. It could be the next victim. Do a search on her. Search for her in the Cases Database to bring up her file.

Next, do a people search on Antony Longmore. He was a university drop-out who worked as a bus driver before moving on to Subway Train Operator. There is a series of fingerprints that you can download. Click the download button and transfer the fingerprints to the light gadget. Logout of the system.

See John and ask him about the other hanging victims. Then, choose response “I think we are looking at a serial killer”, followed by “His previous victims passed as suicides. Talk about Antony Longmore and John will suggest taking Sully with you as you check out his address.

Leave John and talk with Sully. After Erica convinces Sully to travel to Longmore’s Apartment with her, drive there. You are both there to find out why he was killed. Start by lifting the rug up and getting the compartment under there. Sully says that he will deal with it. Great. Examine the desk and Erica will try to access Longmore’s computer, only to be asked for a fingerprint bypass. Looks like Longmore is a big fan of security. Luckily, we printed out some fingerprints at the station. Use it on the reader. A message from the killer appears on screen. Read what it says. Click the mouse button to bring up a description of Samuel Sewall, followed by a request for a memory card, which we don’t have.

Leave the computer alone and examine the safe. The combination to it can be found on the scraps of paper. Examine them then flip each scrap over. If we reshuffle the scraps so that the words make a sentence, the combination of the safe will be revealed – 6174. Enter this in the safe then turn the knob. Inside the safe are four folders, which Erica puts down on the table.

Notice that Longmore kept a file on himself. The cities in which he worked as a subway train operator are also shown as files. Look at each file containing information about each woman murdered in those cities. Examine the Boston file and this will bring up the notes for Amy Lewis, Elizabeth Bower, and Sarah Goodman. Look at each note to get the addresses of each apartment where they were murdered by Longmore. When you are done with all of these, leave the close-up. Then you have to tell Sully what you found out through a series of responses. Choose the following:

Sully, Antony Longmore was a killer!”
”Those women from the safe are his victims.”
”He kills in groups of three.”
”He was moving out soon”.
”He killed three victims in every state except New York.”
”Because of Emilie Karlsson.”
”He met them through public transportation.”

In inventory, combine this piece with the antique. You will see a close-up view of it. It contains some letter sliders and the words “Who repented?” written below them. Rotate the piece until you see a keyhole, then use the key you got from the post office with it.

There are six letter sliders, which correspond with the last name of the person we saw in the e-mails (it’s Sewall). After you enter those letters, you get to watch a nice little animation of the figure being hanged. Then, a hidden compartment reveals a memory card, which Erica takes. Go back to the computer and insert the card. A map appears on the screen with yellow dots, which are a bunch of addresses that we investigated. There is a pitchfork-like object in which you can rotate. Move the object then rotate it until two of the prongs are on both Joy Street and Melrose Place.

Look around. Erica is hiding behind the left pew, and the Hat Killer is on a platform above. When you gain control, try to take the gun on the other side, but the Hat Killer won’t let you.

Touch the strange device to make a virtual presenter appear, allowing you to create a diversion so that you can grab the gun. Get the lamp cable and Erica will plug it into the socket near her. Get a brick on the right and hurl it at the virtual presenter. When Erica rolls to the other side, turn the lamp on. While the Hat Killer is blind, get your gun out and shoot at the chandelier until it falls down on him.

Episode 2: The Wise Monkey part 1

The episode begins six hours after Davies’ death. She is back at the station talking with Sully. He tells you that McAdams is filling in. Ask him how the case is going. Erica will be told that there is someone out there who cuts people’s eyes, ears, and tongue, which he nicknames “The Wise Monkey”. Talk to Sully some more until Tess Stamper, a new girl, comes over to offer some coffee for the both of you. You can choose whether to say Yes or No, but both these choices will have a different outcome shortly.

After the conversation, Erica gets up and goes into McAdams’ office where McAdams is angry about Davies’ death. She gets the third degree. Answer his questions based on your investigations. But you can also lie to McAdams, just to find out that he calls Erica’s ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥t. What happens next depends on whether or not you accepted Tess’s offer for coffee.

Get Sully’s guitar charm and use Cognition on the ear. While Sully was still at his desk, Tess severs his ear, grabs Sully, and makes her way out the fire exit. Leave the crime scene and head where the assistant went.

Erica decides to go after her but realizes her tires have been slashed. She also has another vision of her own death. Open the trunk of Erica’s car and get the tire iron to the right of the spare tire. You will hear some banging coming from the trunk of the car next to hers. Leave the close-up view and walk over to the other car. Pry the trunk open with the tire iron. You will discover Tess tied up and gagged. So Tess wasn’t the one who took Sully. So, who was the person masquerading as Tess?

In the interrogation room, Tess is sitting at the table. Talk to her fully. After the questions, use Cognition on her. You will be performing Regression again. As before, there will be four memories to choose from. Click the one that shows the suspect sneaking up on Tess as she searches through her handbag. The memory shows Tess and the suspect face to face. The suspect’s face is obscured by a shadow and the suspect blows a drug in Tess’s face. While Tess is unconscious, the suspect throws her in the trunk and puts something in her pocket.

Ask Tess to check her pockets and she will hand something over to Erica. Erica terminates the interview, and Tess tells Erica that Cordelia was looking for her. At the main station, talk to Gwen. She will let Erica know that the same woman who took Sully also took some evidence from the Wise Monkey case. Ask about Cordelia’s number to get it, written on a yellow stickier. In inventory, combine Cordelia’s number with your cellphone to dial her, only to find that it is the wrong number.

Go into McAdams’ office and speak to him about what happened. He assigns Erica to the Wise Monkey case and grants you access to Sully’s computer. Leave and go sit down at Sully’s desk. Look around. Look at Sully’s family photo on the desk. When you’re done, open the file on the desk relating to the Wise Monkey Case. There are four sections in it, each for one of the victims. Examine all of them. Most of the victims were students, and all of them were pushed off something and their organs removed, and the killer left a calling card – a charm similar to the one you found earlier. Now that Erica looked at the file, it will appear in your inventory.

Access Sully’s computer and select Cases Database. Search for the Wise Monkey case and read the information that appears on screen. Print out the evidence form. Now, select People Search and look up Kelsey Gardner. Read the information.

Log out and collect the evidence form from the printer. Give the form to Gwen and she will give you whatever evidence she has. It’s time to hit the streets. Berklee College appears on the map, but first travel to the morgue. Try to take the elevator down to the morgue to see Gallagher inspecting Davies’ corpse. She will tell you to go away. When you get to the lobby, press the fire alarm beside the entrance. When the alarm has been triggered, hide behind the counter before Gallagher comes up the elevator and investigates. She will leave the building.

While she is out, go back down the elevator and inspect Davies’ corpse on the table. After Erica delivers her eulogy, get the blank tape. In inventory, combine it with the tape recorder. Now, use Cognition on Davies’ body to see a flashback of Davies’ hanging in front of Erica. Look at Davies’ tattoo on her wrist to discover that it is the same one as the Hangman’s. Inspect the tattoo to bring a close-up view of the Greek letter “Psi”. Use your cellphone on the wrist to take a picture of the tattoo, then read the information regarding the Greek letter. Leave the morgue.

When Erica arrives in the lobby, Gallagher and McCoy walk in to confront Erica. After McCoy bites her head off again, drive to Berklee College and talk to Dean Chapman about Kelsey Gardner. Then, take the stationery. When Chapman asks whether you need it for something, answer him.

Talk to Chapman about himself and about Kelsey, the victims, and her friends. According to Chapman, she was a Composition student, but dropped out due to financial problems. Luke Jensen, one of her victims, was her tutor. After his murder, her grades started to slip. Kelsey lost her Merit Scholarship to Colleen Lavery, one of her other victims. He agrees to get his secretary to give Erica the contact details of Kelsey’s old roommate. Leave the college and drive to the Antique Shop.

Talk to Rose about all topics if you want, but the only one useful is Help. Erica will mention she was given the wrong phone number belonging to someone. We need to learn another power (Synergy) so that we can find out the correct number, but she needs to bring Rose another item to make it work. Drive back to HQ.

Tess’s little workstation is right next to Gwen’s. Inspect the workstation and get the pink pen. Now, bring this back to Rose. Click the Cognition sphere. In inventory, click on the pink pen and you will see a grainy image of Tess writing down the phone number with the pen. We need to combine the pen with Cordelia’s phone number to find that it is actually 617-555-1342. Look at the Ouija boards on the desk, then use your cellphone to call Cordelia. Erica wants to meet Cordelia in half an hour at the cemetery to discuss some things. Leave and head over there.

As usual, Cordelia is sitting on the bench opposite the graves. Talk to her about all topics. Seems like Cordelia is having some problems with a man hanging around her apartment at Enthon Towers. She says that he has scars on his face. Must be the Cain Killer. Other than this, Erica and Cordelia realize that they share a lot in common. After the conversation, leave then go back to HQ.

Try to go into McAdams’s office and talk to McAdams about Cordelia’s case. He is not interested, but there is another way to get help. Leave his office and talk to Gwen. Ask for an interagency request form and offer to help her. Now, go back to McAdams’s office. In inventory, combine the interagency form with the stack of papers, then give them to McAdams. After he signs them, leave the office and give the forms to Gwen. Erica gets her to send a BPD over to Enthon Towers, and gives Cordelia an update. She receives a text message from Melissa saying that she has arrived at her apartment. Drive over to Melissa’s apartment.

Melissa is a hippie and her apartment reflects this. Look around, then talk to Melissa about everything. After the conversation, stand up and look at the tarot cards on the table. Leave and drive over to the Antiques Shop to visit Rose. Take the ouija board on the counter and travel back to Melissa’s. There, show the ouija board to Melissa.

Episode 2: The Wise Monkey part 2

Once Melissa’s horrible singing is over, perform a regression to bring. Four of Melissa’s memories will appear, and we need to put them in order from earliest to latest. The key is the digital clock on that table. So, at 7:35, Melissa starts her day by doing some yoga exercises. 19 minutes later, she gets herself a drink of water before sitting down and eating an apple. Finally, at 8:15, she opens up her mail and takes out a charm.

Leave Cognition and select Yoga, Water, Apple, and Mail (in that order). Melissa says that she placed it in a red jewelry box on her dresser. Erica goes to open it and finds two items: the key and the piano charm next to it. Take the key and Erica will notice the initials K.G. on it, but Melissa doesn’t know which box it opens. Take the charm. Just before leaving, Erica warns her about Kelsey and that she could be one of her victims. Drive over to Kelsey’s apartment.

Look around, then click the Cognition sphere. In inventory, click on the theatre masks charm to bring up a grainy image of the box. Click the piano charm, guitar charm, and the bell charm to remove the graininess. You will see a vision of Kelsey and her boyfriend Joey Goethals talking, and how she is going on a vendetta against the college dean. Erica will sense another memory, but we don’t have all the requirements.

Leave Cognition and examine the vent in the center to discover that it is missing a screw. Take the mail under it, then open the package on the table to retrieve a puzzle box. Open the box and see a vision of the suspect we confronted at the end of episode one cutting out Sully’s eye. Dropped out of the box is a CD, another charm, and Sully’s eye. Erica calls her father for support. After that, hover the cursor on the CD in inventory and find out that it is a demo of Kelsey’s composition. Insert the CD in the stereo, then use the tape recorder on the stereo to record it. Leave the apartment and drive to the post office.

Joey is not here today, so you have to deal with a different clerk. Go up and talk with him. Inquire about Joey and the clerk says that Joey skipped work today and didn’t call in. Unfortunately, he knows nothing about Kelsey. Show him your badge and Erica demands Joey’s address. After the clerk gives her Joey’s address, use Cognition on the P.O. Box Key and Kelsey’s Empty Envelope and a number is revealed – 303. Unlock Box 303 with the P.O. Box Key and take out the envelope and screwdriver. Open the envelope and read the threatening letter. So who was threatening Kelsey? Return to Kelsey’s apartment.

Unlock the vent with the screwdriver and take yet another envelope. Open it to retrieve a memory card. Melissa said that Kelsey was working at Berklee College before she went on a killing spree, but why did Chapman deny this?

Return to Berklee College and start rifling through his files. Chapman is reluctant about this, but Erica challenges him. The reason why he withholds vital information is that he didn’t want to reveal his connection with Kelsey. Two dialogue choices will appear. Say that he is connected with her, and Chapman will refuse to let Erica access his files. Talk to Chapman about everything. In inventory, combine the memory card with the cellphone to bring up Chapman’s financial records. From the information, Erica finds out that Chapman has been taking money from the institution that turned Kelsey’s loan down, but Kelsey herself could have faked these.

Click the Cognition sphere, and then click the P.O. Box Envelope and the threatening letter to activate Synergy, then watch Chapman send the threatening letter to Kelsey. In inventory, combine the stationery with the threatening letter. Now that we have done all these things, accuse Chapman of lying about Kelsey. When he says that Erica has no proof, show him the threatening letter and memory card. Now, tell him the truth and start asking questions. Erica is given a package containing yet another charm. We now have six charms.

We cannot go back to Berklee College again. Drive back to the post office. Click the Cognition sphere. A picture shows a number of charms in different areas of the post office, and the border is pulsating. Click Cognition again and Erica will find out that it is the alleyway where Longmore was killed. Leave the post office and travel to the crime scene.

The charms that you saw in the vision of the alleyway are the clues to which charms we should put on the gate in order to get the full vision. Use the G-Clef and the violin charms on the street sign, the guitar and the theatre masks on the dumpster, and the bell and piano charms on the gate. Now, click the Cognition sphere and use projection on the same objects you placed the charms on. Click Hand on the projected body and watch the movie of Joey killing Kelsey. So if Sully wasn’t taken by Kelsey, who was dead for quite some time, then who by? It’s time to leave. Just before Erica drives off, she gives John an update. When John asks where you are going next, select either choice. After Erica takes back the charms, drive to the Wise Monkey Lair.

The door is locked, but Erica needs to find a way in. She receives a text message about Sully from ”Oracle”. Who is this person, and why does he/she keep sending Erica messages? Use the lockpick on the panel next to the door and Erica will find out that the lock is voice-activated. Talk to it and go through the different dialog choices. The lock will not budge, and Erica will have to find a different way. Kelsey’s voice would certainly open the door since she was Joey’s boyfriend and there can be no doubt that she would have to announce her arrival every time she visited him, and we recorded her singing voice, didn’t we? Use the tape recorder on the panel and the door will be unlocked!

Inside, look around. Anything belonging to Kelsey is scratched out. Make sure you look at everything. Inspect the green tray on the shelf. Erica will open it and discover some organ belonging to each victim. These organs were taken from his victims, in an attempt to fix Kelsey after he brutally stabbed her. There are four jars on the shelf above, but we can’t do anything with them now. The panel near the interior door on the right will light up. Go over and examine the panel. It says “Press Enter to start”. But first, look at the porthole and Erica will say that she can’t see anything. Well, perhaps if she presses Enter on the panel…

The room beyond will light up to show Sully on a crucifix, with three syringes pointed to different areas of his head. The prompt on the panel is replaced by some text that says Erica is about to be asked a series of questions, based on her knowledge of what she has discovered. But we need to do a few things first.

Go to the shelf by clicking on the left arrow. Click Cognition on each individual organ to see who they belong to. Erica will pick up the organ.

Now, you must perform Synergy on the following inventory items:

Colleen’s eyes, G-clef charm, Colleen’s tongue
Heather’s eyes, piano charm, Heather’s tongue
Joey’s eye, Joey’s tongue, Joey’s ears
Luke’s eyes, violin charm
DJ’s ears, bell charm

Once you do each victim, click the Synergy icon then exit. It’s time to face the quiz.

Click the right arrow to return to the panel and select the following answers:

With whom was each charm found?
Tess Stamper – Theatre Masks
Jared Sullivan – Guitar
Heather Anne – Piano
Nick Stewart – Bell
Luke Jensen – Violin
Colleen Lavery – G-clef

Put together the title of the last song Heather Anne sang.
La Boheme
(The title of the music sheet besides Heather)

Why was DJ Ab Horrence in the alleyway where he died?
Smoking a cigarette (DJ’s cigarette fell out of his hand when he was pushed)

Colleen acted in what show for her final performance?
HMS Pinafore (The name of the ship Colleen is on)

Episode 2: The Wise Monkey part 3

Now Erica will be tested on configurations. Four clues are given, and it is up to Erica to go back to the shelves and place the organs in the respective jars.

Clue #1: The eyes of the Tutor, the ears of the Spinner, and the tongue of the Rival
Jar #1: Luke’s eyes, DJ’s ears, Colleen’s tongue
Configuration #1: Angel

Clue #2: Young woman’s eyes, the ears of the Smoker, and the Old Woman’s tongue
Jar #2: Colleen’s eyes, DJ’s ears, Heather’s tongue
Configuration #2: Lover

Clue #3: The third held the eyes and ears of the Teacher, and used the tongue of the Lady Sailor
Jar #3: Heather’s eyes, Heather’s ears, Colleen’s tongue
Configuration #3: Starlet

Clue #4: The ears of the Opera Singer, the eyes of the Composer, and the tongue of the Rival
Jar #4: Luke’s eyes, Heather’s ears, Colleen’s tongue
Configuration #4: Darling

After all that, you are faced with one final question, asking Erica who the spare organs belong to. The answer is Joey Goethals.

Episode 3: The Oracle part 1

Erica is at the hospital looking over Sully, who is in a coma. Her dad makes a visit to see how she is doing. She receives a phone call from John, who says that he will be out of town to do some important business at Ethon Towers. She goes over there herself and realizes that she is too late. Rose is the person you can ask for help if you get stuck, rather than Erica’s dad.

Officer Duffer is standing outside the entrance. Talk to him about everything. After the crime scene, McAdams ordered everything be moved to a different location, including the evidence and body. A detective named Ollie Robinson is in charge of handling the investigation into Joey’s Goethal’s death.

When you’re done with Duffer, try to open the doors to realize that it is locked. McAdams happens to come out and has a little talk with Erica. Dapper Man comes out to praise McAdams with integrity and then goes back inside. (Notice he swipes a keycard to enter.) Talk with McAdams about everything.

When you have dealt with him, use Cognition on Duffer to do Regression. There are five memories to look at. Start with the one showing the car mirror to see a piece of metal fall into some bushes. Go to the crime scene and search the bushes to find no knife here as they took it away for evidence. Examine the black flower on the top-left to see that it has been tampered with. Use Cognition on the police cruiser to see the killer throw Goethals from the balcony and a key fob falling as well. Now, inspect the cruiser to get the keyfob. It is another charm, complete with the Psi symbol. Look at it. We can use it to get inside the towers.

Talk to Duffer about the body and the knife. He says that it is still in the evidence van, and Erica is given the keys to it. Return to the crime scene and unlock the van. Get the police tape, knife, and road cone; and move the lightbar switch. The strobe lights and siren go off, alerting McAdams to your presence. He orders Erica to shut it down, and she does. Click the Cognition sphere and perform Synergy on the knife and the black flower to see where the body fell – from the garden balcony.

Let’s create a scene. Use the road cone and the police tape with the cruiser, then set the lights/siren off just like Erica did before. McAdams appears and Dapper Man follows, and they have a good talk. You can use this time to use the keyfob on the slot next to the entrance and enter Ethon Towers.

When Erica arrives in the lobby, she will have another vision. Pay close attention to it. Use the elevator, and Dapper will come in and speak to Erica. Choose either response and Erica will be told that Dapper looks after the place. The elevator doors open and Erica will arrive in a hallway, where Terrence sends her first dossier on her cell phone. Read through it.

Go through the doorway to access the balcony. Look around. Look at the table on the right and pick up John’s lighter. You will see a vision where John gets frustrated after searching the balcony and finding nothing. He puts down the lighter and mentions a name: Jeff Therrin. Look at the flower box and the blood under it. Move the flower box to get a series of visions which require interaction.

In the first vision, Cordelia’s brother Max is restrained and someone is pointing a gun at him. When you see a red crosshair, hover it over Max and shoot him. Next, you will see Cordelia being questioned about his murder. Choose the one response to see a vision of the Hat Killer holding Goethals. Cut him (x2) and he is thrown off the balcony, onto the police cruiser. We find out that Erica is the Wise Monkey, and Cordelia is the Hat Killer.

Erica gets angry when she discovers that it is Cordelia. She has two questions: Why was Cordelia controlling the visions, and why couldn’t see stop them. She needs to visit Rose who could help her out on this. Look at the table again. When Erica moved the flower box aside, there were two pieces of evidence left behind: another keyfob and Joey’s ear. Get the key fob and leave the close-up.

Look at the view to see how high Erica is, then contact Rose on your cell phone. Rose informs Erica that John is in great danger and she must help him before she leaves Ethon Towers. She is also told that she and Cordelia are both psions. Erica can see the past, while Cordelia can see the future. After Erica hangs up with Rose, go back to the hallway, use the two keyfobs on the elevator, then take it to the penthouse.

We need to investigate this penthouse. Walk Erica all the way to the left as far as she can go, and she will hear the ding of the elevator. Dapper walks in and catches Erica hiding. He tells Erica that the penthouse belongs to Cordelia and that he is a family lawyer known as Skorobeus. In fact, Cordelia owns all thirty-three floors. After Skorobeus leaves, get the note he left behind and read it. The note is from Cordelia saying that she has been investigating Erica’s brother, but it is out of her hands now.

Use Cognition on the note to get a vision of John and Cordelia having a conversation. The vision is the same type as the one experienced by Erica on the balcony, this time she has more control over the vision, including leaving the vision. Pay attention to the tutorial messages that appear.

We start inside the Boston office, years before Erica joined. Cordelia walks up to John. Talk to him. She says that she was led to believe that he can help her, but what that was is unclear. The first thing she said that she was watching someone through the corner of her eye, so Erica is seeing Cordelia having a vision of that. Choose the only dialogue choice that appears, and John directs Cordelia to Rose so that she can get help on her visions. Call Rose to get a vision of Cordelia lying on the coach. Notice that the power filter is blue meaning that this happened in the future. We don’t have the complete vision, but until Erica knows why Cordelia showed up at the office, that’s all we can do for now. Click on the smaller sphere to leave the vision.

The door to the left of the spiral staircase leads to Cordelia’s bedroom. Enter and look around. Open the left drawer below her bed to take out a folder that contains information about Davies and McAdams. Read both files, then copy down the symbols on them. Now, close the folder and open the closet. Get the folder on the shelf and read the files on the Hangman and the Wise Monkey. Close the folder.

Use Cognition on the jewelry on the table to get a vision of Cordelia asking her brother to get something for her, having just woken up from a blackout. Before then, Max is seen talking to Cordelia and trying to get her to wake up. Erica knows what Cordelia needs to do to wake up, but she needs to find out how she got into that blackout. Leave the bedroom and walk right as far as you can. Go through the door to enter her office.

Look around, then get the envelope from the desk. It is empty, so Erica doesn’t get it. Use Cognition on it. After Cordelia and her other brother Keith finish talking, we get a vision of Cordelia and Max standing in the office, six years before he was killed. As Cordelia, look at the family photo and notice that it took place near their water retreat. Cordelia and her siblings are sitting down on a rug, while their parents are at a distance away. Skorobeus is seen standing on the boathouse.

Talk to Max. He is busy trying to get Ethon Towers up and running, but he is having some issues, especially with Keith. Talk to him about everything, then leave through the door next to the fireplace to get back to the penthouse.

Episode 3: The Oracle part 2

Go up the spiral staircase to arrive in the art studio where Keith is working, and talk to him about the first set of topics that appear. After the conversation, examine Keith’s work desk and use Cognition on all three wrenches (hexes) to find out what to do with the planet model. Now, click the smaller sphere to take control of Erica again. Note that we cannot completely help Keith with his model, so we need Erica’s involvement.

She will receive two new dossiers regarding Max and Keith Smith. According to the dossiers, the brothers were both entrepreneurs, and Max has already died, possibly due to fire. Go into the art studio and use Cognition on the model to find out the rest of the instructions. Click the smaller sphere and click on the middle circle to return to Cordelia.

After Cordelia stops talking, talk to Keith and tell him to “fix the planets” by using the “medium wrench” to adjust the “green” planet, then “jiggle and turn counter-clockwise”. After that, show Keith the unsigned documents to get him to sign them. Return to the penthouse and Cordelia will have another vision where she is going to shoot Max. Cordelia collapses on the floor and we take control of Erica again.

Click the smaller sphere and go to the John vision, and we pick up where we left off. Talk to John, and Cordelia will explain in full that Max is going to be killed. John tells her to go to the police. Talk to him about the vision. He doesn’t believe that she senses that Max will be killed in the future, so we need to convince him. Keep talking to him about everything. He’s more interested in that football game than helping Cordelia, but John will eventually tell her to see Rose over at the antique shop. Click the smaller sphere to leave the vision.

As Erica, access your cellphone and do a web search on football. Under AFC East, select Patriots; then under NFC East, select Redskins. Look at the result. John is complaining that the Patriots are doing so badly, but actually they are going to win. Return to the John vision. Talk to John and tell him that the Patriots will win. After recording Cordelia’s bet, John finally agrees to help her. Look at the stack of folders on John’s desk. The first folder on top belongs to Maxwell Smith. Note the ID number. The sports announcer will inform John that the Patriots have indeed won, and control is returned to Erica.

Read the two new dossiers that were sent to Erica’s phone, and note down the three evidence numbers in the Max Smith file. Return to the Cordelia vision. In the scene where you are in bed, select the only dialogue choice. Talk to Max about your vision of him getting killed. Talk to Max about his new designs, his family, signed papers, Jeff Therrien. After the conversations, Max opens the desk drawer and finds a necklace belonging to their mother. Once again, you are reminded that Cordelia is able to see everything Erica can see, and vice versa.

When the vision ends and control is handed over to Erica, go into Cordelia’s bedroom and open the drawer. There is a journal inside. Read the journal about Cordelia’s methods of killing each of her victims. This information will come in handy later. Once you’re done with the journal, leave the close-up view. Erica will notice that there is also a folder. Read the notes on John and Sully. Cordelia is less interested about killing John because he was willing to listen to her. Cordelia didn’t like the relationship between Erica and Sully, so she posed as Tess Stamper and kidnapped Sully, right from the Boston office.

Take the elevator to the garden balcony to meet Skorobeus in the hallway. Talk to him about everything and he will be uncooperative. Head down into the lobby where McAdams is playing with his cellphone. Talk to him about everything. McAdams says that he hasn’t seen John, even though he is somewhere in the building, and he refuses to tell Erica who Jeff Therrien is. Show him John’s lighter and he admits that he saw John earlier but doesn’t want to talk about it. Take the elevator back up to the penthouse.

Click the Cognition sphere and perform Projection on the vase, trash, and the glass table. This brings up a projection of Davies and McAdams. Click on McAdams first. Cordelia talked to Davies in front of McAdams, but neither one of them are buying it. Max is also being investigated for something that is unclear. Look at Davies and she will say that she needs some financial records from Max. Try talking to him and Davies will just shrug you off.

Talk to McAdams instead. Someone named Jeff Therrien died and left millions to Max, but we needed to get Therrien’s signature for a paper. Continue talking to him about everything. Now, go into Max’s office, look at the phone on the desk and use it to call Skorobeus. Tell him that “the FBI is here” and tell him to “bring files” regarding “Max’s old financial records”, then “give them to Max”. Leave the phone and return to the penthouse. Skorobeus will be there, and Davies is now distracted. That was quick.

Go into Cordelia’s room and get the necklace from the table, then go up into the art studio and talk to Keith about the investigation. It doesn’t look like he had any involvement. Examine the work desk and look at the pen. Get the pen, and Cordelia will ask why Keith has it. He is building a tracker that can be used to track metal objects. Leave close-up. In inventory, combine the pen with the necklace, and give the necklace to Keith. Go down the staircase.

Use pre-Cog on the kitchen island to get a vision of McAdams searching for something there. Use the pen on the kitchen island, and McAdams will go to the island and find it. The tracker will then go off and lead McAdams to the necklace. Looks like Keith is in trouble. Take Max’s papers and hide them in your bedroom closet.

Leave the bedroom to see the FBI agents just leaving. Cordelia and Keith have a heated argument with Max.

As Erica, take the elevator back to the garden balcony. There, talk to Skorobeus about him and Max. Max and Skorobeus were involved in a fight just before Max’s death. Max got paranoid, and Skorobeus struck him with Cordelia’s necklace. In the penthouse, go into Cordelia’s room and get the necklace (jewelry) from the table near the closet.

Return to Max’s office and read Cordelia’s journal. Now, turn the pages until one of them mentions the combination to a safe. There are pictures of the victims just above, and to get the combination we need to find out the exact order which they suffered. In this case, it’s Longmore, Davies, Sullivan, and Goethals. Take a look at the three folders, read through the files, and write down the symbols and signatures in each of the files that correspond to the victims.

Go back to the living room and take a look at the paintings until you see Longmore’s signature. Once you found it, note the dominant color of the painting (red). Now, repeat this three more times until you have done each victim. Using this information, return to Max’s office and examine the second painting behind the desk, the one that shows a bench overlooking the water. Move the painting and Erica will reveal a safe behind it. Zoom in on the safe. There is a series of colored button that resemble a keypad, and you have to push the right buttons in order to unlock the safe. Start by pressing the red button, then the white, orange, and finally green.

Turn the knob to find a burned document inside. Erica will examine it and discover that it is a paper that mentions Therrien, and that was signed by Skorobeus. She sends a picture to Terrence because she could get some help on it. Click the Cognition sphere, then on the necklace and the burned document to see a full picture of Max and Skorobeus fighting. Click the sphere again. Jeff Therrien is a made-up name by Skorobeus, so all the inheritance money actually belongs to him.

Episode 3: The Oracle part 3

As Cordelia, talk to Keith about everything, including the visions and the secret room. Keith doesn’t know what the code for the room is, but the only way to access it is via the elevator. Keith will show Cordelia a miniature rocket ship with a camera mounted on it, and it can be used to spy on everything. If you bring Keith’s planet model down to him, then perhaps he will use it to crack the code. Go up to the art studio and get the model, then bring it down to Max’s office where Keith sets it up. Drop the model and the camera (rocket ship) onto the desk. Now, use the phone to contact Skorobeus about a mail delivery.

While Skorobeus enters Max’s office and puts the mail down, Keith and Cordelia wait into the art studio. The two of them go down into the office when Skorobeus already left. Take the camera off the model. Look at the phone and turn on the console. Open up the USB port and put the camera in it. Select “Watch Video” and press Play. Skorobeus is seen in the video entering the code, but it is corrupted. Keith comes back in after putting the model back into the art studio, and says that it has something to do with the sounds coming from the playback. Unfortunately, Max comes in and orders them to get out of the office. Keith does, but Cordelia doesn’t. Leave the office.

After Keith and Cordelia have an argument, go up into the art studio and place the camera onto the model. Watch the cutscene with Max, and the game switching control over to Erica, who receives new dossiers from Terrance regarding Max’s interview and the burned document. McAdams misfiled the document so it looks like he was trying to bury something. As for the interview, there is a copy of it in inventory. Play the tape to hear an angry Max talking to the FBI. Now, try to remove the camera from the model and realize that it is gone. Use Cognition on the model to found out that John has it. Take the elevator down to the lobby.

Here, talk to McAdams, confronting him with the cover-up. It will get to the point where McAdams pushes Erica against the pillar. Use Cognition on McAdams to perform Regression, and notice that on one of the memories show McAdams putting the camera in his pocket. Leave Cognition, and take the camera out of his pocket. After McAdams releases Erica, have words with her, and leaves, go back up to the penthouse and head into Max’s office.

Use the phone on the desk and plug the camera into the USB port. Erica will say that she needs to get the footage cleaned up, and press the console button. Use Max’s interview as voice recognition. The camera will be focused on the basement, so play the video. John is seen reading two documents at a desk, but we can’t do anything more with the video right now. In inventory, combine the cellphone with the camera, and Erica will send the footage to Terrance, who gets back to Erica three seconds later. Combine the two items once more and Erica will get the repaired footage. Attach the camera and watch the actual video to find out that the combination is 26739. Now, go back and enter that code. The secret room will be unlocked, and Erica enters.

Cordelia arrives in the secret basement via the elevator. Open the door on the left. Erica arrives in a room from the same vision where she gets a bullet to the head. If you read Cordelia’s journal, you will find out that Cordelia was experiencing the same vision Erica is having, and the two must not cross paths with each other. There is a message on the back wall, but we cannot see it unless Erica uses the lighter on it. The message says “Jeff Therrien killed them both”. Look at the message to hear Max groaning.

Examine the hole and move it to hear the sound of John’s, coming from the direction of the elevator. Leave the room and go into the room next to it, which should be unlocked now. Max is caught in one hell of a trap, which we were unable to prevent in the future since Cordelia is pointing a gun at him and her hands are bounded by a strap.

Look at Max, then use pre-Cog on the keypad. It shows the numbers 256 being pressed. Max will be hit by a projectile. Talk to Max, and Cordelia will ask him if he can reach the keypad. When Max asks what numbers, say “two”, “five”, and “six”. A pulse is displayed on the monitor, and some numbers will be shown on the camera. Use pre-Cog on the number 1 to see that 156 and get Max to punch those in.

Now, repeat the same process for the Numbers 3 and 4. The camera shows a message besides 3, but something is blocking it. Look at the obstruction. At this point, the hammer gets closer and closer. Click the hand cursor on the gun and shoot at the can twice (the obstruction). Max will be hit again. Look at the message on the camera (“only his life will set you free). Eventually, Max begs Cordelia to shoot him since he is already dead.

Erica finds John, who says he could have prevented Scott’s death. Erica is furious about this and demands answers. Talk to him about everything. Everybody knew that Cordelia wasn’t actually the killer. But after she was sent to jail, new evidence came up suggesting that she was innocent. However, Cordelia thought that it was easy to take the blame. Behind Erica is an image of Cordelia being pursued by someone who looks familiar. John continues. Anyone who knew about it was told to keep quiet, and the press wasn’t to be involved. When Cordelia was in jail, she changed so much that when she was released, she turned into a killer and started targeting other agents that failed to follow her clues. This was because John failed to save her brother.

Ask about Jeff Therrien and about Scott. John has no idea who Therrien is, but he admits that he knew about Scott’s upcoming death through Cordelia. Erica is furious that he had to go through Davies rather than Erica. Rattling is heard in the distance, and a bloodied Keith comes into the room crawling on his hands and knees. Keith has no idea who could have done this.

When Erica is alone in the basement, look at the papers on the table. There are two wills here. The will on the left – The Smiths’ – suggests that several million dollars be divided among the three siblings, while the one on the right – Skorobeus’s – states that entire amount is left to Keith. Why would Skorobeus give special treatment to Keith. Post-Cog papers to learn that Skorobeus has committed forgery and that Therrien is actually Skorobeus’ son. So, all the money is given to Keith because he is Skorobeus’s son, and Max is furious because he knew this. And, if anything happened to Keith, then all the money would go to Skorobeus.

There is a note on the desk. Examine the note and pick it up (it has a key attached to it). Use John’s lighter on the dark area to walk into the room full of antiques. Look at everything here. Since Keith is great at tinkering with gadgets, Cordelia decided to use him to make these things as clues for Erica to find. Use the key on the le pendu to bring a close-up view of it. There is some red writing down the bottom, which asks the question already written on the note. There are five letter-sliders above it. Adjust the letters so that they spell out the word KEITH. (Keith was the one who murdered Scott.) The same animation, where the figurine gets hangs, plays.

The following visions are a recap of what happened in the previous three episodes. The scene changes back to the trap where Max is in. As we saw earlier, Cordelia can’t move and a hammer threatens to kill her unless she kills her brother. This time, you must aim the red crosshair over Max’s face and shoot him.

Episode 4: The Cain Killer part 1

This episode starts with a prologue to the first episode, which is the night that Erica’s brother Scott dies. Erica and McCoy are reminiscing about catching the Cain Killer who has been off the radar for three years. McAdams is in charge of a highly dangerous operation to take down someone suspected of selling equipment to the killer. Two people, Sterios and Jetta, are already inside the building.

When he allows you to ask only three questions, respond with:

”What’s Jetta’s code to pass me information?”
”Where will I get the information about Cain?”
”What’s my cover?”

Based on this information, Jetta is Erica’s informant and will use eye movements to communicate with her. The suspect keeps a registration book on all of Cain’s client, but you may have to convince Sterios into letting you take a look at it. Two agents reported that an illegal Russian mafia gun shipment is being dropped, and Erica is responsible for checking if everything was delivered before pickup. Erica’s primary objective is to get information on Cain, as well as keeping Jetta safe. Read the new tutorial which introduces the “trust meter”, and respond to McAdams however you like when you are about to sign off.

Erica walks into the warehouse where she meets Sterios. Jetta is on his left, looking nervous. Say “I’m here about the gun shipment” then stick to your story.

When he asks for the shipment number, you have to look around. There are three crates Erica can take a look at, each one in different areas of the warehouse. Look at Jetta to see which crate is the right one. Jetta will look to the right. Look at that crate and notice the number on it, 100-344. Talk to Sterios again and give him that number. Then from here on out, choose the following responses:

”Jay sent me, yeah.”
”Sure, call him.”
”I’m here to check the inventory on the shipment.”
”Neither. It’s the center drawer.”

Sterios will show Erica his registration book. There are 12 of his clients. Look at it and Erica will note that it is gibberish. It’s time to use Post-Cog on the book. Before this operation took place, Sterios and Keith had a conversation in which Keith gave a partial number to Sterios: 1246. It is then Erica’s cover is blown and it is time for her to run and hide. While Sterios is trying to kill Erica, she radios John for help. John comes in and takes down Sterios, but not before Sterios tells her that Scott is to be Keith’s next victim. John and Erica immediately drive to Scott’s house where they find Erica’s father unconscious on the floor and a message on the wall written in blood, telling her to come to Mt. Auburn Cemetery alone.

Cut to the Smith Family Lake House. Scott has already died, and Keith is inside. His car is here. Get the broom resting against the wall, and open the window on the left to get inside. Look around. Keith is in the bathroom tending to his wounds. Use Pre-Cog on the bathroom.

Keith dropped his hood right on the floorboards, but Cordelia needs to use the broom to get it. Go back out the window and try to open the front door only to find that it is locked. No matter, use the keys from inventory on it (they were in the hood), and Cordelia will be on the other side of the fireplace. Grab the car key from the table and use it to unlock Keith’s car.

Cordelia opens the trunk, and inside is a newspaper, a toolbox, and two packages – all which the game classifies as garbage – but there is some powder above the packages. Lift the newspaper up first to see Keith’s gun. Get it and use Cognition on the powder to reveal a secret compartment containing drugs that he uses to knock out his victims. Get the drugs. Now, go back inside (through the front door) and get the wire from the workbench, then use it on the TV desk. Re-enter the room through the window, then tie the other end to the cabinet. Walk across the floorboards to get Keith’s attention.

Cordelia and Keith have a heated conversation. Keith says that he was angry when he saw the wills, which we are going to see later. Respond with:

”I want to try and forgive you, Keith.”
”I understand… the need to kill.”
”People like us, we can still love.”
”I’m sure Max is grateful for what we did… together.”
”Keith, I always preferred you.”

Tell Keith to come here. He gets down on the floor and tells Cordelia to shoot him, but Cordelia knocks him out instead. Erica is visiting Scott’s grave again. Cordelia walks up behind her and they share a vision together. Cordelia then makes a move on Erica and tells her to ask Rose about Bao-Thanh. During Erica’s consultation with Rose, Rose tells her that she was working as a volunteer as a hot summer day in Vietnam. She saw a man standing under the tree, mumbling the words “Fire in the Skies”. He was placed under arrest and was interrogated as a spy. He told Rose that he could feel things, and he was executed after that. His name was Thanh, and he was able to see a vision of the future, just as Cordelia is able to. That’s why Cordelia asked Erica to see Rose.

Try talking to Rose. She tells Erica to leave her be. Use Regression on her and Erica will request Rose that she look into her visions. Click on the memory that says Rose Reading, then click on various objects within the memory, including the book, the kids playing, and the tree. Then click on the close-up views, and Erica will give a description of it. Do this for all the memories, clicking on different objects in the process. Once you have done all that, you can ask Rose about them. Leave Cognition. There is something written on her badge, but we can’t read what it says. If you looked at everything thoroughly, two new hotspots will appear: shelf and counter. Try to perform Synergy and a photo of Rose appears in its grainy form.

Let’s start with the counter first. Inspect it to bring up a close-up view of its inside. There are four books. Open “The Alchemy of Happiness” and notice a part of a picture of Rose in Vietnam has been ripped out and placed in the middle pages. Take it and then go into Regression mode (just talk to Rose). Zoom in on the memory of Rose reading a book, then change the book title until it matches the one in the counter.

Leave Regression and take a look at the shelf. Get the ripped photo. Note that items on the shelf are the same ones from her memories, and we can use Projection on the triangle relic, the deflated soccer ball, and the burnt figurine to see a projection of the souvenir Thanh gave Rose. Now, use Synergy on the two ripped photos inside inventory to remove the graininess on the photo of Rose. Click the Cognition sphere and the photo is clear now, allowing you to read the badge containing the words Bailey.

Access Rose’s memories and click on the one where Rose is lying on the ground. Change the badge until it reads Bailey. Click the next memory after that and click the picture (x2) so that Thanh’s souvenir shows up. Go to the next memory after that and change Rose’s caption so that it reads “You Can See the Future!”. Leave the memories.

Since we noticed the temple in one of the memories, access Erica’s cellphone and perform a web search on religious imagery. Select Trang Bang as the city, and Cao Dai as the religion. A flag will appear on screen, followed by a description of the image. Go back into Rose’s memories and click the one showing a temple, then change the flag to the one you just saw. Now, solve it to get the full memory.

After Rose admits that she can read minds, talk to her about everything. Use Cognition on Rose to bring up a picture of the lake house, and a comment from Erica saying Cordelia wants her to go there. Look at the man in the background. Erica identifies him as Skorobeus, might tell Erica where to find the lake house. He is down at the station. There, Erica is suspended after having accidentally shot John. McAdams said that he will interrogate Skorobeus in the meantime, but Erica talks with Skorobeus herself and demands some information from him.

Episode 4: The Cain Killer part 2

Use Cognition on Skorobeus and Erica will try to touch his hands, but Skorobeus moves them away. Talk to Skorobeus and ask him about Keith or Cordelia, then push him against the wall. Leave the conversation and use Regression on Skorobeus and Erica will find out the whereabouts of the lake house.

After Erica travels to the lake house, she confronts Cordelia. After a heated conversation with her, Erica is given a towel that you should use Cognition on. The memory will show a hooded figure covering someone’s mouth so he doesn’t scream. So someone has been kidnapped. After Cordelia says that they can work together to stop him getting killed, Erica says that she doesn’t trust her. At that point, Cordelia requests McAdam and leads Erica into the house.

Notice that you can switch between Cordelia and Erica by clicking the smaller sphere to the right of the Cognition sphere. As Erica, inspect the bathroom and open the medicine cabinet. Take the empty cup from the top shelf, the razor from the middle shelf, and the magnifying glass. Now, fill the cup with water and leave the bathroom. Go down into the basement to find out that it is actually an room full of traps. There are traps around the room, including the one where Scott was restrained on. There is also a wheel table in the center of the room.

While having another conversation with Cordelia, respond however you like to terminate it. Note that we will be building or losing trust with Cordelia depending on our choices. Look at all the traps to become familiar with them. Inspect the center of the sarcophagus to bring up a view of four sliders, and move them around until Cordelia said that she is experiencing a vision that will help open it up.

Switch to Cordelia and use Pre-Cog on the first slider. After Erica says “- any ideas”, switch to her and move the first slider until Erica repeats what she said in Cordelia’s vision. As Cordelia, use Pre-Cog on the second slider and Erica will say “…this is frustrating.” Switch back to Erica and move the slider until Erica says exactly that. Now, repeat the same process for the last two sliders, switching between Erica and Cordelia, until the words “…give up.” and “…don’t have all night.” are heard (x2).

The sarcophagus open ups to reveal several items. Take all of them. Go over and inspect the wheel table. There are ten buttons around the table, and a series of pink lines join up to some of them. Try pressing one of the buttons and Cordelia gives a hint on it. The clue to solving this puzzle is the years listed on the right. Use Pre-Cog on the wheel table and notice how the lines connect differently in 1998. As Cordelia, use Post-Cog on the table and notice the extra lines joining up to other buttons in 2018.

Starting from the top button and going clockwise, press buttons one, three, seven, and eight. The center of the wheel opens up, and you can get the figurines. There are now twelve holes on the wheel table; and you have twelve figurines and eight trophies.

As Cordelia, use Post-Cog on Quadrant 3 and make note of the figurine. As Erica, look at each figurine in inventory until you find one that matches the one you just saw (it is the Erica Wheel Trap Figurine). Now, put it into the diamond-shaped hole at the bottom. Perform Synergy on the graduation ring and the bracelet strip to get a vision involving the wheel and the spike trap. Insert the Scott Wheel Trap Figurine in the circle next to the wheel trap one, and the “Only Reed Blood” figurine in the L-shaped hole.

As Cordelia, use Pre-Cog on Quadrant 2 to see the Spike Stripe figurine, which you need to put in the diamond-shaped hole on the right (as Erica). Use Synergy on the golden tooth and the wedding band to show the vision that involves the spiked coffin and the words “You Bleed, He Breathes”. Put that figurine in the L-shaped hole below it, and the Coffin Trap figurine to the right.

Switch to Cordelia and use Pre-Cog on Quadrant 1 and you will see the Bars and Moon figurine. As Erica, insert this figurine into the left circle-shaped hole of that quadrant and perform Synergy on the fingernails and the black hair strands to see a vision involving the iron maiden. Place the Iron Maiden figurine to the right of the Bars and Moon figurine, and the “Blood Buys Him Time” one in the L-shaped hole.

Switch back to Cordelia and use Pre-Cog on Quadrant 4 to see the Glass Shard Figurine. Switch to Erica and insert the figure in the circle-shaped hole. Perform Synergy on the gold watch and the golden bracelet to see a vision featuring the twins on torture slabs. Place the “Your Blood Will Save Him” figurine above the existing one and the George Siblings Trap figurine on the right. That’s it! Assuming that you have done everything correctly, the trust meter increases and the wheel’s center opens up to reveal four holes, the first one occupied by a statue of Cordelia.

Use Post-Cog on the statue to experience another vision where Keith says only Cordelia will know where the next figurine, for Max, is. Go upstairs. As Cordelia, look at the fireplace and Cordelia comments how Max loved that fireplace. Switch to Erica then use the cup of water with the fireplace to put out the fire and get the figurine. Now, look at it to notice that it is badly burned. There is something written on it, but we can’t read it. Use the magnifying glass on the figurine.

Look at the mantel. Make sure the Max figurine is the active item in inventory and look at the picture on the right. Flip the picture over to notice a bulge at the back of it. Use the razor on it and pull out an Erica figurine. Look at the figurine. Return to the basement and examine the wheel table again. Place the Erica figurine in the third hole, and the Max figurine in the fourth. Use Projection on the Cordelia statue. Use Projection on all three to discover that Keith’s next target is Erica’s father, Brian Reed.

Erica points a gun at Cordelia and accuses her about knowing about this all along. Police sirens are heard outside and strobe lights are seen. Just before she goes and hides, Cordelia gives her caltrops and tells her to bring McAdams to Mount Auburn Cemetery. Cordelia evades capture by running toward the forest, and Erica gets arrested. McAdam drives her back to the station, but she needs to take control of the situation.

Look at McAdams. Tell him that you are carsick to realize that that doesn’t work. Try to roll down the window and that also doesn’t work. Ask McAdams to roll down the window so that you can throw the caltrop out. Erica will pretend to be throwing it out, and McAdams finds that she is moving in her seat. Ask McAdams to turn on the radio. McAdam initially refuses to do so, but Erica threatens to tell him about Cordelia. Once he turns the radio on, throw the caltrop out the window again. Erica does it for real this time, and McAdams serves over the road. Save the game, as there is a timed sequence coming out.

Quickly choke McAdams by clicking the Hand on him. After McAdams is placed in the back seat and Erica takes control of the car, McAdams curses Erica. Respond with “I didn’t want it to go down like this!” Keep talking to McAdams about everything. When he doesn’t buy Erica’s story about how Brian is Cain’s next target, choose not to trust him.

After McAdams say he has protected and backed her up, say “You’re right”.

They arrive at the cemetery and meet up with Cordelia, who says she can handle McAdams on her own. The three discuss their plan on how to handle things from here. When Cordelia and McAdams fight over who has the gun, decide that Cordelia should have it.

Episode 4: The Cain Killer part 3

Cordelia, Erica, and McAdams will arrive in a room where Brian is caught up in the same trap that Scott died on, and Keith is standing near him. Keith orders Cordelia to tie Erica up, and knocks McAdams out. After Keith’s monologue, talk to Erica’s father and say “Dad, do it, now!” When Keith is distracted, grab onto him. As Cordelia, use the lever to stab Keith. Keith runs away to attend to his wound.

Ordelia points a gun at McAdams and says that he killed Max. Have Erica say:

”Yes he did, but he couldn’t have known.”
”He could have, and he didn’t do his job, but it wasn’t his case”
”Let’s find and kill Keith.”

Cordelia shoots McAdams and releases Brian from the trap, before pursuing Keith downstairs. Erica follows her and searches in the tunnels until she reaches a dead end. Erica discovers a secret room with an elevator. She walks toward the elevator when she is knocked unconscious. When Erica wakes up, she finds out that she is in a burning room. Cordelia speaks to her through the door, and says that she has half the code needed to get her out of there, and that she needs to use her powers on the valve next to the control panel to find out the rest of it.

In the cut-out that appears above Erica, there are three buttons and two levers. Find out what the levers do to hear a comment from Cordelia about their use. Press the middle button to tilt Erica right, then flip the first lever to lock the chain. Press the middle button again, move the lever left, and keep moving it left until Erica is close to the control panel (without letting her come into contact with the spike). Now, use Cognition on the keypad. When Erica begs to be pulled back, move the lever right and press the middle button. Move Erica left until she is close to the panel, and use Post-Cog on the panel. Move Erica to the right again, and this time she is able to get the code, which Erica shouts out to Cordelia and setting her free.

However, when Erica goes for the door, Keith barges in and assaults her and Cordelia. In the last arcade sequence of the game, you must defeat Keith in a certain sequence. There are certain hotspots which represent areas of Keith’s body Erica can deliver a blow to. Strike Keith in the face, followed by the head, fists, toes, and knees, then finish him off.

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