Black Desert: Guide to Build Epheria Sailboat

Black Desert: Guide to Build Epheria Sailboat

How to build Epheria Sailboat? What materials are needed to build it? How to get these materials?

Description of the Epheria Sailboat

It is a personal sailboat that is faster than the current fishing boat, equipped with cannons, and repairable.

Epheria Sailboat

  • Durability: 500,000
  • Weight Limit: 5000 LT
  • Storage Slot: 25
  • Cannons: 2
  • Acceleration: 100%
  • Speed: 100%
  • Turn: 110%
  • Brake: 11%


  • 20 Design: Epheria Sailboat
  • 600 Steel
  • 300 Flax Fabrics
  • 800 Standardized Timber Square
  • 1500 Pine Plywood

How to get materials for the boat?

Epheria Sailboat Design

You need a total of 20 Epheria Sailboat Designs for the sailboat; you can get it from Daily Quest in Port Epheria. Talk/ Interact to Philaberto Falasi in port Epheria and he will offer you the daily quest (Falasi Family’s Kindness).

Epheria Sailboat Design

Pick up crate/ cargo next to Philaberto Falasi.

Philaberto Falasi

Deliver a crate/ cargo from Philaberto Falasi to Sebastian (Guild Wharf Manager) at the docks.

Sebastian (Guild Wharf Manager)

Interact with Sebastian.


Back to Philabeto and claim the reward.

Back to Philabeto and claim the reward.


You will need 600 Steel. To Make 1 steel, you need 5 Melted Iron Shards and 5 Coal, so you should get:

  • 3000 Melted Iron Shards
  • 3000 Coal

To obtain a Melted Iron Shards you must get an Iron Ore from Gathering but you can use workers to get iron ore on several nodes available (Coastal Cave, Coastal Cliff, Northern Heidel Quarry, Southern Cienaga, Hexe Stone Wall, Abandoned Iron Mine, Akum Rocky Mountain).

get an Iron Ore from Gathering

obtain a Melted Iron Shards

If you’ve got iron ore, then you need to heat 5 Iron ore to get 1 Melted Iron Shards. So you need 15000 Iron ore. And to get Coal, You can use workers to get coal on several nodes available (Keplan Quarry, Glutoni Cave, Omar Lava Cave).

get Coal

Process 3000 Melted Iron Shards and 3000 coal By Heating to get 600 steel.

Flax Fabric

You will need 300 Flax Fabric. To Make 1 Flax Fabric, you must Grinding 10 Flax Thread, so you need 3000 Flax Thread to make 300 Flax Fabric.

And to get 3000 Flax Thread, you must Process 5 flax by Heating, so you need 15000 flax. You can do Gathering but you can use workers to get iron ore on several nodes available.

Flax Fabric

Standardized Timber Square

To get 800 standard timber squares you need logs. To get logs you must gather trees and you can get logs only by collecting them.

Then use processing to chop the logs into Usable Scantling and then again to change the Usable Scantling to Standardized Timber Squares. So you need 80000 logs.

Process logs by chopping to get 8000 Usable Scantling. Process 8000 Usable Scantling by Chopping Again to get 800 Standardized Timber Square.

Pine Plywood

You need 1500 Pine Plywood so you must Gather the trees and get Pine Timber, but You can use workers to get Pine Timber on several nodes available (Serendia Shrine, Marie Cave, and Khimut Lumber Camp), you need 75000 pine Timber.

Pine Plywood

Process 75000 Pine Timber by Chopping to get 15000 Pine Plank, then process 15000 Pine Plank by Chopping to get 1500 Pine Plywood.

Building the Epheria Sailboat

If all materials have been collected, you are ready to build the boat! Put all materials in the storage port Epheria.

Put all materials in the storage port Epheria.

Shipyard Contribution Cost:

  • 5 pre-requisite buildings (9 CP)
  • 1 Shipyard building: Port Epheria 3-5 2F (3 CP)
  • Worker Lodgings (1+ CP)
  • 1 Lodging: Port Epheria 3-3 2F (1 CP)

Port Epheria

Upgrade Epheria Sailboat

The boat can be upgraded to Improved Epheria Sailboat (T3) or Epheria Caravel (T4), and high end Upgrade carrack (Advance) or Carrack (Balance).

Upgrade Epheria Sailboat

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