Prey: How to Extend Morgan’s Inventory

This is a tip for No Needles Achievement or, in other words, a workaround tip for having more inventory space in Prey.

First: Looking for your Storage

For people who are aiming to complete the “No Needles” achievement, storage space is a real pain. Since you cannot use Neuromods to increase your inventory size, you have to live with the basic inventory space allotted by the game. Unfortunately, there’s so much items out there that you can’t bring with you because of this.

This tip shows how to bring along items using briefcases and luggage. Note that all screenshots showing how it is done were taken at the Crew Quarters.

To start off, you have to look for your luggage. In Crew Quarters, I found one right at the entrance. There were actually a number of these in most of the rooms. In fact, these are scattered in Talos I because a lot of the crew members were evacuating due to the Typhoon outbreak.

Once you’ve found your luggage, just aim at the luggage and select “Carry”. In doing so, you may now bring it with you. You have to drop it when you need to store your items or as when needed (i.e. if there are Mimics/Phantoms, or if you need to toggle an object/door).

Prey: Looking for your Storage

Second: Fill-it up

Once you have your luggage, you can now move items from your personal inventory to your luggage by selecting “Search” and transferring the items. The controls are pretty similar to adding items to a Recycling Station.

As you can see, I’ve filled mine to the brim!

Luggage in Prey

Last: Emptying the Contents (and other tips)

Finally, once your luggage is full, you can now carry it towards the nearest Recycling Station (where you can recycle away)! Note that it would be useful to know where these Recycling Stations are. You can find these by downloading Area Maps from Security Stations. Toggle your map and look for the Recycling Station icon (there’s a legend at the right side of the map for this).

Recycling Station in Prey

As an additional tip, I’ve found the cabinet of Morgan in his/her office a good storage as well. In the earlier parts of the game, I used it to store my Neuromods and other weapons that I have no use for (e.g. I did not need the Huntress Boltcaster at the start so I stored it in the cabinet first. The Q-Beam takes a pretty huge chunk of inventory space so I kept in my cabinet as well).

And that’s it! I hope this simple tip helps!

Credit to Silverback

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