Magical Diary: Wolf Hall – A Complete Guide to Events

Magical Diary: Wolf Hall - A Complete Guide to Events

This guide contains information about all events that occur in the game and the routes to romance all date-able characters. (WIP)


This guide should become a complete guide on all events, romances and secrets in the game. Since I do not have a ton of time to devote to this project however, progress will be rather slow. If you have anything to add due to your own experimentation, feel free to post in the comments. This of course also goes for any mistakes that will inadvertently creep into this guide. Happy spell casting!


Week 1

September 2 – You find Barbara in a tree, waving seems the best option. Throwing the shoe works, climbing gets some surprise from Barbara.
September 7 – Answering “She’s cute” makes you flirty. If you go to the dungeon, Barbara passes you on your way in. If you go to the mall, you will talk to Luke and Logan. At the pinball machine, Steve gives you a funny look. The dance game gives you strength if you are flirty.
September 8 – You find Ellen in the cafeteria, if you are flirty you say “I never forget a cute girl” if you picked her name right.

Week 2

September 9 – If you are flirty you answer “I’d rather be giving the orders, that would be more fun.” when asked your thoughts about the initiation
September 11 – Barbara knocks on your door and needs William’s socks. William will not help due to Angela being Barbara’s senior. You can give her your socks.

September 12 – red/blue class, Ellen’s ‘love letter’ to Grabiner. Green/black/white class, Luke recites a poem. If on Tuesday 10th you chose to make up answers, Donald shows you the library.
September 14 – You find Barbara as you enter the dungeons.
September 15 – If you have seen Ellen’s love letter event, you can comment to Grabiner about if over tea.

Week 3

September 16 – If you are flirty, you discern that Angela is William’s ex. If you gave your socks to Barbara, William now returns them. He also informs you about club sign-ups.
September 17 – Donald comes by to ask about your singing voice, say it’s good if you want to join Chorale.
September 18 – Club sign-ups, if you choose to sign-up for the sports club, Virginia will comment on you taking Donald’s side with the prank earlier (if you did).
September 19 – First gathering of Chorale, choose wither you have a higher or lower voice.
September 21 – If you go study and have flirty personality, you can ask Minnie to go somewhere else with you, she will decline. Nature Club starts.

Week 4

September 23 – Gym class, you meet Kyo who asks you advice on how to get Minnie to like him (maybe tied to being in the sports club – seems to trigger at later dates as well).
September 26 – Study session for freshmen with Grabiner, I choose blue (15 points) he seemed to accept the answer. Even if you do not go to the study session, you will not go to chorale either.
September 27 – Exam 1
September 28 – Find Barbara at the dungeons. Find William, Virginia and Ellen in the food court.
September 29 – Sports club starts, if also part of nature club, you notice Balthazar there as well.

Week 5

September 30 – Potsdam will tell you about sign-ups for leadership positions.
October 1 – William asks your help in distracting Ellen from Damien.
October 2 – Go gardening for extra merits.
October 3 – Ellen and Donald argue about the manure prank during chorale.
October 5 – Talk to Steve at the pinball machine, extra flavor text if you know ‘teleport other’ spell. If in the sports club you invite him to practice full body coordination, instead of just hand-eye coordination. (Find Barbara in the dungeons, same as last week). Find Minnie in the library; offer to help others (blue 27 was gone). Seniors return from Cider Day, if you agreed to distract Ellen, you go interfere with Damien’s gift. Use far sight if you know it. If you know teleport other, you can whisk the pie away and tell Ellen you were looking for her. Alternatively, you can smash the pie; tell them it was supposed to be a gift for Ellen because she was upset at chorale.

Week 6

October 7 – Campaign planning.
October 8/9 – Running the campaign, chorale, sports club and William points help out, as well as having a flirty personality.
October 10 – Go to chorale to reduce a little bit of stress.
October 11 – If you did your campaigning right, Minnie will come by with an offer you can’t refuse. (Well, you can, but you’ll lose…) If you win and know about Kyo’s affection for Minnie, he’ll stop by to berate you.
October 12 – Barbara doesn’t seem to like you being president. Minnie got flowers from someone – you can take credit or be honest.
October 13 – Sports club, Jacob stops by. An argument ensues between him and Virginia, about the use of magic during sports. Virginia wants none of that. You can either side with Virginia or Jacob.

Week 7

October 14 – Luke needs help finding the library, where you also find Ellen.
October 16 – During the night you run into ‘something/someone’ wandering the halls
October 19 – Talk with Minnie about the Dark Dance. (Co president)
October 20 – If investigated the sound on the 16th, you can follow William through the halls. You will use the silence spell if you know it, and you can join the poetry club.
October 21 – Nature club, have some white magic for extra flavor text. Manuel talks to you about fishing.

Credit to Dragonsteps8472

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