Kingdom: New Lands – Day C (100 Days) Survival Guide

Kingdom: New Lands - Day C (100 Days) Survival Guide

This guide is about how to survive 100 days.




* Easy to Defend, only 2 portals to destroy.

* Merchant

* Banker

* Camps on both sides


* Archer Buff Statue

* Ballista hermit for ballista tower upgrade.

* A double wall tower segment

In my opinion, the best horse is the unicorn. Because it produces 3 gold every 15 seconds while staying put on grass. But the moment winter sets in, switch to bear or warhorse or regular horse if available.


Don’t destroy banker & mule, use unicorn, and upgrade all towers toward main portal with ballista hermit. Make sure you have best spot as shown in Screenshot and Archer statue up at all time. Stash money in bank and always give banker 10g back when withdrawing.

Kingdom: New Lands 01

Getting Started

If you don’t get the right seed, just press ESC and start new game on the second map. You can start fresh and it will be just as easy to beat this achievement.
Just refresh until you get the Archer statue, the walls and ballista hermit.

Kingdom: New Lands 02

Kingdom: New Lands 03

Going Forward

Gold Coins last for 3 full minutes when dropped on the floor. Make use of it by leaving coins at camps that are far from your main keep.

You must keep building upgraded towers toward the main portal; this will reduce the greed getting to your keep.

After every blood moon, since you have a break from the monsters, you should focus heavily on cutting down trees to get to the rocks to build towers. Build portal if you can to save travel time after bloodmoon. Do not build too close from the end of the night to make sure the builder have time to go back or at the very least don’t try to keep finishing a building and getting killed. Play it safe!

Every blood moon, you will lose some of your builders, they will want to go out to replace the one stolen by the flying monsters. That’s okay; they will only cost you 4 gold to replace. You can try to prevent them from leaving by putting gold in front of them till they are forced to defend. I would normally recruit ~3 more builder after the blood moon to make sure they replenish the towers.

Don’t forget to pay the archer statue and you should be good to go.

Kingdom: New Lands 04

Kingdom: New Lands 05

Credit to ebrech sage

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