Fallout 76 – Dungeon Guide: The Burrows.

Fallout 76 - Dungeon Guide: The Burrows.

A guide for The Burrows a dungeon added in during Fallout 76s First Expansion Wild Appalachia. The place is a repeatable high level dungeon in Fallout 76 that has been forgotten by the community as a legendary and Exp farming location.


The Burrows is located in the town of Harpers Ferry in the Mire region of the map. There are two entrances to it. Both of these are sewer grates in the middle of the street. It does not matter too much which entrance you pick.

The Burrows - Fallout 76


There is a single quest associated with the Burrows. The quest is Waste management. Waste management is a quest for the Brotherhood of Steel. Quick rundown of the quest: the Brotherhood sent some of its members to search the area for pre war military tech, but they died and now you have to complete their mission.

The Quest is very simple and will guide you through the dungeon.

When you enter the Burrows you will find the corpse of the dead Brotherhood of Steel scribes. Loot the mission holotape and listen to it. You will the need to proceed through the place. The final objective of the quest is the elimination of an assaultron that serves as the boss. She is always a crowned enemy but never legendary. After you kill her several Gutsys will spawn. Finish them off and you are done with the quest.

The Quest- Fallout 76

Hostile Mobs

The primary enemies you will be fighting in The Burrows are ghouls. At level they will mostly spawn as Charred feral ghouls with some gangrenous ones thrown in every now and then. It is also very rare but you can encounter glowing ones down here. Due to the large amount of ghouls many of them can spawn as legendaries. I think my best run was 7 legendary ghouls. 4 of which were three stars.

Other the Ghouls you will find a small number of rad rats. You also have several turrets throughout the dungeon. These are almost always explosive turrets which are a double threat. Not only are they dangerous to low amour builds but since they do not shoot at the ghouls they can stagger you allowing you to be easily swarmed by the ghouls.

In the later portion of the dungeon robots. These mostly spawn as variants of Gutsys. However several robobrains and protectrons can spawn as well. Also as mentioned in the quest guide there is a single assaultron in the dungeon which serves as a boss.

Hostile Mobs - Fallout 76


Its layout is more or less and upside down Y. In order to proceed to the later robot portion of the dungeon you will need to find the Burrows old tunnel key. It is located in the thrown room.

The layout of the Burrows - Fallout 76


There is a good amount of loot in this dungeon. From the quest waste management you get the unique assaultron blade The Gutter. This weapon boosts higher damage than a standard assaultron blade and has a chance to heal on hit.

the unique assaultron blade The Gutter - Fallout 76

From the dungeon itself there is a lot of junk down here of all variety even lead weights you find in the various gyms of the wasteland.

Besides junk there is a good amount of legendary items to get because of the large concentration of ghouls.

You can also get parts for a raider set of power armor as one spawns in a side room that is flooded with water.

A unique item to the Burrows is a Gut Shroom – a Mushroom that only grows there, and it looks like a bunch of human guts. Don’t go equipping green thumb just to get a bunch of these shrooms. They are practically useless. They were meant to be used in some recipes but these were never added to the game.

Gut Shroom - Fallout 76

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