Dying Light 2: All Quiz Answers

Dying Light 2: All Quiz Answers

This guide will show you all the quiz answers in Dying Light 2.

Infected Intelligence Quiz Right Answers

The Infected Intelligence quiz will be the first. It’s a side mission where Mr. Z quizzes you on the various Infected subtypes. He’ll ask you to assist him in his investigation into the Infected. Answer Sure to the first question of the quiz. Here are all the correct responses to the ensuing inquiries.

#Q1: ”Have you encountered the type that can jump higher than others?”
A: Banshee.
#Q2: ”Moreover when retreating it leaves tracks behind, do you know which infected I am referring to?”
A: Bolter.

#Q3: ”It creates a toxic mist around other monsters and some survivors believe it resurrects the dead. Does that ring any bells?”
A: Revenant.

#Q4: ”And which type of infected would you say has the most explosive temper?”
A: Suicider.

Now that you have answered them all correctly, let’s get on to rewards. Mr. Z will reward you with a unique one-hand axe crafted by him, called Gravedigger along with a playing card called Goon.

Goats Galore Quiz Right Answers

On the pumpkin farm, there is a side mission called Goats Galore Quiz that Kano can participate in. He’ll quiz you on your goat-related knowledge. The quiz in the Goats Galore side quest has the following correct responses:

#Q1: ”Which type of Infected are goats most afraid of?”

A: This is a tricky question and you can answer either of the three options. The three options are Revenant, Howler, Bolter, and choosing any of them will allow you to proceed in the quiz.

#Q2: ”So, what does G.O.A.T mean?”
A: Goats Own All Territories.

#Q3: ”How long does the average domestic goat live?”
A: 12-15 years.

#Q4: ”How many goats are there in the Villedor crest?”
A: Two.

#Q5: ”I mentioned that a goat has four stomachs. Do you know what they help to digest?”
A: Grass and hay.

#Q6: ”Rectangular pupils are one of the most interesting characteristics of goats. But what purpose do they serve?”
A: Wide-angle vision.

#Q7: ”Why goats and not cows?”
A: Goats are smaller.

Once you answer all of these questions successfully, you will be rewarded with 400 Old world money.

Persons of Interest Quiz Right Answers

Assign the Survivors to the Garrison Electrical stations before the quiz begins. Visit Herald, who will be waiting for you at the pumpkin farm. He will chat briefly with you about his past before asking you to respond to his four questions. Choose Okay Fine to begin the quiz. Here are the right answers:

#Q1: “Who is the shadowy figure that pulls the strings in Bazaar?”
A: Dodger.

#Q2: “A rather comely woman works at the library. But I, Herald the knower of a great many things, cannot recall her name. Do you know her?”
A: Thalia.

#Q3: “The mention of one person tends to trigger her. Do you know who it is?”
A: Her father.

#Q4: “Driscoll from the Carriers Guild has acquired an interesting nickname. Do you know it?”
A: Professor.

The Herald will reward you with a Villedor Newscast artifact that has a short recording of the VNC. Along with the artifact, you will also get a reward of 200 Old World Money.

History Quiz Right Answers

Jax is involved in a side mission called History Quiz. He will quiz you about the history of the Villedor region and the Harran virus. Here are the right answers to choose:

#Q1: “What event went down in the history as Black Monday?”
A: The chemical bombings of 2025.

#Q2: “Let’s discuss the March Massacre. You recall what happened on that day?”
A: The army killed 64 civilians protesting against the weapons confiscation.

#Q3: “Do you remember when the Harran events happened?”
A: Spring 2014.

After you successfully answer all the questions correctly, Jax will reward you with an artifact of the Catacombs. You will also be rewarded with 400 Old World Money.

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