Alek – The Lost Kingdom: Survival mode tips

Alek - The Lost Kingdom: Survival mode tips

Although there was a tutorial for Alek – The Lost Kingdom, I had trouble understanding how to perform things when I initially started playing this game and got severely smashed by the orcs. It wasn’t particularly apparent how to gather wood, but with time and with the help of previous survival games I played, I worked it out. I’m hoping that these pointers will make your time in this game simpler.

Survival 101

You’ll see a wolf attacking you when the game first begins, and because you have no equipment at all, you must flee. It is not immediately evident how to collect wood, but if you open your inventory and go to crafting, you will see that you can create resources into wood and other things. I’m assuming you have the tutorial turned on, so it should be advising you to gather resources. Make care to explore the map while doing it.

If you complete the tutorial, you will arrive at an NPC village where you may do tasks and sell goods. Depending on where you wish to settle down, you may require a significant sum of money before purchasing any property to build on.

There are a few things you may do if you are having trouble dealing with the orcs, but if you completed the task Destroy Orc Village three times, you should have some respectable treasure and money. You may either use the bow to repeatedly launch hit-and-run strikes at the orcs or you can lure animals into the group to attack them. Prior to doing any other stats, I suggest completing the defensive stat up to level 15; it has much aided me. And if you don’t mind, you can also simply run into the npc town while the orcs are pursuing you to make them fight among other.

Once your town is established, you may store supplies and money in the village in the main structure on the repair drop, so be sure to save the two-handed weapons you receive from the orc boss. On Manage, you may purchase supplies from the market to expedite the process, but I advise saving up enough cash to complete a blacksmithing job, unlock heavy armor, and obtain iron tools before beginning barrack as soon as you can.

You just need a single soldier if you manage to gain thick armor at initially, by the end of day five you should have enough men and gear to deal with the orc onslaught. Once you have soldiers and equipment, everything should run smoothly. If you want your soldiers to utilize the equipment you select for them, you may control them in the barrack; otherwise, the game will choose for them.

If you had enough gold, a village before day four, a home built swiftly, a barrack and a blacksmith produced, heavy armor unlocked, and supplies stowed in your town for your men, your community shouldn’t have burnt to the ground.

Hope this helped you remain alive while in survival mode, and good luck.

Credit to: Zatio

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