SCP: Containment Breach Multiplayer – A class-D’s guide to escaping (Singleplayer)

So, you’re having a hard time beating SCP Containment Breach. The game is frustrating, you’re lost, or you don’t know what to do next. This guide will hopefully help you get through the game, and if you’re good enough, maybe even get some wins.

SCP: Containment Breach Multiplayer - A class-D's guide to escaping (Singleplayer)

Baby’s first skip: Dealing with 173

If you’re new to the game, your neck will probably get snapped before you get an item. However, there are some strategies to help you deal with our favorite statue.

Before you open any door, or enter any room, BLINK. If 173 is in the next room and you’re halfway down the blink counter, your only way to not die is to close the door, blink, and open again, which usually just has 173 stand right next to the door and make it 5 times harder to get around it. When you get through, check every direction and make sure you’re not in danger. 173 loves to hide in recessed spots, around corners, and generally anywhere not in the sight-line of a door.

If you DO see 173, keep your eyes on him (obviously) and maneuver around him into the next room. If it’s in a spot where you can’t get around it, your best move is to move backwards a fair amount and bring him in a spot much easier to circumvent. Some people do this by blinking, some do this by looking down and back up.

Also, remember to close all doors behind you. The game doesn’t care if you actually face the button when interacting with it, so you can just sidestep to the left and click.

Getting primary items in Light Containment

First off, to do just about anything you need to first get a keycard. There are 2 rooms in LCZ with one, but there’s only one you really care about. That room is the Storeroom.

When you first enter the storeroom, you’ll hear a couple guys talking on the lower level, before the lights go out and 173 kills both of them. Be careful at this point, as 173 is in the lower level. Close the door, go into the side closet and pick up the Level 1 Keycard and Gas Mask.

A level 1 keycard is also available from recursive rooms, but this does not give you the gas mask, which is incredibly useful if not essential. I recommend taking the keycard and continuing, but do not leave LCZ without the gas mask.

After this you’ll need to start looking for the Small Testing Room. This room is accessed by a hallway containing 2 pipes with a door near the side. Before opening the door with your keycard, BLINK ONCE. Open the door, go in, open the next door, grab the Level 2 Keycard and S-Nav 300, and exit, closing both doors as you go. 173 WILL spawn in the testing chamber, and if you blink while grabbing the loot it’ll break the glass and snap your neck.

Then you’ll have to find the room holding SCP-914. Once you find it, grab the medkit on the shelves, and throw your good keycard, gas mask, and medkit in, running it on Fine. Grab all your stuff at output, then throw the level 1 keycard and the S-nav in on Very Fine. If the keycard turns into a mastercard, just leave it, but if you get lucky and get an omni, obv take it (as well as the s-nav, it’s very useful). With the omni, you can skip some of the steps in this guide, and do the rest in a different order.

On some of the higher difficulties, your level 2 card may instead turn into a mastercard. Just put it through on fine to get your keycard back and try again.

What you have now (assuming you didn’t get lucky) is the following:

  • A level 3 keycard
  • A super gas mask that gives you unlimited sprint when wearing
  • A small medkit that for some reason actually heals you better than the regular one
  • An S-nav Ultimate which needs no batteries, has the entire map filled out, and shows your distance to hostile SCP’s as well

DO NOT RUN YOUR LEVEL 3 KEYCARD ON FINE AGAIN! If you do so, you only have a small chance of getting a level 4, otherwise getting a mastercard. If you try and get a level 4 this way, you’ll spend forever and probably get screwed by 106.

Finishing off LCZ

After you have your primary gear, there are still a few things you need to do before you move into heavy. Note that some of these do not require a (level 3) keycard and can be completed before or during the “main sequence”.

First off, if you see an elevator that isn’t broken, you’ll need to go through it. This will take you to the storage room, a somewhat dangerous area with 3 SCP-939 instances. Don’t worry though, you won’t see 173 or anyone else in here. If you have your gas mask on, use it and sprint through the area. If a 939 instance hasn’t spotted you, crouch in a corner or something. If it has, run away, and go through as many corners as possible. You can use the video above to find more information on dealing with 939s. In this area you’ll need the severed hand and the night vision goggles.

Side note, if you get the night vision goggles before you go into 914, you should put it on fine so you don’t need batteries. It will ‘go through’ on very fine, and give you a version that identifies scp’s for you, however it also refreshes every 10 seconds, which is essentially a second, uncontrollable blink.

There’s also some item SCP’s you’ll need to get. You’ll find a hallway with 2 doors in the center, with some SCP ID’s on the wall. You’ll want 860 (the blue key) and 714 (the jade ring). The blue key is only useful in EZ, and you might not even use it, but if you DO need it you’ll have to go all the way back to this room just for this one item. The ring is only useful when dealing with 049, and some of the better players won’t need it and would rather just save the inventory for something else. There’s also another room with an unmarked door right next to one of the two doors in a hallway. This room has 1499 in it, a very useful item. With it, you can put it on to escape many bad situations, as well as instantly despawn 106 (just put it on, wait a second, take it off). Try and get to this room early on, in case 106 spawns. If he spawns before you get it, run until you find a tesla gate. If he tries to go through it, he’ll get zapped and despawn.

Last, you’ll need to go to 372’s chamber and take the piece of paper. You only need the code, but it’s highly unlikely you’ll remember it in 15 minutes, so you might as well bring the document (or write it down IRL).

Now all you need to do is lift the lockdown on LCZ. Find the surveillance room, make sure 106 isn’t going to interrupt you (if he hasn’t spawned yet, wait until he does, then put on the mask). Open door, go in, flip the lockdown switch, and get ready. 049 is going to spawn in and come up the staircase, so either put on the ring and run past him, or hide somewhere and evade him.

Now, you can finally go to HCZ.

The real danger: Heavy Containment Zone

When going into HCZ, you should use your S-nav to see if it’s a dead end or not. Generally, try and go to all the dead-ends first, noting any rooms you need to go to later. You’d rather spend 10 minutes finding some useless room than waste hours looking for 079’s room with the NTF on your tail (which shouldn’t happen if you follow this guide). Apart from these dead-ends, you shouldn’t have to enter LCZ again.

The first room you need to go to is SCP-049’s chamber. You would normally use the severed hand you got earlier to open the door, but right now you need to get the Level 4 Keycard down there. When you get down, the power will be out, preventing you from taking the elevator back up. After getting the keycard, you need to flip both switches to turn on the generator. Move quickly here, two 049 instances will activate and attempt to attack you. When you get near the elevator after turning on the generators, 049 will come down and attempt to cure you. Either quickly dodge around him (you will need to stay on one side and hook around the other) or draw him back to the middle hallway for more breathing room. Remember the other 2 zombies; they shall make the latter strategy harder.

After that, you need to go to SCP-106’s chamber. In the lower chamber down the stairs you’ll find a Level 5 Keycard and the switches and buttons to recontain 106. Depending on the ending you want, you might want to recontain 106. To do this, first DISABLE the electromagnets and ENABLE sound transmission, then activate the femur breaker and watch the monitor. Once ypu hear 106’s heavy footsteps, and you can see him on the monitor, flip ON the electromagnets and flip OFF on the intercomms. Note that, if the monitor blacks out from corrosion, or you flip the magnets on too early, recontainment will have permanently failed, and he will instead start chasing you. Doing this changes the Gate-A ending; you will be captured by the MTF and designated as an SCP instead of getting saved by the CI.

To get to Entrance Zone, you also need to find SCP-008’s chamber after getting your Level 4 or 5 keycard. The reason for this is because HCZ is locked down while 008 is at risk of spreading. First, put on the hazmat suit and BLINK. Similar to the small testing room in light, 173 will spawn and break the glass if you break, which will give you 008. Close the valve, exit the room, take off the hazmat suit. you can now enter entrance zone, though you do want to do the next step before doing so.

The last room you need to find is SCP-079’s chamber. You do not actually need anything in this room, but it is important to be able to find it later on.

Depending on the layout that you get, you may also come across the maintenance tunnels hallway. Don’t worry about going through there, the big gate in the middle can be opened with the keycode on your document. There is no reason to go through maintenance tunnels, and it’s quite dangerous there too.

Almost out: Entrance Zone


When you first enter this area, you’ll hear an intercomm message stating that the NTF have now entered the facility. This can be both a blessing and a curse; on one hand, NTF will recontain 173 if they see him, permanently removing one of the most prevalent dangers in the game. On the other hand, NTF will also shoot you on sight, and may use cameras to track you. They also aren’t nearly as “avoidable” as other dangers; there’s no trick to definitively counter them apart from just staying away.

In the way of what you HAVE to do in this area, there’s not much. This area doesn’t have much for the speedrunner; most of what you’ll find are documents and monitors pertaining to the story and lore.

In Entrance Zone, what you need to do is get 079 to open the gates to the surface. Find the electrical center (this tends to be on the right side of the map, so it’s best to enter around there). Once you go up the stairs, you’ll find a small room with 3 switches. Flip the “remote door control” switch off. Once you do so, 079 will flip the secondary lighting switch off. Flip it back on, unless you like running around in the dark.

Once you do this, go back to 079’s chamber. You’ll be able to go down to his actual room. Get close enough to trigger his conversation, then run back to the electrical center. Flip the door control switch back on and leave the facility via Gate A or Gate B.

Credit to: Cheesepizza2

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