Castlevania Advance Collection – Circle of the Moon: running without double tapping

This is just a simple controller config I made to improve Circle of the Moon controls.

Castlevania Advance Collection - Circle of the Moon: running without double tapping


This is a guide to improve CotM controls, by the end of it you will have the following control options.

  • Left Stick: used for running
  • Right Trigger: item usage, such as knives and axes
  • Right Stick button: the rewind function has been remapped here to free up the right trigger.

There are no changes to the existing controls; you can still use the D-pad to move normally and the attack button combination to use your items; this configuration should not interfere with existing controls or negatively affect controls in other games in the collection.

Setting up

1 – right click the collection on your steam library and select “Properties”

Setting up controller in Castlevania Advance Collection

2 – go to the controller section and select “Enable Steam Input” from the drop down menu.

Enable Steam Input in Castlevania Advance Collection

3 – if you are using an Xbox controller, open this link:


and select “Apply Configuration”.

If you are using a Nintendo Switch pro controller, open this link:


and select “Apply Configuration”.

And that’s all, you should be all set up.


You cannot start running in midair, so the left stick mapping only properly works on the ground.

I also remapped the rewind function to the right stick button; it is a great way to free up the right trigger for item use, but it is important to bear this in mind since it might affect muscle memory.

Credit to: Nuclear Kangaroo

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