Stormworks: Build and Rescue – Saturn VTS-40 VTOL Operations Manual

Stormworks: Build and Rescue - Saturn VTS-40 VTOL Operations Manual

Operations Manual required to pilot the Saturn VTS-40 VTOL aircraft.

Shortened guide on flight essentials (Take-off, Landing and Flight)

This section of the guide will get you flying the Saturn VTS-40 VTOL as fast as possible.

Startup Procedure:

1. Ensure ECT breaker is enabled, to provide power to the aircraft.

2. Flip HUD switch to ON state, you will find this switch on the Co-pilot’s side, on the main dashboard. The monitors on the main dashboard should now be displaying information about the engine and flight data. These monitors will be abbreviated as MFDs (multi-function displays) from now on.

3. Ensure TILTROTOR throttle is at 1, because the aircraft must take off in VTOL mode, otherwise the rotors will be damaged.

4. Push ERPM throttle up to 600, the maximum. This sets the RPM of the turbo-shaft engine powering the aircraft, and 600 is needed for stable hover.

5. Flip ECMP switch to ON state, this switch is located on the Pilot’s side of the main dashboard. When the central MFD says HOTEL, turn this switch off as it will waste power otherwise.

6. When ERPM is above 550, push the ECLU throttle up to maximum, of 0.7. This throttle is controlling clutch between the engine and the propellers.

7. The propellers are now spinning and you are ready to fly. Standard Helicopter controls apply in this mode.

8. Retract the landing gear using the GEAR UP switch on the Copilot’s side of the main dashboard

9. Tap the display on the Pilots side of the main dashboard that says VIS to bring up flight data (Speed, Vertical Speed and Altitude).


1. This guide assumes you are now hovering mid air, and wanting to go into forward tilt (plane mode) to reach your destination faster.

2. Ensure you are at least 50 meters above the ground for safe transition.

3. Pull TILTROTOR throttle down to 0, which is full forward tilt. You (or a copilot) should also pitching the craft up as hard as possible, until you have stopped stalling.

4. You are now flying in forward tilt, and standard airplane controls now apply.

5. If you enter a flat spin, or the craft is out of control in any way, push TILTROTOR to 1 as fast as you can, as this will quickly stabilize you, and potentially save you and/or the aircraft.


1. Ensure you are in VTOL mode ( TILTROTOR should be at 1 ).

2. Extend the landing gear ( ensure GEAR UP is set to OFF ).

3. Lower the aircraft slowly on to the ground, ( less than 10f/s vertical speed ) to ensure no damage to landing gear.

4. Activate the landing gear brakes with Hotkey 2 ( default keybinding is the ‘2’ key ) to bring the craft to a complete stop

5. Shutdown the engine and propellers by tapping the button labeled ‘B’ on the central MFD.

6. Pull ECLU throttle down to 0.

7. Pull ERPM throttle down to 0.

8. You are now landed.

Credit to: i286 and FilosPRA

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