Armor Cheat Codes for Fallout 4 (including DLC)

Armor cheat codes for Fallout 4

In this guide you find some nice cheats to get the armor you want.

How to Use

To spawn in an item, use player.additem {code} (console must be open). The code might spawn in heavy sturdy or regular variant of the armor piece.

Synth Armor

Synth helmet: 00187976

Synth field helmet: 0018796a

Synth chest piece: 00187974

Synth left arm: 0018796c

Synth right arm: 0018796e

Synth left leg: 00187972

Synth right leg: 00187970

Leather armor

(No helmet)

Leather chest piece: 0007b9c6

Leather left arm: 0007b9c7

Leather right arm: 0007b9c3

Leather left leg: 0007b9c4

Leather right leg: 0007b9c5

Metal armor

Metal helmet: 000787d3

Metal chest piece: 000536c4

Metal left arm: 0004b933

Metal right arm: 000536c1

Metal left leg: 000536c2

Metal right leg: 000536c3

Combat armor

Combat armor helmet: 0011e2c8

Combat armor chest piece: 0011d3c3

left arm: 0011d3c7

right arm: 0011d3c6

left leg: 0011d3c5

right leg: 0011d3c4

Raider armor

(no helmet)

Raider chest piece: 0018e415

Raider left arm: 0018e411

Raider right arm: 0018e413

Raider left leg: 0018e40f

Raider right leg: 0018e40d

Diamond city guard

Guard helmet: 000af0f6

Guard heavy helmet (the one all guard are wearing): 000af0f7

Guard’s chest: 000af0ee

Guard left arm: 000af0f1

Guard right arm: 000af0f2

Guard left shoulder: 000af0ea

Guard right shoulder: 000af0ed

Guard right forearm: 000af0ec

Guard left forearm: 000af0eb

Vault-Tec security

Covenant items are unconfirmed to be with those codes, if anyone could confirm it in comments I can delete this nasty letter before armor codes

clean Vault-Tec helmet: 001d8853

dirty Vault-Tec helmet: 000821b6

Covenant helmet (based on Vault-Tec helmet): 00156c0b

(dirty) Vault 81 armor: 00154f10

(dirty) Vault 111 armor: 000821b4

(clean) Vault 111armor: 001d884f

Covenant armor: 00156c0d

Robot armor (DLC Automatron)

Assaultron helmet: ??00864a

Eyebot helmet: ??00864c

Sentrybot helmet: ??00864e

Robot chest piece: ??00863f

Robot left arm: ??008644

Robot right arm: ??008642

Robot left leg: ??008648

Robot right leg: ??008646

Trapper armor (DLC Far Harbor)

Trapper chest piece: ??00ee79

Trapper left arm: ??00ee75

Trapper right arm: ??00ee76

Trapper left leg: ??00ee77

Trapper right leg: ??00ee78

Marine armor (DLC Far Harbor)

I have actually no idea which one is it going to spawn, because there is 2-3 marine armors, so I guess it gives random.

Helmet: ??009e58

Chest piece: ??009e5b

Left arm: ??009e56

Right arm: ??009e57

Left leg: ??009e59

Right leg: ??009e5a

About Nuka-World DLC and Unique armor

Since Nuka World DLC has so many armors, I can’t fit them in one guide unless I make it rather too big.

So, basically, that’s all! Enjoy your game, guys!

Credit to needfor_pizza

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