Starlight 100% Achievement Guide

How to get all the achievements in Starlight!

Starlight 100% Achievement Guide

This is a short guide to help you get all the achievements in the game. Even if it is not your main goal, it’s always nice to know how to get the most of your gaming, right? OK, let’s proceed…

Before You Start

You need to have the free DLC installed from the Starlight store page, it is necessary for 10 achievements!

A short overview

This games achievements are very easy to obtain, perfect for increases the number of achievements and perfect games% on your profile, there are only 2-3 which take time. All achievement can be done in about 30 mins, 30/32 of them are done in like 20 so it’s really not that hard. So let’s begin…

The Basic Achievements 12/32

Playing through the game once should unlock 12/32 of the achievements, these are: Starlight Level 1, Starlight Level 2, Level 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, Level 10, Golden Star Level 1 and Golden Star Level 2

Achievements from the free DLC! 20/32

If you haven’t already head over to the store page an install the free DLC, this adds the NSFW Scenes to the game which are unlocked after beating each level, and if you’re using this guide as a walkthrough you should’ve beaten all the levels.

Access the level select screen from the main menu and if done correctly you should see a DLC option next to each level

To complete each one simply click the girl repeatedly until the bar in the top right corner is full repeat for each girl and you should now have the achievements: Lover Level 1, Lover Level 2, Level 3, Level 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and Level 10

Remaining Star Achievements 32/32

You may have already picked some of these up accidently when playing.

For each color of star (excluding the super star) you need: to have collected 10 of them for one achievement, to have collected 50 of them for another achievement and 100 of them for the final achievement

The supr star (that isn’t a spelling mistake, it’s spelt like that for some reason) is different since it’s a rare star, so for the supr star achievements you only need 1, 10 then 20 for those achievements, the easiest way I have found it just to sit on the first level and wait for them to spawn these are the only real achievements that take time

Yellow: ( If you have already beaten the game once ) you should only need 50 more yellow stars so just replay all the levels again to gain 50 more

Green and Blue: the method I used was to just sit on the first level and keep clicking all the blue and green stars until I got the achievements, this does not take very long. You get 6 achievements by doing this:

2 achievements for collecting 10 stars of each color, 2 achievements for collecting 50 stars of each color and finally 2 achievements for collecting 100 stars of each color.

OK, that’s all! I hope you find this guide useful.

Credit to Cyborg

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