Nancy Drew: Legend of the Crystal Skull Lore

Nancy Drew: Legend of the Crystal Skull Lore


The first documented reference to the crystal skull known as “The Whisperer” dates back to 1532, shortly after Hernando de Soto assisted Francisco Pizarro in ambushing and capturing the Incan Emperor Atahualpa at the Battle of Cajamarca.

De Soto and Atahualpa became friends while the latter was imprisoned. De Soto was informed by Atahualpa of his possession of a life-sized, painstakingly sculpted crystal skull. This crystal skull, which is said to have been made by “the Ancient Ones,” was found in the hut of a high priest who had been poisoned by other priests because of his advanced age. As long as he had the skull, Atahualpa thought it would provide him protection to diseases and even endless life.

Yet, Atahualpa learned that the skull couldn’t safeguard against human treachery. He was ultimately executed by Pizarro. There is no further mention of the skull in de Soto’s records.

The next documented reference to “The Whisperer” appeared in a letter penned by a court noble during Phillip II’s reign, which began in 1556. The nobleman was a guest at the Habsburg palace in Vienna and encountered a “crystalline head of Death.” A palace servant claimed the skull produced eerie, inaudible sounds. Subsequently, the skull found its way to France, possibly through Anne of Austria’s marriage to King Louis XIII in 1615.

René-Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle, a French adventurer preparing for an expedition in 1684, is mentioned later in the manifest of a ship he owns as having a “Death’s Head” carved from extraordinarily pure crystal. Ironically, this strange skull was meant to go back to the New World it had come from. La Salle’s inclusion of the skull in his Mississippi expedition suggests that he was aware of the legends surrounding immortality. However, a portion of his crew was stranded in Texas due to a landing error and battle with Native Americans. As they headed for Canadian outposts, mutiny broke out, which resulted in La Salle’s death.

The Whisperer remained dormant for nearly two centuries until 1881 when it came into the possession of a traveling charlatan named Curtis Caldwell who used it to attract customers to his wagon, selling remedies and potions. Curtis lived until 93 years old and met his demise when a disgruntled customer set fire to his residence.

Curtis’s grandson, T. W. Caldwell, eventually sold the Whisperer to Bruno Bolet.


Dr. Bruno Sinclair Bolet, who was born in 1912, succumbed to a heart attack on May 1st, 2007. Bruno’s personality was characterized as eccentric, and as he grew older, he developed peculiar habits that could have played a role in his isolation from others. Despite never marrying or having children, Bruno’s life was filled with a series of captivating experiences.

Bruno first fell in love with animals when he was a little boy in 1921 and acquired a puppy named Grant. When he was older, Bruno decided to pursue a career in dentistry and graduated on June 7, 1943, with a Doctorate of Dental Surgery from Our Lady of Route 57 School of Dentistry and Cosmetology. This served as the cornerstone of his career as a dentist.

Dr. Gilbert Buford and Bruno became friends, and on November 8, 1952, Gilbert sponsored Bruno to join the Jolly Rogers Krewe, a clandestine group that hosts lavish Mardi Gras parades and festivities.

Bruno lost one of his eyes at some time in his life, albeit the specific reason for this loss is unknown. Fascinatingly, he amassed at least 25 glass eyes, which he ingeniously concealed throughout his residence.

Bruno was a creative soul outside of his professional and secret associations. Between 1978 and 1991, he discovered satisfaction in creating tiny models, and his talent was evident as he won many first-place prizes in tiny Modelers of America contests. Bruno struggled with financial record-keeping and checkbook management, despite his artistic accomplishments.

From 1965 to 1975, Bruno’s role as the overseer of the cemetery behind his mansion showcased his meticulous nature. He meticulously recorded details of those interred there. His affinity for animals extended to his pets, which included a spider, an iguana named Iggy, and an alligator named Bernie. His dedication to teaching them tricks revealed a playful side to his personality. Notably, Iggy the iguana roamed freely within Bruno’s home, often navigating through air vents.

In 1990, Bruno assumed guardianship of his great nephew Henry following the unfortunate passing of Henry’s parents, Claude and Marianne Bolet, in a car accident. Unfortunately, Bruno and Henry lacked a strong emotional connection due to Bruno’s distant manner.

Bruno possessed a crystal skull known as “The Whisperer,” which he believed had the potential to grant its bearer immortality. Renée, Bruno’s housekeeper, was instrumental in having the crystal skull analyzed by a private laboratory to ascertain its authenticity. The laboratory gave Bruno a letter outlining the results of the examinations, which revealed that the crystal skull was a forgery created with modern equipment. Dr. Bolet was profoundly affected by this revelation. Renée believes that the shock caused Dr. Bolet’s untimely heart attack.

After Bruno’s passing, Henry took it upon himself to inter Bruno’s ashes within a crypt he had constructed in the garden, a decision that was not explicitly outlined in Bruno’s will.


Nancy Drew promised her boyfriend Ned that she would visit a mansion in New Orleans, where Ned’s acquaintance Henry Bolet resides. Henry Bolet’s great uncle, Bruno Bolet, recently passed away, and Henry was appointed as the executor of Bruno’s estate. This responsibility entailed handling Bruno’s financial affairs, settling debts, and ensuring the proper distribution of the estate to rightful beneficiaries. Henry is set to receive a thirty percent share of Bruno’s estate.

At the age of eight, Henry experienced the tragic loss of his parents, Claude and Marianne Bolet, in a car accident. Although Henry was taken in by Bruno after their death, their relationship lacked a close bond, with Henry experiencing emotional neglect due to Bruno’s distant demeanor. At various stages of Henry’s life, Bruno sent him away to boarding school, summer camp, military school, and college. Despite providing for Henry’s needs, Bruno failed to invest the time and effort needed to build a meaningful connection.

Returning to Bruno’s mansion triggers Henry’s grief. Nancy discovers him tearfully paying respects at his parents’ crypt, located in the cemetery behind Bruno’s mansion.

Against his lawyer’s instructions, Henry sold some of Bruno’s belongings to a curio shop for quick cash. This decision was influenced by his girlfriend, Summer, who is high-maintenance and always desires more expensive things. Henry loves Summer but finds her unpredictable and difficult to please. He fears losing her, which is why he’s willing to do whatever it takes to keep her happy.

The revelation of Bruno’s last request to Dr. Buford to give Henry the crystal skull changed Henry’s outlook. It demonstrated Bruno’s concern for him, despite his inability to express his feelings openly. Henry felt conflicted with his newfound understanding because he had always believed he was only a familial obligation to Bruno. The gesture, on the other hand, demonstrated that Bruno did care passionately about him, despite his difficulty in verbalizing his feelings.


Dr. Gilbert A. Buford, a retired medical doctor, frequents “Granny Punkin’s Cajun Cookin’,” a gumbo stand, where he enjoys socializing. He’s known for his friendliness, politeness, and charisma.

He was both a doctor and Bruno Bolet’s best friend, however their friendship was not totally mutual. Despite this, they had a friendly relationship. Bruno’s social isolation intensified as he grew older. Dr. Buford admits that Bruno Bolet showed him a crystal skull with alleged magical powers that he thought would offer him immortality. Dr. Buford believed it was crazy, but he remembered the skull’s beauty and how much Bruno treasured it.

Dr. Buford happened to be in town on the day Bruno died of a heart attack. Bruno became unconscious while reading a letter, causing Dr. Buford to apply chest compressions until emergency personnel arrived.

Dr. Buford is currently the president of the Jolly Rogers Krewe, a private organization renowned for its lively Mardi Gras parades and exclusive parties. Some individuals perceive krewes as akin to private clubs, while others even liken them to secret societies due to their exclusive nature. A pivotal shift occurred in the 1990s when the city authorities adopted a stance that altered the dynamics of the Jolly Rogers Krewe. Seeking to promote inclusiveness and wider participation, the city decided to withhold parade permits from the Jolly Rogers unless they abandoned their exclusivity and opened membership to nearly anyone interested. Faced with this ultimatum, rather than succumbing to the pressure and compromising their core values, the Jolly Rogers Krewe made a resolute decision. They opted not to conduct any more parades whatsoever. In the eyes of the city, the Jolly Rogers Krewe no longer exists. All members of the Jolly Rogers Krewe wear skeleton costumes during their meetings.

Gilbert disclosed to Bess that during Bruno Bolet’s final moments, Bruno directed him to take the portrait of Henry’s parents and conceal it within their family crypt. Bruno’s motive was to ensure that Henry, and no one else, would eventually acquire the crystal skull. In accordance with Bruno’s wishes, Dr. Buford dressed as the skeleton man, took the painting, and hid it. However, at a later point, Dr. Buford had a change of heart and abandoned his intention to assist Henry; instead, he became fixated on possessing the crystal skull for himself.

Dr. Buford once again put on his skeleton man costume, infiltrated Henry’s home, and aimed to retrieve the painting and the key from the miniature cemetery. He believed that the painting contained clues about the skull’s whereabouts. Unfortunately for him, Nancy walked into the mansion at just that moment. Employing a smoke bomb, he incapacitated Nancy after being caught in the act.

In an effort to compensate for his actions, Dr. Buford insists on taking Nancy and Bess on a grand tour of New Orleans. Dr. Buford has a deep love for the city and wants to share the experience with them.


Renée, the former housekeeper of the late Dr. Bruno Bolet, remains on the estate due to a prepayment and her steadfast dedication to her duties. Her acute observations and comprehensive knowledge of the Bolet estate’s affairs have rendered her well-informed. She particularly keeps a watchful eye on Henry, who appears inclined to sell possessions against legal advice.

Renée has strong faith in supernatural techniques such as hoodoo, in addition to her practical insights. She carries a little mojo bag around her neck, which she claims holds objects that confer unique skills when they are needed. This accessory, she claims, acts as a conduit to the universe’s fundamental energy. She also uses different roots, mushrooms, and tonics for their unique characteristics. Renée believes there is a spirit within her bedroom wall, who appears to be casting a spell against her. As a result, she paints anti-spell symbols on the wall, effectively drowning out the spirit’s enigmatic ramblings.

During Dr. Bolet’s final moments, Renée was present in the house and discovered his unconscious body near the entrance. At the same time, Gilbert Buford arrived and attempted unsuccessfully to resuscitate the doctor. Following Dr. Bolet’s passing, Renée encounters a figure resembling a skeleton (later discovered to be Dr. Buford), speculating that this could be the embodiment of “Mr. Death” returning.

Initially, Renée conceals her knowledge of the crystal skull, feigning ignorance. However, Renée was executing a scheme to acquire the skull for herself. She deceived Dr. Bolet by altering a letter from an authenticator to make it appear that the skull was fake, hoping this would lead to Dr. Bolet giving her the skull. Renée believes the skull recognizes her as the one who can fulfill its intended purpose or destiny. Her intention is to protect the artifact and be present for its interaction with similar skulls, seeing these events as the catalyst for unveiling the universe’s mysteries.

During her escape, Renée loses her grip on the skull, inadvertently letting it fall into the awaiting jaws of Bernie the alligator. Without a second glance, Bernie swims away with the skull, vanishing from sight forever.

Renée may not have intended to cause Bruno’s death, but she had certainly intended harm towards Nancy when she left her trapped within that sealed crypt. In the end, Renée is apprehended by the police.


Lamont is the amiable owner of “ZeKe’s,” a curio shop that sells an assortment of oddities, including products related to hoodoo, a local superstition. While he acknowledges the popularity of these hoodoo items and understands that some customers believe in their power, he remains helpful and friendly to all, offering his assistance to anyone with inquiries about the intriguing items in his store.

When Lamont acquired “ZeKe’s,” he inherited its peculiar name, as the previous owner (who wasn’t even named Zeke) had made him promise not to change it. Adhering to this request, Lamont kept the name intact, maintaining the shop’s unique identity.

During a reception after Bruno Bolet’s funeral, Lamont met Henry Bolet and offered his assistance in liquidating the estate, providing him with a business card. Lamont later bought a mysterious box of assorted items from Henry Bolet but keeps the box’s contents discreet to avoid any potential trouble.

Aside from his passion for oddities, Lamont seeks one of the legendary crystal skulls, believing it could fetch a significant fortune if he decides to sell it.

Despite his unique ventures, Lamont faces some personal health challenges, using nose spray to deal with sinus issues. He also enjoys gumbo from the stand outside his shop, but the spicy hot sauce tends to give him stomach trouble.

Upon learning that Bernie the alligator had ingested the crystal skull, Lamont made the choice to close ZeKe’s and buy enough marshmallows to fill a swamp boat. Since then, Lamont has been tirelessly exploring the bayous, kicking every log he comes across, in a resolute mission to find the elusive alligator carrying the valuable crystal skull. However, despite his efforts, the alligator continues to evade detection, and its whereabouts remain unknown.

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What is the code for the box in Nancy Drew Crystal Skull?

Enter on the code lock: LEBENUNDTOD. Inside the box, read the letter about the Whisperer. Bess automatically calls Nancy and gives her findings.

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