Majesty 2 Collection: Cold sunrise full guide

Majesty 2 Collection: Cold sunrise full guide

A full guide to beat all 9 levels of the Majesty 2 fan made expantion – Cold Sunrise
The expansion can be found on the following links:

A special thanks to any person involved in making this fanmade dlc.

Intro: Cold sunrise

This guide is made without lowering any fps or hz on a modern computer. Buildings construct more slowly as a result, and monsters spawn more quickly. This makes the vanilla campaign of Majesty 2 exceedingly challenging, but Cold Sunrise is even more challenging.
These are the methods I discovered to win the nine maps. Given how challenging the game is, imperfect performance will result in failure on some maps. Heavy spoilers concerning the goals and the map layout will be included in the level guide.
Similar to Majesty 2, saving your game is not possible without causing huge unit spawns. Most missions must be restarted if you fail.

It is very important in cold sunrise to select lords, to train them and to get as many upgrades as possible for them.

Chapter 1 Retreat to the north: Difficulty 9/10

Chapter 1 will add a new enemy to the game, fire mage. The objective on how to win is not crystal clear, it’s pretty much 3 steps:
1. Survive
2. When stable, make 12000 gold
3. Wait for 20 minutes or so while caravans finish the map

Keeping these three things in mind makes it very difficult to survive. This is the procedure.
Lower the speed to 0.2 at the beginning of the game.
Create two ranger guilds, one just southeast and slightly southwest of the castle.
Create 2 rogues guilds and put them just south of your ranger guilds as soon as 1 builder walked to each of them.
Make careful to allow a gap between the four guilds to the south of your fortress. You can speed up again once the four buildings have been put in place.
Then place two explosion flags west, one near the bottom to uncover a trading post and the other a little further up. This one will show you a graveyard and a cave.

Place a market in the middle of your four guilds while your buildings are still partially constructed.
The majority of the time, one of your guilds will complete, but if you’re unfortunate, wolves may spawn and wipe out one of your guilds. If this occurs, you must restart the map.

Wait for your units to scout; if the flags were properly set, you will discover:

A little to the southwest are two graveyards built on top of one another, a wolf camp nearby, and a trading post with a cave next to it.

There is one more graveyard and cave to the northwest.

Place a 100g bounty flag on each of the two adjacent graveyards.

Additionally, place 100g bounty flags at the other camps.
0–1 of the graveyards will generate units when demolished if you react quickly enough.
When your market is complete, research the amulet of regeneration and the HP potion. Do not study mana potions.
Construct a trading post. The units who spawn in later will not assault the caravan or the trade post, so don’t improve it or install any turrets close by.
If you successfully set an explosion flag southeast of the trade station, you will locate another cave and can place a 100g bounty there.

Just to the west of your west rangers guild, begin construction on two towers atop one another. Place two more towers beside your east rangers guild after they have been upgraded.
South of your market, locate a blacksmith. Blacksmith provides revenue in the chilly dawn.
To reveal a snake nest and another trading post, plant two exploration flags to the north-east.
To disclose a lightning element spawn, place the other flag further east.

By the time firemages from the west approach you, your towers to the west should have finished construction and the mages will perish helplessly.
A 200g bounty flag should be placed on the lightning element spawn.
On this map, there is a cutscene that opens a side mission; if you haven’t discovered it yet, you cannot destroy the lightning elemental nest.

Place a 100g reward flag on the wolf and snake nests that are close to your fortress.

Improve the two towers you have east of the range guild.
The east is now attacking you, but if your two towers are up, the wizards will perish once more.
Two graveyards are stacked on top of one another to the east of you; if you haven’t already revealed them, plant an investigate flag there before placing 100g bounty flags on them.
Another wolf nest is located just east of the elementals, and it has a 100g bounty.
Purchase 250g in rogue and ranger weapon and armor upgrades.
Rogue and ranger guilds should be level 2.
Increase market level to 2. When you can, construct a magic bazaar.

By this time, you will be attacked once more, this time by a second mage, and you will be attacked simultaneously from both sides.
The fire mages are excellent in focusing down your revenue-generating structures. So that your troops are elsewhere, don’t explore too much.
The elemental quest that spawns three lighting elementals should have been activated by this point; destroy them as soon as you can to earn a reward of 6k gold.
Place a second trade post and a tower to the northeast of were the elementals were, you might need a 200g defense flag on it.
Upgrade the trading station and the tower once it is finished.

Upgrade market to level 2 and research the ring, don’t buy mana potions.
Keep exploring east when u are not getting attacked, destroying any nest on the way.

By this time, you will be under attack from the west and the east by helia’s mages and archers; if you’re unlucky, they’ll take out more of your turrets.
You can tolerate some losses as long as you have two trading posts.
When you can, create a third rangers guild and a rogues guild while also leveling up the first one you created. Reach level 2 of blacksmith and acquire those upgrades.
If you want, you can rebuild three towers on each side, but it will cost a lot of money.
Your units will eventually reach a level where they can quickly take out the hostile magicians. Find the two ogre lairs north and northeast of your northeast trade post when there are no conflicts going on.

A third trading station and numerous monster camps are located farther east of your castle. Investigate the area thoroughly, destroy them, and establish a trading post.
Similar to the previous structure you created, mages and archers won’t assault it so long as you don’t enhance it or construct a tower.
Maintain stability, armor your units, rebuild your structures, and revive your dead units.

Place an explore flag in the northwest corner once you have roughly 10,000 gold.
There are a lot of monster camps here, so be careful not to spend too much time killing them or you risk losing the map and your stronghold.
Mark each with a 500g bounty.

After the water, there will be a road leading to the northwest corner.
On this road, construct three towers and upgrade them as you can, leaving some space between them.
There is one graveyard that is simple to miss, so clear away all of the monster camps.

Finally, when you have 12k gold, caravans will occasionally spawn and move independently to the northwest corner.

The counselor advises you to watch them, but it’s best not to.

Continue to defend your base for roughly 20 minutes, and you will win the map if enough caravans have traversed the path covered by towers.

Pick a rogue as your lord after the mission.

Chapter 2 Mountain crossing: Difficulty 3/10

One of the easiest maps in the whole dlc. Keep exploring.
Focus your blacksmith on getting max equip for rouges.

Pick a rogue as your lord after the mission.

Chapter 3 Oasis: Difficulty 7/10

There are numerous zombies to the east of you; ignore them all on the map and don’t bother trying to kill or combat them.
If you kill the imps in the northeast corner of the map, the dwarves will cease attacking. Though it is challenging to pull off.
Your main objective is to locate the elf camp by exploring the middle of the area.
If they’re still living, you get more gold; if they’re dead, you lose the map.
There are many monsters attacking you, so concentrate on your own base and survival first.
Send defense flags, construct extra camps, and place turrets where your elf ally is located when you can.

It was easier for me to leave one elf spawning building standing while destroying the others.
Eliminate the nearby element camps, identify werewolves, and protect trading posts.
Over time, the elf level will rise to the point that some dwarves will be killed rather than all of them fleeing.
Find and take control of the one trading post to the west.
Explore the area and obliterate lairs along the route, but be careful not to overcommit or your ally could perish.
Attack the imps in the northeast corner as soon as you feel confident.
Make rangers’ maximum equipment a priority for your blacksmith.

Pick a ranger as your lord after the mission.

Chapter 4 Winters chill: Difficulty 5/10

At first glace this mission seems very hard. The enemy u face have a sick base that is very hard to take down.
The attacks are big and strong and have a habit of ignoring your units and focus on your buildings.
There is also an ice mage, which once again with poor mission description tricks u into thinking it is your goal.
Don’t explore the ice mage, u can explore around it however.
Mark the monsters lairs u find.
For defense, look north, close to the enemy base.
There is only one path the enemy will use to attack u, setup a big killbox with turrets up here and build your units camps behind them.
What will happen is the enemy will attack, most will die to turrets, some will sneak through, when many units die they will retreat and when they retreat they die to turrets.
With this setup holding your base becomes very easy.
As for units, building two cleric guilds early while upgrading one of them for the anti-undead spell is very important.

As for the actual mission objective u need 50 000 gold. Work on securing your defense and the turrets while destroying monster camps first.
Don’t attack the enemy base, it’s a waste of time and gold.
When u have 50 000 gold send a scout to the ice mages, instantly winning the map.
If u accidently discover it before hand there will spawn a big elemental that u have to kill as well, this is good xp so could be worth doing either way.
Focus your blacksmith on getting max equip for rangers.

Pick a ranger as your lord after the mission.

Chapter 5 Fervus’ help: Difficulty 6/10

This mission is semi random, be very careful with exploration. If your units don’t explore directly north or northwest this mission is easy. If they do however it’s not really possible to win.
You will be attacked by tons of units mostly dragons, wolves, bears, ghosts. What u need in the start is market, rangers guild, hall of lords and clerics guild.
As soon as the clerics guild is finished upgrade it to lvl 2 and research the anti-undead spell.
To the north east of u there will be two monsters camps, one bear den and one hermits camp.
Very close, slightly west of the bear den are two elemental camps. If u don’t discover these elemental camps they just sit there, peacefully.
If u do discover it tho, it starts a timed quest, that when u fail it will spawn 10+ elementals.
The goal here is to destroy the bear den and the hermit camp without exploring the elemental camps.
Upgrade your rangers and clerics and get one rogue and two rangers from the hall of lords.
Defend your base from the crazy amount of monsters, with time one lightning elemental will attack too, but with your hall of lord units it’s easy to kill.
As per usual in the dlc, ignore every tip or quest that the advisor suggests.
Upgrade your palace when u can and build an inn.
Make a party with one cleric and your 3 hall of lords units.
Explore the elemental camps, kill all elementals and destroy the two camps.
After this the mission becomes very easy.
Take all the time in the world to explore, destroy more monsters lairs and level up your units.
Get max level blacksmith and make sure your lord units buy the best equip possible.
It’s recommended that the two lord rangers both get level 25 and one extra ranger reaching level 20+.
If your units lack gold u can place a 5000 bounty flag to defend your palace.
When u feel ready to finish the mission send one scout to the hermit camp in southeast corner.
This will make the beastmasters hostile.
Kill all the beastmaters and destroy their camp to finish the mission.

Pick a ranger as your lord after the mission.

Chapter 6 Global cold snap: Difficulty 10/10


An insane map that will test your patience and makes u question what u did wrong in life to end up at this map.
The map is esentially 4 stages.
Stage 1 is from day 1-20
Stage 2 is from day 20-30
Stage 3 is from day 30-50
Stage 4 is from day 50-61 (yes u need day 61 to finish not day 60)

Stage 1

Instantly set speed to 0.2
Upgrade your palace and then build a 2nd dwarf camp next to the one u already start with.
Research health potion in the market.
Place 8 or so explorer flags all around the map.
Place 100 or 200 gold attack flags on everything south, south east and east of base, make sure u find the bear den in the southeast and the pyramid close to it.
When palace finish upgrading, upgrade market to level 3.
Train 3 dwarfs when u have the gold, research everything in market except for mana potion.
Mark the rest of the camps that u found.
On day 10 place a 200g fear flag next to your starting towers in the southeast.
On day 11 firemages will spawn, most of the times they will get hit by both towers killing all of them. If u are unlucky they will all split to the west.
If this happens they will destroy one tower. If this happens u have to restart the map.
Keep destroying monster lairs, u can ignore the snake nest in the northeast corner.
Build a temple of augrela when u have the gold for it. When it’s finished find two lvl 8 clerics and upgrade them. Research the ressurection spell from the temple.
Build a library and upgrade it when u can.
Upgrade warriors guild and clerics guild to lvl 3, buy all upgrades for warrior and the mana restore spell from the clerics. Don’t buy any other cleric spells.
Buy the two poison spells in rogues guild, but don’t upgrade it, buy the 200g spell in rangers guild but don’t upgrade it.
Research all 250g weapons/armor in blacksmith.
Research all the dwarf and elf spells.
Buy 3 lords from the lords guild, high level rangers are very helpful. If u followed the guide so far u should have 3 rangers as lords.
On day 20 a big army of mages will spawn, you must let them destroy your 2 towers in southeast and after that die to your units defending the dwarf camp.

Stage 2

After the mages die, instantly place an inn and 2 dwarf towers to the southeast where the mages spawned.
When the inn is finished u need to make 8 parties, with one healer and one tank in each. This is tricky to pull off.
Defend your turrets down in the south east, place bounty flags on any mages that manages to sneak away.
Keep making parties, research stone incantation in the library when u can.
Resurect units with your spell, saving tons of gold.
Build 1 more tower when u can, u need to have 3 standing before day 30.
Build a 4th tower if u have the gold for it.
Place a defence flag on the inn.
Research the heal spell in the library.

Stage 3

Keep at it, make parties, build towers and place new defense flags. Get a 4th tower when u can.
On day 30 a huge army of a mix between fire mages and archers of helia will spawn. From now on it will spawn many archers.
Your goal is to hold the towers in the southeast all the way to day 50. It is recommended to slow the speed down every time a new wave spawns to not lose any towers and be able to ressurect units.
You don’t need to build or research anything else in town, save all your gold for spells.
Shortly after day 30, 3 new monster lairs will spawn to the west, mark them all.
On day 40 this happens again, mark them again.
More monster lairs will spawn later, but u can ignore all of them.
Keep holding out in the southeast, with 4 towers and 16+ units u can hold out to day 50 like this.

Stage 4

Around day 50 the spawns will be more frequent, higher lvls and more units, it’s likely your defence in the southeast will fail at this point.
If u got to this stage, save your game.
Next guard those mages, it is near impossible to keep all 6 alive, so focus on 2.
You can use the heal spell for 250 gold to heal the mages.
Everytime an enemy comes close to the mages, slow down the speed to 0.2 and heal them up.
When u beat a wave, save the game.
Resurect dwarves/elfs/priests and mby clerics and let everything else die.
Keep slowing down speed, healing and then saving the game after every wave.
If all mages die, load your old save.
Sometimes the fire mages will hit the ice mage lairs instead of the ice mages.
Sometimes they will also hit your library, and when it goes down u can no longer heal.
After day 55 or so most of the enemies will come from southeast and walk through the middle instead of splitting.
When this happens u can move your defence flag further out to avoid the library being destroyed.
Keep saving/loading and hopefully u can stall long enough to reach day 61.
This mission took me many restarts.

It is very important that u pick a priest as your lord after the mission.

Chapter 7 The Return: Difficulty 5/10 if scouted on day 2 and 4/10 if at a later date

Just like previous missions this has some rng to it, by chance u will get scouted by an enemy ranger between day 2 and day 25, the later it finds u the easier the mission is.
Train 4 ice mages.
Place a rangers guild to the east of your palace, it should reveal an ogre den.
Place 100g bounty on the ogre den, this should level up the ice mages abit.
Train 1 ranger and make him explore west, finding two graveyards, three wolf dens and a hermit house in the process. Place attack bounties on them too.
Most of the time your ice mages will do this without dieing, if they die however it will cost to much gold to resurect them and u will have to restart the mission.
Unlock health potions.
Save 2000 gold and upgrade your palace.
Build a warrior guild and train 3 warriors. Train two more rangers.
Place 2 normal guard towers near the river crossing.
On a day 10-15 days after u got scouted, (seems to be some rng, but usually day 18) u will be attacked by a a big army of rogues, warriors, clerics and rangers. If u have 4 ice mages all level 5+ it should not pose any threat.
Research armor and weapon upgrade for mages, if your blacksmith got destroyed build it further to the east.
Since the day of the attack is rng depending on when u got scouted, u could have way more both units and turrets before the attack happens.
Build a hall of lords and train 2 rangers.
Just like on mission 4, the ai will be very good at ignoring your units and go straight for buildings, rebuild what u have to rebuild.

Build a inn, upgrade it and research party training.
Make a clerics guild and train 3 clerics.
Make 3 parties with warrior, ranger, cleric, ice mage.
Attack the enemy across the river and take out the north part of ai town.
Build two trading posts on the trade spots. Don’t upgrade them just like on the first mission. You need this done before day 30.
Don’t overcommit and go for the bank in southeast corner as that will make u to weak to counterattacks.
Upgrade your market and then build a magic bazaar. Upgrade blacksmith to level 2.
Build as many towers and dwarf towers u can and place them next to where the enemy base was next to the river crossing.
The enemy will attack u every few days and on day 39 there will be a huge attack on your base, be ready.
After the attack on day 39, secure your two trading posts by destroying any leftover buildings close by. Don’t go for the ai hall of lords in southeast corner.

With the posts secure the mission simply even stops trying. From here on it’s a cakewalk. Stock up on blacksmith for a better icemage lord after the mission, don’t explore anything else.
Recruit the priest from last mission from the hall of lords, have it stock up on blacksmith gear.
When u are ready,
There is a graveyard close to the middle red base. It will spawn some skeleton, vampires and a 5k hp lich. Killing those will start sending waves of undead against the ai.
These waves alone can finish the mission for u without doing anything else.

It is very important that u pick an ice mage as your lord after the mission.

Chapter 8 Triple threat: Difficulty 5/10

You think the threat of the mission would be the triple threat that the mission hints on, but those 3 will not attack u at all until very late in the game.
The threat is actually to survive the early game from the many beasts and undead. This is not very hard at all tho.

Build 2 rangers guilds and 1 clerics guild next to the trading post. Train 6 rangers.
Explore abit northeast, finding one bear den, one wolf den, one graveyard and one anicent crypt. You need all of these destroyed before day 15.
Mark the 4 dens and build a trading post, place two towers close to it, one northwest and one southeast.
Research healthpotions.
Train 3 clerics.
Build a warriors guild and train 3 warriors, place the warriors guild close to the market.
Upgrade the towers and the trading post when u can.
If u encounter the side quest with the helia archer and the ratmen, just ignore them for now.
Slightly to the southeast of the trading post there is a cave, take it out after u destroyed the first 4 camps.
Scout west of your palace to find 3 graveyards and a cave, don’t mark them yet.
Scout north from your palace to find a wolf den, mark it. Be careful not to scout to much north tho as it will trigger a timed quest. Don’t mark the graveyards/crypt/portals close by if u find them.
Upgrade clerics guild and research holy attack.
Build a blacksmith. Research the 250 gold weapon and armor for warriors.
Research amulet of regeneration in the market.
Place a tower next to your market. Place 2 more when u have the gold.
Upgrade your palace to level 2.
Build a 2nd clerics guild and train 3 more clerics.
Upgrade market to level 2 and build a magic bazaar.
Upgrade rangers guild to level 2 and research accurate shot.
Build 2 rogues guild and train 6 rogues.
Build 1 more warrior guild and train 3 warriors.
Around day 25 u will be attacked by elementals from the north.
Build an inn and create 6 parties with 1 rogue, 1 cleric, 1 ranger and 1 warrior.
Take out the graveyards and the cave to the west.
Upgrade palace to level 3, followed by market to level 3.
Research everything in the market. Research all 250 gold weapons and armors in the blacksmith.
Upgrade rangers guild, warriors guild, rogues guild and clerics guild to level 3, research everything except for hammer of faith.
Upgrade blacksmith to level 2 and research lvl 2 weapons/armor for everyone.
To the north there is a protect goblin quest for 30 days, aswell as some more monsters dens. Defend the goblins for 30 days and destroy the 5 ratman nests meanwhile. You need to start this before day 50, or the quest will fail.
Build a temple of dauros on the holy site next to the trading post.
Build hall of lords.
Build 2 dwarf towers close to peasant houses, there seems to be a bug on this mission that if all houses gets destroyed u be stuck with 0 builders for the rest of the mission.
Train 2 paladins and buy the priest + the ice mage from hall of lords, create 1 more party with 2 paladins, ice mage and priest.
Upgrade blacksmith to level 3 and research everything when u have the gold. Blacksmith level 4 is to expensive and takes to long.
Explore freely, Watch out for the archers of helia army, one of them is level 100. To the northeast of your palace is a bearman den, take it out.
When both the quests are finished, the ai will summon units and fight for u, just like last mission they will be very powerful.
Resurect your units and reform parties.
The yellow ai palace is in the northwest, as soon as he leaves for ogre hunting send all your own to destroy the palace. The goblins should have taken down his towers, saving u time. Don’t fight his archer army.
Build a 2nd trading post to the north when yellow and purple are gone, upgrade blacksmith to 4 and research everything.
Try and get ice mage, one paladin and priest to buy full level 4 upgrades. Use defence flags on your palace to generate gold for your units. This will make next mission alot easier.
Finish the mission by taking out whatever is left standing, which will probably be red in the middle. The purple ai will die to the ratmen.
Way later, around day 140 the red ai will attack u with alot of fire mages, this can make u lose the mission fairly easily. Make sure u finish before this happens.

It is very important that u pick a paladin as your lord after the mission.

Chapter 9 Extingushing the fire: Difficulty 2/10 With level 25+ lords or 3/10 with weaker lords

Since there are no monsters spawns, u can actually save game on this mission without an issue.
Here we are, the last mission. The kicker is u can only use lords. Recruit paladin, ice mage and priest and have them form a party.
If your hall of lords gets destroyed u will lose the mission, u also don’t have any palace and can’t build anything, u can also not resurect your units if they die.

Start by exploring slightly east, u will find an elixir that the advisor will say boosts your party, but it’s not clear if it actually does anything. You also find a small red camp. Take it out.
Your units will attack buildings without attack flags on this mission.
Explore abit north of here to find a friendly camp, u need to find 4 of these.
In the northeast corner u will find the 2nd camp.
Here u will also find a library and a blacksmith allowing u to heal your units. Your units can also buy max gear in the blacksmith if they don’t already have it.
Take out the red camp with fire mages close to the northeast camp.
Let your units go back to the start and rest then explore west, finding the 3rd camp.
Take out the nearby red camp.
Explore the northwest corner to find the 4th camp, completing the sidequest. Here u will also find a market allowing restock of potions.
With the sidequest complete the ai will summon units and attack your enemy.
Take out the nearby red camp to the east.
Explore the map if u are missing any spots, take out any red camp that isn’t the big middle one.
Take out the red main camp along with your ally, allowing your units to go back rest if needed. Save the game every now and then so u don’t accidently die.
There is a bug abuse u can use by saving when the teal units are in red base and then loading the game. Doing this resets the timer for the red ai to summon new units.
Keep saving/loading to prevent him from getting any units, making taking out the castle very easy.
It is possible for the ai to take out the red enemy all on it’s own, but it takes about 6 hours, could leave computer on overnight if u are feeling lazy. In order for this to work tho u have to down the red ai marketplace.
When the castle is destroyed, one final tanky mage will spawn but it should be easy to take out.
With that the mission is done, sadly the last mission wasn’t much of a challenge. GG and WP.

Hopefully this guide helped any brave soul that took on the challenge of cold sunrise.
I’m sure these are not the only way to beat the 9 chapters, but this is what worked for me.
Go in peace your majesty <3

Credit to: Philly4eva

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