Oneshot Achievement Guide

Oneshot Achievement Guide

In this guide, I’ll walk you through how to get every single achievement in Oneshot. Make sure to read each section as you get to each area in order to avoid spoilers.

Read these as early as you can! These achievements should be known about as early as possible.


To earn this achievement, you must finish the game without manually closing it (clicking x in the top corner.) However, there is one game mechanic where doing so is required and won’t prevent you from earning the award (we advise visiting Refuge first): You must proceed only to the chamber with the enormous X after you have all three components of the “previous sun” (the necklace, the feather, and the dice that George gives you). To reach the Tower, manually close the game while standing on the X.


For this achievement, you need to delete a fake save file in your documents in order to start a new game after you’ve completed it. The file is called saveprogress.txt. This marks the start of the Solstice route, which has no achievements but really gets deep into the lore of the game, so make sure to play through it!

Achievements in the Barrens

These are all the achievements you can get in the Barrens, which is where you end up after leaving the house.

Chaotic Evil:

You must visit the large, factory-like structure with all the unpowered robots and crushers if you want to get this achievement. You should hear anything as you progress and finally come upon a powered crusher. Equip the lightbulb from your inventory, then proceed to the crusher to interact with it. The achievement will appear if Niko says something like, “I am NOT going to shatter the sun!” The lightbulb and crowbar can also be combined to obtain the achievement, and the outcome will be the same.


For this achievement, you need to interact with the generator after you have powered it using the charged battery. Niko will get zapped by the generator and the achievement will pop up. You can also get the achievement by interacting with the generator in the Glen.

Achievements in the Glen

These are all the achievements you can get in the Glen, which is where you end up after getting on the boat with Rowbot.

Extreme Bartering:

For this achievement, you need to attempt to trade a plethora of items with the Trader. These items are:

-Strange Journal
-Tube of Water
-Bottle of Dye
-Novelty T-Shirt

IMPORTANT: To get the Novelty T-Shirt, you need to trade the wool with the Trader but you must refuse his first offer of only the Bottle of Dye. He will then offer you both the dye and the t-shirt. Make sure to accept this offer. You need the Novelty T-Shirt for another achievement which is in the Refuge.

Ram Whisperer:

For this achievement, you need to complete the ram puzzle without ringing the bell to reset the rams’ positions.

Rebirth (part 1):

This is the first part of the Rebirth achievement. When you find Maize surrounded by roots (Niko calls her the ‘plant lady’), leave the sun with her for a while. Return to her and pick up the both the sun and the seed that she leaves behind (you need this seed for the Extreme Bartering achievement as well). This achievement is continued in the Refuge.

Achievements in the Refuge

These are all the achievements you can get in the Refuge, which is the area you end up in after leaving the Glen.

Rebirth (part 2):

When you enter the Refuge, there will be a large robot that stops you from going past him unless you have the ‘sacred kernel’. Go to your inventory and equip the seed and the robot will let you pass. Go up and plant the seed in the pot, then Niko will ask if it will grow without any soil (the answer is no.) Go to the apartments (The top left path from the elevator) and right at the end of the corridor there will be a door with plant pots. Go in and interact with the Gardener and you will get some soil. Afterwards, go to the street with all the vendors (the elevator needs to be working to get to this area) and to the far left there should be a guy with ‘water pills’. Interact with him and he will give you a free sample, then combine the pill with the tube of water to get the Medicated Water. Go back to the seed and add the water and the soil, then make sure to choose the ‘Return the sun’ ending to get both the achievement and an additional ending scene.

We Ride At Dawn:

For this achievement, you need to find the apartment with the little circular robotic vacuum on the floor that is moving around (The apartments are on the top left path from the elevator). Interact with it and make Niko ride it. Once you get off it, Niko will say it was fun and the achievement will pop up.


For this achievement, wait until Niko’s stomach grumbles and they complain about being hungry. They will ask you if you remember where the cafe is; make sure to say yes. Head back to the elevator and fast travel to the cafe when you get out. Go up to the counter and interact with the woman. Some dialogue will play and when that’s done, the achievement will pop up.


For this achievement, you need to interact with the all the shiny books and all of the golden books on the shelves in both the library and George’s room. (Their pages should take up the whole screen.) When you’ve interacted with all of them, the achievement will pop up.


For this achievement, go to the back alley and head over to the far right to see a wall with a ram graffiti’d onto it. Equip the Novelty T-Shirt in your inventory, interact with the wall and the Ram Whisperer will pop up and say ‘I see you have the club uniform. You may enter.’ When you get inside, the achievement will pop up.

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