Gothic 3: Things Game Does Not Tell You

Gothic 3: Things Game Does Not Tell You

A collection of Gothic 3 gameplay tips that many people do not know

Journal Map double tap teleport rep and narrow down quests

You may click on town icons to filter missions by a certain town when you access the Journal, which displays quests and the game map.

If you have a teleporter stone for the town icon you clicked on, you may double click it to equip your character with the teleporter spell without having to search through your inventory (which tends to get cluttered with stuff) or add it to hotbars.

You can also see specific town reputation by clicking on the town icon.

Main and All

If you have Xardas teleporter stone double clicking on Main will teleport you to Xardas’ Tower.

If you have a Varant Temple teleporter stone double clicking on All will teleport you to that temple where water mages are.

Click twice on misc/documents to switch + twice on quest/characters in journal

In the game, there are dual-purpose tabs. They may be recognized by the slash (/) that separates them. For instance, you may often access Miscellaneous/Documents in inventory through trades or when you utilize a chest. It will allow you to switch between them with only two clicks.

The Misc tab has things like gold coins, components, trophies etc. and the documents store books, recipes, maps etc.

A dual-purpose tab is also included in the quest journal. You can switch between characters and quests. You may view the folks who live in the town using the Characters tab. This comprises traders, individuals of interest, and trainers; if you click on any of them, their dialog will be seen.

Double tap inventory slot to consume 2 items and eat while running

You can double tap an item in inventory or on hotbar to consume 2 items in a row. Eating works while running

Agro npcs to lead them away for solo fights & ground deathblow

An old Gothic trick that allows you to agro NPCs to draw them out and beat em up or assassinate.

Make sure just that NPC sees you draw a weapon in front of them. They’ll ask you to sheath the weapon after twice threatening you. After the third offense, they’ll start battling you. In cities, this works. You can battle them if they don’t strike you and you can get them outside the city limits. People will start assisting the NPC if they strike you while others are observing. You will have started a battle if you hit the NPC. To avoid being seen or overheard, only engage the NPC after leaving town.

Some people might defend you if an NPC attacks you if you have a good reputation in the community and everyone has the last name Green, but not always. Better to guide them to a secure location.

After defeating the NPC, you can take their stuff. And if your job was to assassinate them, you may target the NPC that is laying on the ground by holding down the right mouse button while blocking with it. You’ll murder them by impaling them.

Another way you can agro some NPCs is by using Terror. NPCs with Strong Will like Leaders and Mages will be agroed and will start fighting and following you. You can take them outside and finish them 1 v 1.

Pickpocket when fails also makes a person agro against you. The only downside is that after you beat them up outside of town 1 v 1 they will be angry at you and won’t talk to you so keep a few Amnesia scrolls ready.

Terror can also be used to induce people to flee the city. You’ll need to pursue them while preparing a sleep spell. Cast the spell on them once you’re outside of town, and they’ll pass out and cease running. Grabbing their weapon then assault them.

When there aren’t many witnesses to your crime and you need to do it, terror might come in useful. They can be dispatched while you steal something or ambush your victim.

Win Arena Fights The Easy Way

So you can win arena fights the easy way even playing on hardest settings.

You are going to need sleep scrolls/spell, no gold on your person, knock down ability from thief tree (40 thieving I believe) and a blunt weapon of any damage amount (dmg does not matter).

You need to find a chest where no one can see it and place your gold coins inside so they do not get stolen after you get beat up. You want to ask the arena master to start the battle, but sometimes you have to pay them so do that.

When the fighter is waiting for you in the arena, equip the sleep spell and proceed there without engaging in combat. Put them to sleep, please. After this, they will awaken, therefore don’t save or restart the game. A weapon that an NPC is holding falls to the ground next to them as they nod off. Take their weapon by entering the arena.

If you have pickpocket skill and you haven’t stole from the NPC yet or you have unspoken dialogue lines you can talk to the NPC to wake it up. Make sure to have your blunt weapon equipped. Once you exit the dialogue NPC will forget about the fight and start walking away from arena. !You can’t leave arena because the fight is not complete and you will lose it if you do, the same rules do not apply to NPC!. Get your blunt weapon out hold right click targeting NPC and then charge left click attack by holding for a second or two and release to knock the NPC out before they leave arena. Now quickly loot the npc.

Anyone who is watching will beat you up because you just knocked out the NPC. As soon as an NPC beats you, quickly sheath your weapon to prevent them from taking it off the ground. Only the gold you stole from the NPC will be looted; everything else you took off the NPC is yours to keep. However, you previously stashed your gold in a chest.

You may either wait for the NPC to wake up on their own or save and restart the game if you don’t have any dialogue options to wake them up.

If you were doing paid arena fights the rewarded money should be enough to continue with the next fight that way you don’t have to recover your gold from chest and can just continue fighting

Arrival Farm

The first action in the game is a battle for Ardea. NPCs instantly turn green and start approaching you after the battle. the town was seized by insurgent NPCs. Then you have your reliable traveling companions, including Milten, Gorn, Diego, Lares, and other characters from earlier Gothic games. In addition, they are friendly to you.

The issue is. There are two distinct factions: the Friends and the Rebel. The rebels will attempt to protect you if you begin to beat up one of your buddies. There will be a huge struggle as a result. Although your friends are rather powerful at the beginning of the game, the town will be able to steadily eliminate them.

Additionally, unless someone shoots an arrow during the final hit, they usually won’t kill each other. So be cautious about that. You don’t want any significant NPCs to pass away. So in such situation, save and reload.

It will be a protracted battle. Your friends will knock down several Rebel NPCs, giving you the opportunity to loot them as well as your friends for some priceless riches. This will enable you to start the game with a large bankroll. Additionally, you will get experience points if you manage to land knockout blows. But it doesn’t matter.

What is important is the items they all carry. So you get to loot lots of good equipment, including expensive ranger bows and berserker axe from Gorn etc. at the starting level when it would have been impossible to win those fights and you couldn’t use the Green Knockout trick.

Green Knockout Farming NPCs

Before robbing the town blind I highly urge you to first acquire positive Green reputation by doing quests and favors in town. Because if you start robbing you will receive negative reputation among people that will paint them Orange permanently and you will not be able to do this trick.

You are going to need people trusting you in town you are doing this (being Green) and Thief 40 Skill Knock Down. Any blunt weapon.

The way game handles reputation is that once NPCs turn Green (friendly) towards you you can beat anyone in town and they won’t care and in some instances they will even defend you. You can only lose this reputation if you kill people or steal things from them. And if you are playing Content Mod with Consequences then via some quest choices that affect factions (more on avoiding consequences in later section)

So once the city is Green and before you started robbing it you can get your trust Blunt weapon and start knocking down NPCs from behind by Holding Right Click and Charging Left Click Attack.

By the way, it’s one of the greatest talents in the game and one of the most helpful, especially if you play Gothic games on Hard. allows you to quickly kill individuals without having to engage them in combat since all you need to do is pierce them on the ground. That way, you can even sneak skill opposing camps.

Anyway, if you have a good reputation in a community, no one will care if you start kicking people out and robbing them. Furthermore, no one will confront you and assault you for disobeying the law. It is not seen negatively like stealing.

You will farm up a lot of EXP and whatever Items NPC hold. And you won’t kill anyone so you won’t trigger rebellion or kill important quest NPCs.

After you farmed all the NPCs in town you can proceed with ruining your reputation and turning it into Orange by robbing the town blind.

Steal everything, store gold in chest, get beat up

So the only major downside of being a thief is that you get beaten up and gold is taken from you.

No problem. Find a safe chest in town, put all your gold there.

Now you can go around town robbing everyone and everything.

You can use pickpocket (but it is generally not worth it and you will be stopped a lot) and you can steal things from chests, houses and vaults.

You will be able to talk your way out of getting caught more often if you have the Make Excuses skill from the Thief tree. But someday, you’ll be discovered. I don’t mean getting caught like you were caught stealing. No. You must remain hidden. However, even if they don’t witness you do it, NPCs in Gothic 3 will ultimately suspect and blame you for murdering or stealing. They will blame you of bringing bad luck since your arrival, and you will hold yourself accountable. The problem with murdering is that if you kill too many people, the town will become hostile against you (I’ll explain how to avoid this in a later part), but with stealing, they will just keep beating you up. Making excuses well will therefore enable you to refute their claims more frequently and suffer punishment less. Never offer them bribes; they will beat you up and making excuses won’t help. Additionally, all of your major money supply is in a chest in a safe in town.

The stealing process goes something like this: steal a lot of stuff, talk your way out of it or be beat up, and then get beat up anyhow. You then only lose a tiny amount of stolen gold, but you still get to retain everything you took. Avoid being knocked unconscious while holding your weapon out since that will result in its removal. Do not struggle. Take off your armor and let NPCs attack you.

Telekinesis and Archery Highlight

An old Gothic trick from the previous games.

Put Telekinesis spell in the hotbar and use it to look for items. It helps you locate items hidden in houses, plants in the wilderness and items hidden all over the world. It basically targets them. You do not need to actually use the spell. Just use it to highlight items and then sheath the spell and pick them up.

Ranged spells and Weapons work the same way but for NPCs. You can instantly see NPCs hiding in the foliage or darkness, from afar too.

Pick Items Up Fast (Skipping Animation)

In older Gothic games you had to edit ini for this to work.

In this game all you need to do is to crouch and you can spam left click to pick up items, plants fast. Because there is a lot of looting in the game you don’t have time to watch the slow animation every time.

Town Enemies chase you all over the map. Start big battles.

This is useful for End Game.

If you attack a town and start taking over it, possibly kill some important NPCs and it will trigger the town to become RED and kill you on sight, the town will become so mad they will try to seek you out across the map. But more consistently they will travel to closer towns.

So for example if you go to Cap Dun and kill their leader then go to Ardea chances are battle music will play and NPCs from Cap Dun will come to kill you, they will start fighting the rebels from Ardea and it will be a big epic fight and will make it easier for you to take over Cap Dun.

But you should also be warned that important NPCs could die in friendly towns that way.

I also had this happen with Trelis. I assassinated their leader and teleported away. After a few hours of playing I went to do quests in Montera. Then after a bit of time battle music started playing and I did not understand why. Then I heard fighting and saw Orcs from Trelis coming in squads in a big long line attacking rebels around Montera because they came there looking for me.

Then after I took over Trelis I did this on purpose and baited Orcs from Gildren into a fight with Trelis rebels.

Not sure if there is a limit to how far they go, but they definitely visit nearby towns.

Knock down allows you to kill friendly NPCs and works through thrones

I noticed that you can knock out friendly NPCs that you can’t target to fight. Like your Friends. You can also knock out Orc Warlords and Zuben and other important NPCs when they are sitting on their thrones. I did use a long blunt weapon Branch to do that though.

it is pretty overpowered and allows you to basically insta kill a boss humanoid NPC like Zuben provided you impale them on the ground. This also allows you to kill NPCs like Gorn

Unfortunately, Murder ability at least when I tried it did not work through Thrones. (It works like impale strike with a sword but from behind). It got caught into the thrones, whereas Knock Down hitbox managed to connect.

Additionally, immortal NPCs can still take poison damage slowly.

Not killing Orc Leaders

There are some NPCs in game, primarily Orc Leaders that if you fight them with a melee weapon will not be knocked out but will die.

If you do not want to kill them there are several things you can do to avoid doing that.

You can knock them out using Knock Down thief skill. In their throne room and even loot them but sometimes it could be problematic.

You can also quickly cast Terror spell on them. Because they have strong will they will agro and follow you but if sheath the spell in time the guards won’t agro. And you can take those orc leaders outside town. Make sure they don’t hit you when others are watching and don’t hit them.

Once out of town you put them to sleep, take their weapon. When they wake they will go back, this is the time to knock them out and loot them. That won’t kill them.

Another way to knock them out without killing them is using poison. If they lose their last health to poison from your weapon or spell they will also be knocked out and not dead.

Killing town people without getting a kill count

Since NPCs in Gothic 3 will blame you for killing townspeople and town guards even if you are not seen doing that, you are best not to over do this to avoid triggering rebellion or turning your reputation Red so everybody in town tries to kill you.

The game only counts you kill someone when you are the one who strikes the deathblow.

So what you can do is agro your target out of town, even beat them up and take their weapon away so that they have little health left, then agro them again once they wake and take them to the nearest monster or enemy faction and have them kill your target for you.

You won’t have a kill count for that NPC then and nobody will blame you in town. You can kill as many NPCs in town this way as you like without becoming seen as murderer. But still do not go over the murder limit because you might accidentally free the town of its faction.

The Best 1-H Sword Combo on Alternative AI + Alternative Balance

First, I advice you to use the swords with longest reach. Reach is shown in numbers with latest community patch and balance updates. The longer your sword the easier it is to do combos and land hits while avoiding damage.

To perform the combo Hold Right Click and Charge Left Click and Release to Pierce (poisoned blades will apply poison here), then without Holding Right Click charge Left Click and Release to do a power attack and knock your enemy down, quickly press Left Click to connect a light attack to enemy mid air as they fall.

Overpowered Spell Combo Fog + AoE Spell

You don’t even need to be a mage. You just need lots of mana potions, a shadow scepter artifact that allows you to cast fog or lots of fog scrolls, AoE scrolls or spells of your choosing.

Cast Fog before taking out a town or a huge orc camp. Cast AoE spell. Drink Mana Potion. Cast Fog again. If you have enough Mana you might be able to do 2 or even 3 spells before recasting fog.

Make sure to cast fog to the finish or it won’t work. Don’t move or you will break it. Fog creates an invisible circular barrier around the area it was cast in. It is rather small but NPCs wont be able to pierce it with arrows or magic. They won’t pass it to attack you with a sword either.

However, if you cast it too close to NPCs some might be stuck inside the fog with you and then will be able to attack you.

You can try to adjust your position inside the fog if some npcs are hitting you with melee through it or you can just run and recast it further away.

I played as a warrior thief with some magic skills and by the end of the game I invested a little bit into magic. I never spent any LP on ancient knowledge. Fog allowed me to easily clear towns and Nordmar Orc camps on Hard with Alternative A.I. and Balance which was a bit of a pain fighting so many people with melee due to being knocked back constantly. So basically as a weak magic user I was able to do this.

Fog > AoE Spell > Mana Potion > Repeat

Taming is pretty OP and how to heal pets

Taming is really strong in Gothic 3 especially if you tame the right animals.

It does not require a lot of ancient knowledge and does not cost much LPs even with Alternative Balance.

Taming is always powerful no matter what A.I. Balance you play on as NPC vs NPC rules remain as in Vanilla.

Besides, I did not feel like going around with companions who get stuck in places and having to wait for them all the time or them backing out of range for no reason.

Best animals to tame are wolves, wargs and bisons. Some animals and monsters are too strong willed to tame like Shadow Beasts. But generally any tamed monster is good to have even if it is not as OP as wolf.

They are OP because they constantly stunlock enemies. Really useful if you are fighting annoying things like Skeleton Mages. So having a wolf by your side is good.

Additionally, you can tame some really cool animals.

You can tame Zuben’s Tamed Lions. You can tame the Tamed Lion of Shakior, The Lion of The Desert. Use them against them in combat or just lead them away to die somewhere to enemy NPCs.

You can tame all the wolves in Nordmar Wolf clan. But you can’t kill them yourself or they will count as murdering a clan member. So take them away and make them fight some mobs in Nordmar and let them die if you want to get rid of wolves.

If you want to get rid of Ice Golems in Wolf clan you can use terror on them and then stay in close proximity of them so they don’t use magic on you and try to hit you with their fists. Lead them away and make them agro on something else, just like wolves.

And finally, you can tame the Strongest Boss Wolf in the game – The White Ripper. This Wolf is very very very strong as a tamed pet. Possibly the strongest Tame in game. You can carry this wolf with you anywhere but it is a pain dealing with companions. If you can’t beat this wolf you can make it fight your enemies until it dies.

If you want to heal your pet there are 3 ways you go about this

If your pet runs out of sight distance and comes back to you or you find it, it will have full health. If you save and reload the game all mobs in the game will have full health.

Or you can invest in Innos spell Hear Other. Which will allow you to heal your pet in combat while it is tanking and therefore you won’t have to worry about the enemy regaining health if you reload and the pet will survive.

Avoid Consequences (Content Mod 3.1, Consequences Mod ONLY)

This is only for Content Mod 3.1 with Consequences Mod enabled.

Your decisions in game will affect how other factions see you. They will give you extra quests to atone for your actions or condemn you.

Some of these consequences can be delayed or bypassed.

Most of these consequences are given to you by Castle Gate Guards that block you from reaching the City Leader. And only few of them are given by Leaders themselves.

So once you earn enough town reputation and The Gate Guard allows you to enter the Inner Court Yard, Castle etc. to see the Leader. You can kill the Guard in any of the easy ways I have previously described, ideally by luring them out of town.

That way when you do a bad thing you nobody will stop you and you won’t be banned from visiting the Leader and won’t have to suffer some of the consequences.

If you are a pacifist you can also cast Sleep or Terror on the guard every time you pass him after you have done something that warrants consequences. But honestly that is too annoying to worry about that every time and sometimes you forget. So I just killed the guards

As for the Consequences Mod, it is cool but I wish there were more NPCs that would inform you of them or Guard NPC would respawn frequently. As it is stands now it is too easy to avoid them.

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