Project Zomboid: Best Negative Traits

Project Zomboid: Best Negative Traits

This guide helps you find the best negative traits in Project Zomboid to take to allow you to get free points. This guide will help you to have the most mentally broken build. These traits will have little to no effect to your character.

The Best Negative Traits

  • Smoker This one is obvious, you can easily get a surplus of cigarettes by killing zombies or looting bars. Worth four points.
  • Hard of Hearing The downsides of this are barely noticeable, and if you really care, just turn up your volume. Worth two points.
  • Hemophobic The downsides of this can be a problem, however, simply take beta blockers if you care about damage. Worth five points.
  • Prone to Illness To avoid the downsides of this negative trait, don’t stay outside while it rains or snows. If you’re bit, you’re gonna die anyway without mods like “They Knew” so it doesn’t really matter. Worth four points.
  • Slow Reader If you’re in singleplayer, just speed time. If you are not in singleplayer, however, it doesn’t matter, just read in the car or during night if you don’t need sleep. Bring up your map to stop reading in a car, by the way. Worth two points.
  • Sunday Driver This is a buff, as it causes you to not go 90 km/h down a highway and get launched through your window. Worth one point.
  • Weak Stomach Don’t eat rotten or burnt food. You shouldn’t do this in the first place anyway. Worth three points.

Final Results:

After all is said and done, your character will have about 23 free points if none have been spent.

Credit to: The Headless Horseless Horsemann

Is Smoker a good trait in Project Zomboid?

If a player possesses the trait of a smoker, they must smoke a regular cigarette in order to avoid stress and eventual misery. They will get a stress-relieving bonus for smoking (greater than without the trait).

Can you lose the Smoker trait?

You can get rid of the smoker trait over time by quitting cigarettes. As you get closer to four weeks, your likelihood of quitting rises. You will reclaim the smoker trait if you were a smoker, stop, and then start smoking again.

Can you become addicted to cigarettes in Project Zomboid?

Cigarettes are consumables that make the player character’s hunger and stress levels worse while also making them unhappy. It is intended that characters that smoke too many cigarettes would develop a nicotine addiction.

What happens if you become unhappy in Project Zomboid?

The more dissatisfied your character is, the longer the action will take if it has a progress bar. Everything is slowed down by it. A character who is entirely depressed will require noticeably more time to disassemble a chair than a character who is not at all melancholy.

How do I stop being nervous wreck in the game?

Panicked. This moodlet shows that the Player Character is panicking. This might be brought on by hearing or seeing zombies. Get away from the zombie(s) or use beta blockers to erase this moodle.

Is Brave worth it?

Brave. The Brave trait might occasionally be essential to a long survival duration given the amount of combat you may encounter when playing Project Zomboid. It helps you feel less anxious, which can save your life when you’re in battle and your chances of feeling anxious are great. There is a -4 trait point cost.

Is the an end goal in Project Zomboid?

In Project Zomboid, the player must last as long as possible in a post-apocalyptic, zombie-infested region known as “Knox Country,” which the government has quarantined around Louisville, Kentucky.

Can you get nightmares?

In addition, the player may be awakened by acute freezing or overheating or by an attack on the car they are resting in. Additionally, a nightmare may cause a player to awaken. The likelihood of having a nightmare is 5% at the base, but it rises the more anxious the character is.

How do I stop sneezing in Project Zomboid?

Staying outside in the rain might trigger sneezes and coughs, which can be muffled by tissue. The tissue ages every time a sound is muffled. A new tissue must be used once the original tissue has sufficiently degraded.

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