Sea of Thieves: Alt account voyage speedrun guide

The goal of this Sea of Thieves guide is to assist people who want to complete the commendations Golden Voyager and Voyager of Lost Souls, which require completing 250 Order of Souls and Gold Hoarder voyages, which can be speedrun by using an alt account.


Sea of Thieves: Alt account voyage speedrun guide

If you are a level 50+ player, this guide is for you. As a level 50+ player your voyages will be on large islands far from the outposts, with multiple islands and chapters to complete. If you still remember your old swabbie days you might recall your first few Gold Hoarder missions being on nearby islands with only having one island with one dig. If that sounds easier to do than your level 50+ voyages then you might guess where this guide is going.

Acquiring the alt account

This section can be skipped if you already own two copies of Sea of Thieves. To my knowledge the best way to get an alt is the 1€/$/£ game pass ultimate one month special. This is not only the cheapest way to get a temporary second copy but it’ll allow you access to Xbox Cloud Gaming which will play a big role if you don’t have two computers to run the copies of the game.

Setting up the grind and basics of using an alt

Main thing you have to decide is what machine you will be using for your alt. If you have two computers powerful enough to run Sea of Thieves then you can just do that (this is also better in my experience).In case you only have one computer, I’d suggest using Xbox Cloud Gaming. You can use your browser or even your phone/tablet to play Sea of Thieves. You will need an Xbox controller or you can emulate one to play it on PC.

I have found that the best way to do this is with a brig or a sloop. Since you have to have your alt on the server when grinding and only one person actually completing the voyages on islands, a galleon would be inefficient. You will also notice that when doing Gold Hoarder voyages for the first time on your alt you’ll have to fully complete a tutorial voyage to get access to the main sailor voyages. You also can not buy any promotions for Gold Hoarders or Order of Souls as this will make your voyages more difficult.

How to grind

Now that you’re all set up on your ship of choice with your brand new little sailor account we can finally get into the meat of this guide. Just get on your alt and buy an inventory full of those free sailor voyages and start doing them. On a sloop you will have to helm the ship and shoot out to islands to complete the voyages. On a brig (which I prefer) you can have one helming the ship and voting on voyages while the other shoots out to complete voyages. You should always keep your alt near the voyage table and your ship moving as you might end up next to your next voyages island and gain voyage miles.

To refill your voyages on the road you can just hop your alt onto another server and avoid sailing to an outpost on your main. If you’re using cloud gaming the load times should be very good as Xbox uses some supercomputer to run your game and just sends you a stream of it.

Final words

Thanks to 7eventy7 for giving me the idea for writing this guide and thanks to the SoT Completionists community for giving me insight to many of the tips and tricks included in this guide. To my knowledge this should be the most complete guide on this matter and the only one including cloud gaming as a valid way to easily run two instances on one computer. This should also be the only guide to not include a single comma. Thank you for reading and happy grinding!

Credit to: kinkyhorse420

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