DOOM Eternal: How to beat the first arena in Hell on Earth on I’m Too Young To Die difficulty

In depth guide on how to beat the first arena of the level of DOOM Eternal (Hell on Earth) on the easiest difficulty (I’m too young to die).

DOOM Eternal: How to beat the first arena in Hell on Earth on I'm Too Young To Die difficulty

Part 1: Controls

So if you need a run down of the controls, you can go to the key bind settings to view them all. To do that you press Esc, select settings then select Key Binds.

Here are the basic controls for pc:

W = Forward
A = Left
S = Backward
D = Right

  • Move your mouse to move your camera
  • Click to shoot
  • Space to jump

Part 2: First Area

Next you want to move around and aim your crosshair (the circle in the middle of the screen) on a demon, and click. You may need to approach closer so your bullets can hit. Once all demons are cleared you can collect the ammo in the room and proceed through the door. There will be a flashing demon that you have to press ‘E’ (or whatever you have set as your key bind for punching) on to perform a glory kill.

Note: Any demon that is flashing blue must be approached until the demon flashes orange to be glory killed.

Additional Note: Glory kills only last a certain period of time.

After glory killing the demon you must kill the remaining demons and proceed down the stairs on the left. At the bottom you will see a chainsaw. Pick it up. Whenever you press R (or whatever the key bind is) you will swing the chain saw, and if you have enough fuel you will chainsaw a demon, making it explode into ammo.

You will also see a metal box. Walk to each of it’s sides until you see a side with a green symbol. Punch it.

Double jump (press space) onto the box, then to the platform.

Part 3: Before the Arena

On the platform you will find health and ammo pickups, you will also find a weapon mod robot thing, holding E (or whatever the key bind is) on it will open up a menu. Click and hold on on sticky bombs. To use sticky bombs you must press right click. The sticky bomb will stick on something then blow up, causing damage to demons (and you). The door will open and reveal 3 demons. Kill them or skip them and go to the next door.

Part 4: The Arena

Once you got past the 3 demons another door will open revealing the first Arena of the level. Here you must never stop running and keep jumping around, dodging the imp and soldier’s attacks. The imps throw fireballs and are fast, and the soldiers use a gun. Soldiers can be staggered with a sticky bomb shot at their feet. Both demons can be insta-killed with a point-blank shot of the shot gun. Collect any ammo or health pickups you find on the ground. Once the arena is cleared, you must go to the door and hold e (or whatever the key bind is) and a cinematic will be triggered. Good luck with the rest of the level.

Part 5: Notes for the rest of the level

Arachnotrons (the cyborg brain spiders) can have their turret disabled if you put a sticky bomb on it.

Cacodemons (the flying poops) can be put into a glory kill state if you put a sticky bomb in their mouth.

Use the grenade launcher (when you collect it) to stun demons for a second or two, giving you a free hit without them retaliating.

Credit to: Tigarcho

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